Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Peach and Star Opal

Hi there lovelies : ) Happy Summer Friday to you! These farmer's market peaches were remarkably large, grapefruit sized! They made a lovely peach crisp.

I want to welcome my followers. I am flattered that you want to read my musings on lacquer. It makes me happy to know that you are interested in my opinions, and my photos! Your comments are very appreciated also. I want to make your time worthwhile, so I will provide useful tips I have discovered along the way. So, not only will I review polishes I have, I will occasionally provide general nail-related tips which I hope will be of use to you.

Today I want to share a tip which will help you to keep using that same bottle of polish over and over again. Have you ever tried to open a polish and found it was lacquered shut? A strong man can sometimes get these frozen bottles open, (eyes husband.) A rubber gripper and a strong man can help, but even so, it could just happen again once you close the bottle.

To avoid this, use polish remover to clean excess polish drips from the male portion of the screw top (that sounds slightly sexy ; ) ). Then, here is my idea, use a bar of soap, a sliver works good, to rub the grooves on the top of the screw part of the bottle. Even some new bottles are sticky when they are clean, this fixes the problem. Don't put too much, I guess it might affect the polish if it gets into the mix, but if you are neat, this won't happen. This may also work for crystal stoppers of perfume bottles.

So, I wasn't able to make myself remove the Star Opal polish for a couple of days. I may have judged it too quickly. I fell in love with it, though it was bubbly after two coats.

Seche did fix this for the most part. I had a lady notice my nails changing colors and commented on it. She said she saw purple in it too. I also noted green in some lights. Like me, she also loved the SH Nail Prisms and had a few from the good old days. The great thing about this color is that it goes very well with almost any outfit.

I had purchased three of them before they were discontinued. I always searched for them in later years, but they were not to be found in the stores. Once I started reading blogs I found out about the sad fact they were discontinued. I appreciate that I can find these still for sale on ebay, even cheaper sometimes than they were in the stores.
I do plan to review other polishes besides these older discontinued ones if you were wondering. I will mix it up.
I hope you lovelies are having a great day, and are able to enjoy some of the fruits and other joys of summer. I wish sunshine and pretty polish to you, with love always.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's NAKED Day And Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Star Opal

I thought that might get your attention!

I hope you are having a happy day. Let's talk nails!

I rarely go around without polish. If I don't wear it my nails chip, split and break. So, it is a necessity you see. I just wanted to document my nails before I cut them soon. I think, no, I am positive they are longer than they have ever been.

I broke one today trying to open Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream. I hate that little tin packaging. The index finger on my left hand split just at the tip. It formed two flat layers so I super glued it. Good as new!

I am going to cut them soon if I can bear it, or else I will break one really good and they will be short(er). It is certain to be happening with my planned move and travel in the next month. In a way it will be a relief to feel my fingertips touching things again and not have to worry about gripping things so carefully.

Here is my second Sally Hansen Nail Prism review, Star Opal. These polishes are discontinued, and like an older vintage wine, could be hit or miss. This bottle, purchased on ebay, was previously opened and some polish was missing. Whether it was used, evaporated or leaked I don't know. It seemed to be thicker than the others in this range. It was certainly more opaque, my pictures are one coat. These polishes are usually pretty sheer and usually require more than one coat.

This shade appears at first glance to be a dusty, tending toward neutral pink. Not a dazzler in the bottle. On the nail it ranges from pale golden peach tone to a medium pink. I can see blue and gold shimmer in the bottle but not so much on the nail. This is a lovely neutral polish which would be great for any occasion. Not a showstopper. I don't think I would repurchase this one.

Color=5 Not terrible, not fantastic

Drying time=4 it was slow even with Seche Vite


Coverage=? Not sure this is a good bottle to judge this from because it was used

Safety factor=8 (Lower is more distracting) I know I would be a safe driver with this polish, barely looking at my nails

Finish=? it bubbled a little after one coat, maybe my fault, maybe this particular bottle. Seche seemed to fix the bubbling.

I can revisit this one later, I should be getting a free replacement bottle in the mail.
Here is a rose nail I did yesterday on top of Fire Opal. I loved the way this turned out, it reminded me of a ceramic "lusterware" piece. I used OPI Red or Alive, Jade is the New Black and LA Colors white striper. Not bad for a first try. I saw a tutorial here Scroll down a bit to find it.
Have a great day because it is your day! Bye for now, wishing you love and pretty polish. Thanks for visiting me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Fire Opal

Happy Day my friend. I hope this day finds you well and happy. Did you enjoy your weekend? I did, though it was spent working. Now on to polish.

I enjoyed wearing the first of my new nail prisms, Fire Opal. When you first glance at this bottle of polish, this shade appears to be a soft frosty pink. It would seem that it may be boring, though a lovely shade of pink for sure. The bottle has some paint applied to the upper part of the outside of the bottle, which conceals the loveliness within. So what you see isn't what you get. Why would they do this? I could understand if they were hiding an ugly shade, but this surely is not.

If you just take some time to peer into the bottom of the bottle as you angle it toward the light, you begin to see the different subtle hues which emerge. I counted at least five distinct colors, plus varying shades of each one. This polish took my breath away when I applied it for the first time.

The pretty, feminine pink appealed to me right off the bat. After wearing some outrageous shades lately, a return to demure femininity appealed to me. I enjoy light pink quite a bit, but not cremes for the most part. I struggled for 30 minutes to remove Orly Royal Navy/silver French tips from my nails without a trace. I placed soaked cotton balls on each finger to let them do the work for me. After five minutes I firmly applied pressure and swiped each ball off toward my nail tip, but alas, polish remained on my tips and bits of blue stubbornly clung to my nails. I didn't get smurf fingers though.

Detour for a nail tip! For polishes that stain, the cottonball trick works great to avoid the staining. Also, to avoid staining, don't scrub back and forth into the cuticle area with polish laden cotton. (I don't think Royal Navy is a stainer though, for the record.) The nail tubs are a good solution also, however, once you removed a few manis, the tub is a soup of chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, contact dermatitis is sure to follow. This is what has happened to me. Small blisters followed by dry patches. Not a good back drop for a polished look really. Pour the dirty liquid into a jar, let it evaporate and refill your tub with fresh acetone. I didn't think of it, I read this idea on a blog recently. I forget where, so all apologies.

Anyway, not-so-demure Fire Opal shows us shimmers of sexy cerise pink, electric cerulean blue, shiny seafoam green, as well as shades of pretty peach and soft pink. This is now one of my top favorite shades of all time, and for now, my top pink.

Drying time=5 it was okay
Hardness=5 soft still dimpled by sharp objects hours later with 3 coats, two coats had no issues
Coverage=8 maybe higher. Yes there is vnl after 3 coats, but who friggin cares(see note below)? With these flashes of color, no one but you will notice.
Distraction factor=7 (Lower is more distracting) I think I could be a pretty safe driver with this polish, quick glances at the nails in sunlight rather than hypnotized staring
Finish=8 very good luster/gloss

Overall, I would buy this again, if I can find it affordably. I will use it sparingly, because I love it and I always want to have it available.

Note on vnl. I was thinking about this hatred many polished ladies have for vnl. I wonder if it isn't a symptom of an overall issue some of us have with our bodies in general. God made our nails this way, with a little line showing where our nails become free from their "training wheels", their support as they grow. Maybe we should think about losing our fear of the vnl, why not celebrate it? You could perhaps consider for a moment the idea of changing your perspective and consider it to be a "natural French or American or (insert your country here)" manicure. Sheers can be demure,dainty, pretty, ladylike, even sexy and feminine. Sheers are almost like being naked, and that is sexy! Contemplate a beautiful place where you love your body, down to your fingertips and beyond. I want to start a new movement and give sheer polishes and our nail's natural smile some love. ; )

Oh, this story may be funnier later. We cleaned the garage out this weekend, and my dh was super careful for spiders. He hates them, mostly because he had a spider bite get infected previously. I tried to be patient, but by the end of the day I was bitching about never wanting to hear the word spider again, and implying he was a bit of a "spider sissy". Well, almost immediately after that I felt something funny on my thumb. It was a little weird, not exactly itchy, but a little irritation. An hour later, I looked down and there was a purplish area surrounding the weirdness. Mmm hmm, the exact symptoms for a brown recluse bite. I did a bit of panicked reading online, of course looking at the worst pictures (don't do this-yuk. Ok, so I warned you curious kitties!). This morning still purple, no pain, but this doesn't mean I am out of the clear. It can take a week for the real ugliness to begin. I won't go into that in case you are eating, but am keeping my fingers crossed that I won't DIE! Will keep you posted, as long as I can still type!!!! Ok self calm down ...breathe deeply, everything will be alright...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nail Prism haul and OPI My Private Jet HOLO!!!!!

Hello sweeties, I just can't stay away. I am seriously addicted to reading nail polish blogs, and sharing my goodies too.
So, after watching for the postman for over a week it is here! My Sally Hansen Nail Prisms treasure chest!!! They are so beautiful, they are named after gems, and I couldn't be happier if they were real stones. It took me 30 minutes to unwrap the bottles and photograph them. I felt like a child again on Christmas morning. I guess that is why nail polish is so addicting.
One of them has been used though. I am not happy about that but at least it isn't one of my favorites. I will swatch all of them eventually for posterity.
Oh, and below is the reason I was walking on air the other day. Or should I say flying? This is the charcoal HOLO version. I swatched a little over another polish and it seemed more holo-y in the bottle. But I will do a full mani before I judge. It is pretty amazing in the sun.

Here are my NOTD. This is LA colors over Orly Royal Navy.

I have been doing my nails with a solid color, then when I am bored, I do nail art or another top coat. I try to keep a coordinating or matching color on my toesies, but I don't do them as much as my tips.

I wish you Happy Day, love and pretty polish! : )

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back owww

I guess I will bid adieu to my blog for a time. My L4 disc is giving me fits AND I have to move in a couple of weeks. I look forward to arriving in my new home and posting again. If I can I will post asap before I go.

Love and pretty polish to you!

Monday, July 19, 2010

NASA Meatball in space over Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis

In honor of a visit to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL, I painted NASA "meatball" inspired logos on my thumbs. I jazzed up my Sally Hansen Nail Prism Garnet Lapis manicure at my hubby's suggestion. I didn't think I could paint these logos so small, it was my first time to attempt such detailed nail art. I used China Glaze Fairy Dust for the stars. I want to mention that the website The Daily Nail has inspired me to reach for the stars so to speak and to even believe such a technical achievement was possible.

Gorgeous Garnet Lapis. My husband even said he liked this one, unprompted by my questioning him, as I often do. If you haven't tried a Sally Hansen (now sadly discontinued) Nail Prism, they were pretty amazing duochromes and holos. I managed to snipe 30 (THIRTY) of them on ebay last week for around two bucks a pop including shipping , which is pretty amazing. Oh, be careful with my box UPS, and bring, bring it today! Warning, these are addictive. I blame this nail blogger for re-awakening my love of Nail Prisms. I wouldn't click if you don't want to lust over these.

I know I said I wouldn't post for a bit, but I had some exciting developments I wanted to share. Very exciting indeed. Plus I had already started this post Monday. I managed to find a real treasure in a dusty yesterday. This polish literally has dust on the top of it. There was only one. It is an OPI. It is one of the "holy grail" OPIs. When I walked out of there with it my heart was beating hard. I hoped it was really, truly the right ONE. Oh, the label said it was, but could I be sure? Did I waste $8? Can you guess which one it is? Check back with me, I will post a pic soon.

Plus, thanks to Scrangie, I am wearing Orly Royal Navy. She should really get a commission. It is pretty much what everyone says, application is a 10, color is a 10 but the finish is an 8. It needs topcoat for high gloss, which really brings out the shimmery deep ocean blue color. Gorgeousness abounds with this polish. See?

These were taken indoors in the sunlight without flash. This color has different personalities depending on the light. It can be navy in dark lighting or royal blue as you can see. It can look like a creme or a shimmer. It has a turquoise shimmer which reminds me of light reflecting off the deep blue of the ocean. This polish really achieves it's ambition.
If you ever get to visit the Space and Rocket visitor's center it is worth the $20 ticket price. When I saw the enormous Saturn V close up it took my breath away and I was tearing up with pride and amazement. I literally could not speak for about five minutes. I grew up dreaming of space, and I achieved my dream of working for NASA for a while, so to see these things was really special to me.
It is impossible to depict the awesome size of this rocket. I cannot begin to imagine strapping myself to tons of rocket fuel and blasting off into space.
The circular thing is an engine cone, this has five of them.

This is rocket park.

I don't know who these people are, but I wanted to attempt to show the enormous scale. Big doesn't begin to describe this!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Milani Hi-Tech

This nail polish is bananas. This is Milani 3D Hi Tech, the spring green holographic polish. I must admit that spring green is not the most flattering color on me. However, the fascinating holographic effects are amazing, and they make me love this color intensely.

The application of this polish was similar to the blue in this series, cyberspace. The polish went on easily, the formula is perfect. I rate it a 10 for ease of application. It may tend to leave a bald spot if the brush is pushed too hard or swiped on a subsequent coat more than once. The dry time was very good, 10 out of 10. The finish is a shiny satin, not glossy. I give it an 8 out of ten. And the holographic qualities are a 10. It glows in interior lighting and the holographic particles exhibit a slight rainbow. In the sunshine however, this polish is so mesmerizing I don't want to take it off, though I am trying to wear a different polish every day so I can eventually use up the 100+ bottle stash before I die.

In the sun, there are the usual holo rainbows, plus at certain angles the polish lights up with a colorful sheen unlike any I have ever seen. It mostly shows an electric sky blue, the same yellow green which is the overall tint of the polish, a light orange and a dark orange on the very edges. I tried to illustrate this in my photos.

I had mentioned previously that I was going to be cutting my nails of because I am moving but I decided not to up to now. My nails are real, but the index fingernail is repaired. It broke about six weeks ago down in the quick area so I couldn't cut it off. I started repairing it using super glue and a tea bag. I have had to re-do the repair three times but it is still holding strong. It has grown out about a quarter inch from the quick now.

I am currently trying to snipe a huge lot of polishes on ebay and the auction ends today. They are VHTF discontinued polishes, and though there are three I have already, I love them and I have a compulsion to try to win them. I could collect them one by one, but this would save me a lot of time and shipping costs. I will reveal the results in my next post.

I do this from time to time, I get obsessed on a hobby, purchase tons of supplies, then get disinterested. But with my nails it has been a lifelong hobby that I am almost always interested in. Sometimes I break a nail, cut them all off and then don't polish for a while. Then I get tired of them breaking, chipping and peeling, so I apply polish and before I know it they are growing long again! Polish really protects them.

My best advice for growing long nails is to use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength base coat. The silver bottle with the diamond on it that comes in the hangy box. I am trying some other strengtheners now, also Sally Hansen, with good results. The diamond one is great and I have used it for a long time so I can definitely endorse it as a quality product that does what it says it will.

Wishing you love and pretty polish!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hi there, happy day to you! I should be doing moving stuff, but I told my husband I was going to talk about how wonderful he is on my blog. He is the best husband I could ever ask for, truly. One reason I say this is because he said he would buy me a bottle of nail polish if I would go see a movie with him. I was going to go anyway, but this increased my enthusiasm and excitement 100%. We saw The Last Airbender, and afterwards I asked him to take me to Sears of all places, because I saw online that they sold Milani nail polish, and I wanted to get the new purple holo. I had all but the purple and pink. We looked all over Sears and finally asked a salesclerk where the nail polish was. She sort of laughed said no one had ever asked that before. As I suspected they didn't actually have it in the store.

So we went to Target, and there was the purple Milani. The pink was there too, and I was eyeing that when my husband asked me if there was another one I wanted!! So I picked them both up. I felt a bit guilty, since I had bought about ten bottles or more in the last couple of weeks. I confessed to him that I had bought some new polish and he said "You know I don't care about that." He has said before it is better I am addicted to nail polish than to shoes, or to many other worse / more expensive/ harmful things.

I wore the blue Milani 3D holo polish over the weekend, and loved it. It is called cyberspace. I give it a perfect 10 for appearance. It doesn't have the rainbow lines like some of the OPI DS holos, but it has a pretty almost glittery appearance with larger holographic pieces. It lights up even in lower light with a diffuse glow which I find fascinating. The color, a light greyish sky blue, is absolutely delicious, and complements my dark olive skin beautifully. Application was easy, but could leave bald patches if the previous coat is reliquified, or the brush is dragged too heavily. I give the application of this polish an 8 out of 10. I think the finish could be shinier, though I didn't feel like putting a top coat on, it would have been shinier if I did. It was a satin sheen finish, not glossy. I kept staring at my nails. For the finish I rate it a 9, and for driving safety/distraction factor, I will rate it a 4 out of 10, because I think it will require a bit of focus to avoid staring at it on a sunny day.

If you like light cool shimmering colors I think you would not regret purchasing this polish. I found it at CVS and Target, and online at CVS and Sears.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello there! I wish I had more time for posting on here, but as I mentioned previously I am moving in the next month. I will likely take a break for a while but I hope to get back to posting more once I am settled in my new home. Fingers crossed !!!

Here is a manicure I wore last week. It is Sally Hansen Ultra HD Laser. This color is beautiful. It is quite sparkly and glowy. It applied easily and like the other HDs I have tried had a nice shiny hard finish.

The next day I did my fourth of July manicure. I rather enjoyed trying polka dots for the first time.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My nails are FIRE OPALS!

Hello my dears. Shortly after I started this blog, I learned I am making a major move and life change. I am moving from a four bedroom house to a two bedroom house 1994 miles away! I need to get rid of my stuff pronto! I can't believe that I am already at that "downsizing" stage of my life.
This is a brave new world for me. It is very exciting and scary. Unfortunately, I will be unable to blog for a time, but I will post as much as I can while getting ready to move. I am donating much of my stuff, and it feels good to see it go for the most part. One sad thing is my long nails have to go! I know I will break them during all the tasks of moving, so to avert severe damage and a super short break I will cut them short at some point soon. Ugh.
But they grow back. They can start again, and renew themselves. Just like the rest of me.
I polished my nails with my new flakie Nfu Oh 49 over Milani Hot Metal and they looked like fire opals. I finally gave up on Hidden Treasure and bought my first Nfu Oh. I like it. Sorry for the bad picture.
I took that off yesterday and am now wearing Sally Hansen HD SPectrum over OPI Teal the Cows come home, two coats each. No application issues. I decided to layer them because I don't like vnl. It is close to OPI Catch me in Your Net which I have on my toes. CMIYN is a bit more green and a little darker.

I told my husband my nails are aquamarines with diamonds embedded within them. This is sparkly, but maybe a bit less than CMIYN. They look metallic.
Here is another mani I did for fun. It is OPI Japanese Rose Garden on the tips with another layer of Rent A Magenta by Nicole by OPI. Then I wanted more bling, so I went over it with Rent a Magenta. I used Nicole by OPI Dream Maker as a top coat.