Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nail Prism haul and OPI My Private Jet HOLO!!!!!

Hello sweeties, I just can't stay away. I am seriously addicted to reading nail polish blogs, and sharing my goodies too.
So, after watching for the postman for over a week it is here! My Sally Hansen Nail Prisms treasure chest!!! They are so beautiful, they are named after gems, and I couldn't be happier if they were real stones. It took me 30 minutes to unwrap the bottles and photograph them. I felt like a child again on Christmas morning. I guess that is why nail polish is so addicting.
One of them has been used though. I am not happy about that but at least it isn't one of my favorites. I will swatch all of them eventually for posterity.
Oh, and below is the reason I was walking on air the other day. Or should I say flying? This is the charcoal HOLO version. I swatched a little over another polish and it seemed more holo-y in the bottle. But I will do a full mani before I judge. It is pretty amazing in the sun.

Here are my NOTD. This is LA colors over Orly Royal Navy.

I have been doing my nails with a solid color, then when I am bored, I do nail art or another top coat. I try to keep a coordinating or matching color on my toesies, but I don't do them as much as my tips.

I wish you Happy Day, love and pretty polish! : )


  1. That silver and blue combo is beautiful. Love that Orly.
    Do you have Diamond Chainmail Charm? Because I think it's as good as MPJ original.

    You have beautiful nails and do great art. I'm a follower.

  2. I love SH prisms. I have a few myself. I have several versions of MPJ. I believe I have the charcoal one too. I can't believe I haven't swatched them yet shame on me. LOL! Your mani is just lovely. Can't wait to see your upcoming swatches. Take care :)

  3. jaljen, thank you! I don't have chainmail charm, but I had once considered it as a MPJ sub. I did pick up a color in Rite Aid called Black Diamond which is VERY similar to MPJ. I think I would be almost as happy with that one. It is one of those mini polishes by Petites, Color Fever series. I plan to do a comparison post at some future time. They are pretty darn close.

    rmcandlelight-thanks! I appreciate you and jaljen taking the time to comment : ) It makes me feel great to have people compliment my manicure : ) I enjoy checking out yours too!

  4. amber ruby in the foreground of the picture looks green
    is it green is it green
    that one in the middle row third from the right
    looks a wee bit green
    ha ha ha i was shoving my face into the computer screen trying to read the name on to of the bottle
    i loved these but never found a green one
    how did you purchase a set
    some ebay thing
    i guess amber isn't green and ruby isn't green
    but the thought of a green SH nail prism oooooooooh

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  6. You should win a prize for most original blog name.

  7. I know exactly how you feel about being addicted to reading nail blogs--I totally am too! Anyway, I was checking out your blog and what caught my attention was the blue and silver design. I did something very similar but with Orly Witch's Blue and a silver from Kleancolor on my blog "Nikki's Nail Files" ( Yours look amazing, very impressive!

  8. Wow, that is amazing! Would you mind me asking where did you get them?


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