Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's NAKED Day And Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Star Opal

I thought that might get your attention!

I hope you are having a happy day. Let's talk nails!

I rarely go around without polish. If I don't wear it my nails chip, split and break. So, it is a necessity you see. I just wanted to document my nails before I cut them soon. I think, no, I am positive they are longer than they have ever been.

I broke one today trying to open Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream. I hate that little tin packaging. The index finger on my left hand split just at the tip. It formed two flat layers so I super glued it. Good as new!

I am going to cut them soon if I can bear it, or else I will break one really good and they will be short(er). It is certain to be happening with my planned move and travel in the next month. In a way it will be a relief to feel my fingertips touching things again and not have to worry about gripping things so carefully.

Here is my second Sally Hansen Nail Prism review, Star Opal. These polishes are discontinued, and like an older vintage wine, could be hit or miss. This bottle, purchased on ebay, was previously opened and some polish was missing. Whether it was used, evaporated or leaked I don't know. It seemed to be thicker than the others in this range. It was certainly more opaque, my pictures are one coat. These polishes are usually pretty sheer and usually require more than one coat.

This shade appears at first glance to be a dusty, tending toward neutral pink. Not a dazzler in the bottle. On the nail it ranges from pale golden peach tone to a medium pink. I can see blue and gold shimmer in the bottle but not so much on the nail. This is a lovely neutral polish which would be great for any occasion. Not a showstopper. I don't think I would repurchase this one.

Color=5 Not terrible, not fantastic

Drying time=4 it was slow even with Seche Vite


Coverage=? Not sure this is a good bottle to judge this from because it was used

Safety factor=8 (Lower is more distracting) I know I would be a safe driver with this polish, barely looking at my nails

Finish=? it bubbled a little after one coat, maybe my fault, maybe this particular bottle. Seche seemed to fix the bubbling.

I can revisit this one later, I should be getting a free replacement bottle in the mail.
Here is a rose nail I did yesterday on top of Fire Opal. I loved the way this turned out, it reminded me of a ceramic "lusterware" piece. I used OPI Red or Alive, Jade is the New Black and LA Colors white striper. Not bad for a first try. I saw a tutorial here http://fuckyeahprettynails.tumblr.com/. Scroll down a bit to find it.
Have a great day because it is your day! Bye for now, wishing you love and pretty polish. Thanks for visiting me!

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