Friday, July 2, 2010

My nails are FIRE OPALS!

Hello my dears. Shortly after I started this blog, I learned I am making a major move and life change. I am moving from a four bedroom house to a two bedroom house 1994 miles away! I need to get rid of my stuff pronto! I can't believe that I am already at that "downsizing" stage of my life.
This is a brave new world for me. It is very exciting and scary. Unfortunately, I will be unable to blog for a time, but I will post as much as I can while getting ready to move. I am donating much of my stuff, and it feels good to see it go for the most part. One sad thing is my long nails have to go! I know I will break them during all the tasks of moving, so to avert severe damage and a super short break I will cut them short at some point soon. Ugh.
But they grow back. They can start again, and renew themselves. Just like the rest of me.
I polished my nails with my new flakie Nfu Oh 49 over Milani Hot Metal and they looked like fire opals. I finally gave up on Hidden Treasure and bought my first Nfu Oh. I like it. Sorry for the bad picture.
I took that off yesterday and am now wearing Sally Hansen HD SPectrum over OPI Teal the Cows come home, two coats each. No application issues. I decided to layer them because I don't like vnl. It is close to OPI Catch me in Your Net which I have on my toes. CMIYN is a bit more green and a little darker.

I told my husband my nails are aquamarines with diamonds embedded within them. This is sparkly, but maybe a bit less than CMIYN. They look metallic.
Here is another mani I did for fun. It is OPI Japanese Rose Garden on the tips with another layer of Rent A Magenta by Nicole by OPI. Then I wanted more bling, so I went over it with Rent a Magenta. I used Nicole by OPI Dream Maker as a top coat.

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