Sunday, June 20, 2010

Catch Me In Your Net

Hi there dear reader! So I have finally broken down and started my blog, the one I have often spoken of writing. I enjoy reading other's nail polish blogs, but I get tired of getting viruses from random sites, so now I can minimize the time I spend surfing other blogs and spend time writing my own opinions of my treasured nail polishes. My new obsession, addiction, my passion!

This addiction started for me as a child, seated at my grandmother's dressing table. She kept her polishes there, within my reach, and even allowed me to play with them. I loved her so much, I loved everything to do with her. I still have her perfumes, her vanity table, but alas, none of the polish bottles. I will dedicate this blog to her.

I became a beautician, and was legally able to charge for doing nails. But I wasn't interested in that at the time. Mostly I did hair, but I was a broke beautician, because it takes a while to build a clientele, and I am impatient. I was pretty broke as a young woman, and let my beautician's license expire because I didn't have $35 to spare one year (kicks self).

Over the years since I have always cared for my nails myself, because I knew how from my training. I always had a small collection of polishes, and usually kept my nails manicured. One day I saw a co-worker's nails as we stood together waiting for the elevator. They were so shiny, so perfect, such a beautiful color I was impressed and asked her what polish she was wearing. "OPI". I knew I must find this OPI for myself.

I found it, and I found my polish future. OPI is the best polish I have ever used. It is more expensive than drug store polishes. But it is worth it! It doesn't chip! It comes in beautiful colors. It has adorable names! My Chihuahua Bites, really how can I resist that one?

I bought one or two a year through the years, as they are expensive and a luxury. I had a small collection of a dozen or so, plus an assortment of drugstore finds, when I couldn't afford to spend the money for an OPI, or simply couldn't find them, but the cheaper ones never lasted as long on my tips.

This pattern continued for about ten years or so, where I bought OPIs rarely. Then one day I turned the corner at Krogers. On the end cap, there was a display of OPI polishes. Hong Kong collection and more fatefully, Alice in Wonderland. I debated on which one to buy for a long time, because if I didn't care for the color, there goes eight bucks! I finally settled on Mad as a Hatter. I wasn't sure I would like it. I tried it on my pinkie nail, over La Paz-itively Hot. Soon it was my topcoat for all ten nails and I couldn't believe this sparkly insanity that made magic on my finger tips. I kept saying to myself that the polish is INSANE! It was a revelation for me. I had never seen a polish like it.

I have since lost my ability to stop buying OPI. I promised my husband to stop, and I did. Then it was Mother's day, so he bought me some more. Then it was our anniversary, and he bought me "Happy Anniversary" Then it was my birthday, he bought me "Birthday Babe" and I was able to buy a bunch more. Now I figure the "no buy promise" is no more. (If we just don't mention it?)

I have so many I haven't worn yet, but I still keep on purchasing more. I am now a polish hoarder.

This blog will be like many others, with pictures and my opinions of the various polishes I own. I know there are many other nail bloggers out there, but I am going to share my thoughts too. Why not? This is all about having fun anyway.

Today I have the pleasure of sporting a gorgeous polish from the OPI Summer Flutter (2010) collection. I was not sure about it at first, I heard it was sheer, and I don't care for those. Also it is an unusual color, not like anything I have ever worn.

The young girl who rang it up at ULTA commented how pretty it was. I felt bad telling her it was the last one! This reinforced my good feelings about it despite my doubts. I have it over another polish today (OPI DS Sapphire-I know how could I?(lazy)), and it covered nicely.

When I put this on my nails it was another revelation. Birds and angels were singing!! Butterflies fluttered around my brain! My eyes were treated to such jeweled beauty it was almost beyond comprehension! I know, this sounds like I am exaggerating. But this is suddenly one of my top two or three polishes of ALL TIME. I have been trying to switch polish every day, or every other day so I can wear all my colors at least once before I die. I can't bear to remove this! Thank you OPI! Thank you! You really make me so happy! I LOVE YOU OPI!!!!!!

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