Friday, August 13, 2010

Hi there sweetie darlings! I hope your day is going well, and you are healthy and happy.

I am so tired because of moving, and not only that I have been averaging about three or four hours of sleep. It is a long story, but once I start a pattern of not sleeping it takes a while to alter it. One good thing is I got a free night at a Hilton ($119 + tax), plus the $40 breakfast buffet and $19 parking because there were parties in the suites above us for two nights running. I complained multiple times and the parties were evicted,on Saturday night around 1am or so. I was so upset and tired I was having heart palpitations.

I discussed this situation with the hotel management and received the free comps as a result of asking politely and appropriately dramatizing my distress and unhappiness. Because I saved so much dough, my husband agreed to allow me a shopping spree, so I didn't actually "save" any money, in fact it cost him some more ; ) So it could be worse!
I got a bunch of Bobbi Brown Makeup plus the free gift Nordstroms was giving away. Basically I spent $170 and got about "$340 worth" (debatable) of stuff. Oh and I found a dress on sale at Anthropologie half price in my fave color ORANGE! I bought it to go out with my husband's new boss and his boss' boss. But it fell through, so all that hard shopping was kind of a waste, except my husband liked the dress so much I got to keep it Yaay!

And best of all my dears, I bought MORE nail polish at Claire's!! I got two more MOOD polishes! I also bought a cool layered polish, but I am not so sure about using it. Yes, I have acquired what we can call a "shopping mania". It is beginning to abate now that I am home. On to pictures of my first MOOD polish. This stuff is SO FUN!

Today I have pictures of Bored/Excited Mood Polish by Claire's. Orange is my favorite color, and coral is close enough. Here is a shot of what this polish looks like most of the time. Bored, the warm color is a beautiful shade of pale peach. Excited, the cool color, is a scrumptiously tasty coral shade, which is the personality you see when you look at the bottle. I loved this glass work of art so I thought I would add my artistic touch to it.

Here is the warm personality, bored. It changes quickly from one color to the other. Now here is the cool personality, excited!!!!

Now here I played with polish and warmed my tips on my coffee cup and did a reverse from the normal appearance.

And for the piece de resistance,

I got bored with plain mood polish, and stroked on some string glitter from Sally Hansen and went to The Wedge, a world class surf spot. I had my toes in the sand and it felt sooooooooo good. You can see I was cold because of my polish color. The weather in California along the coast has been "terrible" because it hasn't warmed up much. Local beach goers were complaining. I tried not to crack a smile.
Yesterday, after our return home, our town had a record high of 102 degrees. It was so humid and hot I could not stay outside for more than three minutes at a stretch. After 11 days in paradise, I am sooo not liking this heat! I can't wait to pack up and get out of here.
My computer is getting packed up on Sunday. Then it will be about one week until we get to where we are going. Then the movers should show up shortly thereafter. I won't be blogging as much as I would like, but I will try to sneak in a post or two.
Next I will post pictures of Claire's Mood Polish shades confident/peaceful (teal) and wild/calm (purple). I am wearing the purple today and it is very lovely, maybe the best of all the three, though it is hard to pick a favorite among these, they are so gorgeous and fun.
Oh, and the product I tried at the bridal show is by BEAUTICONTROL. There is a spa quality hand scrub and a lotion. The scrub is called Show of Hands instant manicure. The brochure for the scrub says, "No time for professional manicures? Get an instant manicure and younger looking hands and cuticles with Show of Hands. Busy women love it." "See and feel an immediate difference". I can verify that this works as it states, my hands actually look and feel better and possibly even younger after one scrub treatment. It is Dead Sea salt (to remove dead skin) and moisturizing natural oils such as tea tree , avocado, macadamia, safflower and orange. The lotion is called REGENERATION Extreme Repair. A little dab after the Show of Hands and your hands really are smoother and softer. I was given samples by a representative named Kathy Misich, who is a delightful and generous person. Hi Kathy and thank you! The website listed on the sample is
I can highly recommend these items and will be purchasing them in the future. I get no compensation for this review, these samples were provided to me for free.
Happy hands and polish to you today!


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  2. Ooo really like these :) really hope claires in the uk stocks them too I'm on a hunt :):)



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