Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Missy Elliott "Throw It Back" Inspired Manicure (Part 1) #ICONOLOGY

Missy Elliott "Throw It Back" Inspired Manicure (Part1)

Missy Elliott is a HUGE inspiration in my life and this post is my way to let the world know that I appreciate her.  Please share this post widely so Missy Elliott may eventually see it. I know it is unlikely but if I speak things into the universe they come to be sometimes. You never know, I have had so many dreams come true maybe this one will too. (Please check out my Dream Factory tab above! Type in your dream and maybe it will come true!)

In part one of this video I show how I created a nail set that is intended to be similar to the nails she and her dancers wore in the "porch scene" in her video "Throw It Back".  I know that these nails do not match hers exactly, I have seen a close up of the manicure and the thumbs are blue for one thing.

This is just my artistic interpretation, and it is all about ME. Missy Elliott that is!

I want to pay homage to the whole world of Missy Elliott with this manicure. She represents her southern African American heritage and culture from her perspective in so many ways, and I am appreciative of her artistry and expressions, which I love to explore within her music, interviews and social media. I love her freedom to express herself that she exhibits and encourages in others, even me. Way to be Miss E! 

I have a dream that I could hang out with Missy Elliott and visit a winery, or the beach to just be in her presence, you know, like we were SUPAFRIENDS. Because I am also about five foot two and I like to dance with you and I am sophisticated and fun! And by the way I also do enjoy filet mignon.

You can find a playlist of all of my nail art related videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3FsmAzkFCo&list=PLlTjzZjDwTn1s0ShdTrDSwaBPylnOrkrG

Take care of yourself you are super special to me!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

I Remove Gel Top Coat and Glitter Nail Polish FAST Using the Baggie Method

HI Everyone! Welcome to this post! I hope you are well, may I help you remove gel?
Well I think this method may work, I have used it on gel topcoat as you will see in my video , next I want to try it on a pure gel manicure. 

If you try this I hope it works for you !  Full Credit to Moon Baby Nails and Peppi Gel YouTube channels for the idea!

I am back to enjoying and posting about nails and it feels so good after surviving my bout with cancer six plus years ago now.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my nail adventures with you again! Everything is a HUGE gift to me after surviving the big C.

I am thankful to you for visiting, reading and supporting me here over the years, it has been amazing nail polish journey! I have so much more to explore and I am super excited for the future!

Thursday, August 29, 2019

I Just Bought OPI So Hot It Berns At A Store That Rhymes with Czar Get for $2.89 - Can You?

Hi Polished Pretties! I hope things have been glossy for you.

I just ran into quite the nail polish conundrum and rushed here to tell you all about it! Long story short, I found a sale, the store did not want to give me the sale price, so I argued and won (as I frequently do!). Dad was right I should have gone to law school. Here is how I won the argument today.

So here is something you should know about me. I am a super bargain and discount shopper. I will rarely ever pay full price for my nail polish. Usually only if it is a rarity or a limited edition (LE) will I shell out full monte.

Something else you may already know is that I LOVE OPI NAIL POLISH. I love to buy all I can at the lowest prices I can. This means buying the leftovers of collections long after the shine is off the display. So I am always on the hunt for a nail polish bargain.  I have quit shopping at my usual favorite store for super bargains, so my eye is sharpened.

While online last week or so I saw OPI So Hot It Berns at Youknowwho . com. Not sure how this sale crossed into my internet consciousness, maybe I googled nail polish clearance WHO CAN REMEMBER THESE DAYS? All the googling, polishes and posts I see maybe google just knew.  ANYWAY, I saw the price and explored the Youknowwho DOT COM website for a bit and found several polishes marked down. None of them were marked down as low as OPI So Hot It Berns! Reviews for this polish on Make Up Alley put it at the top of the all time best red list, so it is worth the sale price of $2.89 for sure!

I tried to purchase the polish online NO BUENO!  I received an error message in my cart, see? There is no option to buy online, and if I try there is an error message. OK fine it is in stock at my local store so after a few days I decided to go to the store and visit myself for fun. Plus I needed a few groceries anyway.

I found there were four polishes in stock at the store. On a side note: While I viewed the polishes I assisted a woman seeking a silver polish but not glittery. I finally found her a Sally Hansen silver chrome which was perfect for her. She was in a big hurry and it was an Insta Dri. She thanked me for being a nail polish expert! I thanked her for letting me feel like a nail polish expert! 

But, I digress!

So I did not see any pricing on the actual OPI I was seeking, so I asked the young man stocking nearby shelves if he could please help me out with the pricing. He said it was $9.99 with 20% off. I asked about online and he directed me to the registers where the cashier would price match. I decided to go to the Customer Service where I could determine the price away from the pressure of the check out line.

 The price was not ringing up on sale at Customer service either so the manager was called over and she was not inclined to honor the online pricing. She offered me 30%  off of $9.99. I asked her then where exactly was that price available? I mentioned the MAGIC words FALSE ADVERTISING as in "If you are advertising this price and it is not available anywhere maybe this is false advertising?!"

Seconds later the manager agreed to give me the online price match. Two OPIs for $2.89 each, just like their website advertises, but only in store. I understand that prices may vary depending upon location of the item, however this manager was unable to tell me any place at all that I could purchase the items at that price. So I was able to purchase two OPI's for less than the price of one.

The polish is still available in stores if you want it, but you will need to discuss pricing with the cashier, if my experience is any indication.  Let me mention that at all times the employees exhibited at least a minimum of courtesy, and everything else in my experience today was great. Also no one stopped me at the door and demanded to see my receipt like they do at a store that shall remain nameless except to say it rhymes with Mall Fart.

I have lately been experiencing an issue with brick and mortar stores advertising sales and providing discounts to loyalty card holders, however, I have had so many issues with ACTUALLY getting the price and discounts I am entitled to I am beginning to shop more online where I can control the situation at my leisure, rather than having to have discussions in check out lines!

Today I got lucky and things went my way. I left happy with my nail polish bargain and all is right with the world. 


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Nail Polish Collection, Organization, and Storage ( Part 2) THE HUNGER GAMES of NAIL POLISH?

Nail Polish Collection, Organization, and Storage ( Part 2) THE HUNGER GAMES of NAIL POLISH?

Look, nail polish collection videos can be boring. In this second video in my Nail Polish Collection series I try to make things a bit more fun and interesting with green screens.  

In this video I narrate the process of emptying a plastic drawer tower into a sturdy vintage secretary desk. Now when you open the top you smell NAIL PO LISH.

Again I am acting silly in this video, when will I stop and act serious? Not sure.