Monday, July 19, 2010

NASA Meatball in space over Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis

In honor of a visit to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL, I painted NASA "meatball" inspired logos on my thumbs. I jazzed up my Sally Hansen Nail Prism Garnet Lapis manicure at my hubby's suggestion. I didn't think I could paint these logos so small, it was my first time to attempt such detailed nail art. I used China Glaze Fairy Dust for the stars. I want to mention that the website The Daily Nail has inspired me to reach for the stars so to speak and to even believe such a technical achievement was possible.

Gorgeous Garnet Lapis. My husband even said he liked this one, unprompted by my questioning him, as I often do. If you haven't tried a Sally Hansen (now sadly discontinued) Nail Prism, they were pretty amazing duochromes and holos. I managed to snipe 30 (THIRTY) of them on ebay last week for around two bucks a pop including shipping , which is pretty amazing. Oh, be careful with my box UPS, and bring, bring it today! Warning, these are addictive. I blame this nail blogger for re-awakening my love of Nail Prisms. I wouldn't click if you don't want to lust over these.

I know I said I wouldn't post for a bit, but I had some exciting developments I wanted to share. Very exciting indeed. Plus I had already started this post Monday. I managed to find a real treasure in a dusty yesterday. This polish literally has dust on the top of it. There was only one. It is an OPI. It is one of the "holy grail" OPIs. When I walked out of there with it my heart was beating hard. I hoped it was really, truly the right ONE. Oh, the label said it was, but could I be sure? Did I waste $8? Can you guess which one it is? Check back with me, I will post a pic soon.

Plus, thanks to Scrangie, I am wearing Orly Royal Navy. She should really get a commission. It is pretty much what everyone says, application is a 10, color is a 10 but the finish is an 8. It needs topcoat for high gloss, which really brings out the shimmery deep ocean blue color. Gorgeousness abounds with this polish. See?

These were taken indoors in the sunlight without flash. This color has different personalities depending on the light. It can be navy in dark lighting or royal blue as you can see. It can look like a creme or a shimmer. It has a turquoise shimmer which reminds me of light reflecting off the deep blue of the ocean. This polish really achieves it's ambition.
If you ever get to visit the Space and Rocket visitor's center it is worth the $20 ticket price. When I saw the enormous Saturn V close up it took my breath away and I was tearing up with pride and amazement. I literally could not speak for about five minutes. I grew up dreaming of space, and I achieved my dream of working for NASA for a while, so to see these things was really special to me.
It is impossible to depict the awesome size of this rocket. I cannot begin to imagine strapping myself to tons of rocket fuel and blasting off into space.
The circular thing is an engine cone, this has five of them.

This is rocket park.

I don't know who these people are, but I wanted to attempt to show the enormous scale. Big doesn't begin to describe this!

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  1. Garnet Lapis IS beautiful!! Argh you're gonna make me spend more money - I need that one!
    Great photos btw.


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