Monday, July 26, 2010

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Fire Opal

Happy Day my friend. I hope this day finds you well and happy. Did you enjoy your weekend? I did, though it was spent working. Now on to polish.

I enjoyed wearing the first of my new nail prisms, Fire Opal. When you first glance at this bottle of polish, this shade appears to be a soft frosty pink. It would seem that it may be boring, though a lovely shade of pink for sure. The bottle has some paint applied to the upper part of the outside of the bottle, which conceals the loveliness within. So what you see isn't what you get. Why would they do this? I could understand if they were hiding an ugly shade, but this surely is not.

If you just take some time to peer into the bottom of the bottle as you angle it toward the light, you begin to see the different subtle hues which emerge. I counted at least five distinct colors, plus varying shades of each one. This polish took my breath away when I applied it for the first time.

The pretty, feminine pink appealed to me right off the bat. After wearing some outrageous shades lately, a return to demure femininity appealed to me. I enjoy light pink quite a bit, but not cremes for the most part. I struggled for 30 minutes to remove Orly Royal Navy/silver French tips from my nails without a trace. I placed soaked cotton balls on each finger to let them do the work for me. After five minutes I firmly applied pressure and swiped each ball off toward my nail tip, but alas, polish remained on my tips and bits of blue stubbornly clung to my nails. I didn't get smurf fingers though.

Detour for a nail tip! For polishes that stain, the cottonball trick works great to avoid the staining. Also, to avoid staining, don't scrub back and forth into the cuticle area with polish laden cotton. (I don't think Royal Navy is a stainer though, for the record.) The nail tubs are a good solution also, however, once you removed a few manis, the tub is a soup of chemicals. If you have sensitive skin, contact dermatitis is sure to follow. This is what has happened to me. Small blisters followed by dry patches. Not a good back drop for a polished look really. Pour the dirty liquid into a jar, let it evaporate and refill your tub with fresh acetone. I didn't think of it, I read this idea on a blog recently. I forget where, so all apologies.

Anyway, not-so-demure Fire Opal shows us shimmers of sexy cerise pink, electric cerulean blue, shiny seafoam green, as well as shades of pretty peach and soft pink. This is now one of my top favorite shades of all time, and for now, my top pink.

Drying time=5 it was okay
Hardness=5 soft still dimpled by sharp objects hours later with 3 coats, two coats had no issues
Coverage=8 maybe higher. Yes there is vnl after 3 coats, but who friggin cares(see note below)? With these flashes of color, no one but you will notice.
Distraction factor=7 (Lower is more distracting) I think I could be a pretty safe driver with this polish, quick glances at the nails in sunlight rather than hypnotized staring
Finish=8 very good luster/gloss

Overall, I would buy this again, if I can find it affordably. I will use it sparingly, because I love it and I always want to have it available.

Note on vnl. I was thinking about this hatred many polished ladies have for vnl. I wonder if it isn't a symptom of an overall issue some of us have with our bodies in general. God made our nails this way, with a little line showing where our nails become free from their "training wheels", their support as they grow. Maybe we should think about losing our fear of the vnl, why not celebrate it? You could perhaps consider for a moment the idea of changing your perspective and consider it to be a "natural French or American or (insert your country here)" manicure. Sheers can be demure,dainty, pretty, ladylike, even sexy and feminine. Sheers are almost like being naked, and that is sexy! Contemplate a beautiful place where you love your body, down to your fingertips and beyond. I want to start a new movement and give sheer polishes and our nail's natural smile some love. ; )

Oh, this story may be funnier later. We cleaned the garage out this weekend, and my dh was super careful for spiders. He hates them, mostly because he had a spider bite get infected previously. I tried to be patient, but by the end of the day I was bitching about never wanting to hear the word spider again, and implying he was a bit of a "spider sissy". Well, almost immediately after that I felt something funny on my thumb. It was a little weird, not exactly itchy, but a little irritation. An hour later, I looked down and there was a purplish area surrounding the weirdness. Mmm hmm, the exact symptoms for a brown recluse bite. I did a bit of panicked reading online, of course looking at the worst pictures (don't do this-yuk. Ok, so I warned you curious kitties!). This morning still purple, no pain, but this doesn't mean I am out of the clear. It can take a week for the real ugliness to begin. I won't go into that in case you are eating, but am keeping my fingers crossed that I won't DIE! Will keep you posted, as long as I can still type!!!! Ok self calm down ...breathe deeply, everything will be alright...


  1. We don't have spiders like that in Britain. I actually quite like spiders.

    I also have no problem with VNL or feet. Maybe I'm odd. No problem AT ALL.

    You apply polish so beautifully. Are you naturally neat or does it take you ages?

  2. Heehee. Good for you! I never minded spiders, or feet either. Vnl sometimes, but no longer sistah! I am not naturally neat, and it takes a while to do a mani, but like painting a room it is mostly prep work. The painting is done carefully, avoiding cuticle flood, and I use an orangewood stick dipped in remover as I go to dab the bits I get out of place. Years of practice, plus some professional training helps too! Thanks for looking and take care jen!

  3. Hey :)
    You've got beautiful nails, I like your blog too, keep up the great work!
    I totally understand your DH, I hate spiders -I mean really really hate even the tiniest ones- the only time I've been able to get near one was to snatch my baby away from one. Ugh, bad memory :p


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