Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Peach and Star Opal

Hi there lovelies : ) Happy Summer Friday to you! These farmer's market peaches were remarkably large, grapefruit sized! They made a lovely peach crisp.

I want to welcome my followers. I am flattered that you want to read my musings on lacquer. It makes me happy to know that you are interested in my opinions, and my photos! Your comments are very appreciated also. I want to make your time worthwhile, so I will provide useful tips I have discovered along the way. So, not only will I review polishes I have, I will occasionally provide general nail-related tips which I hope will be of use to you.

Today I want to share a tip which will help you to keep using that same bottle of polish over and over again. Have you ever tried to open a polish and found it was lacquered shut? A strong man can sometimes get these frozen bottles open, (eyes husband.) A rubber gripper and a strong man can help, but even so, it could just happen again once you close the bottle.

To avoid this, use polish remover to clean excess polish drips from the male portion of the screw top (that sounds slightly sexy ; ) ). Then, here is my idea, use a bar of soap, a sliver works good, to rub the grooves on the top of the screw part of the bottle. Even some new bottles are sticky when they are clean, this fixes the problem. Don't put too much, I guess it might affect the polish if it gets into the mix, but if you are neat, this won't happen. This may also work for crystal stoppers of perfume bottles.

So, I wasn't able to make myself remove the Star Opal polish for a couple of days. I may have judged it too quickly. I fell in love with it, though it was bubbly after two coats.

Seche did fix this for the most part. I had a lady notice my nails changing colors and commented on it. She said she saw purple in it too. I also noted green in some lights. Like me, she also loved the SH Nail Prisms and had a few from the good old days. The great thing about this color is that it goes very well with almost any outfit.

I had purchased three of them before they were discontinued. I always searched for them in later years, but they were not to be found in the stores. Once I started reading blogs I found out about the sad fact they were discontinued. I appreciate that I can find these still for sale on ebay, even cheaper sometimes than they were in the stores.
I do plan to review other polishes besides these older discontinued ones if you were wondering. I will mix it up.
I hope you lovelies are having a great day, and are able to enjoy some of the fruits and other joys of summer. I wish sunshine and pretty polish to you, with love always.


  1. Ive had decent luck soaking the bottles in HOT water before trying to open. A lot of my OPI bottles lacquer shut (argh!)

    Rubber gloves are a must for opening them.

  2. This is really cool how they change colours, i like your blog.

    Maybe you can follow me too,


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