Monday, August 9, 2010

Update-on House Hunting Trip

Whew, what a week. I am now in California, after a hectic ten days of travel planning, traveling and house hunting we have just signed on the dotted line and I have a new home for my nail polish. Now to just arrange for the inconsequential things to be moved, all the other household goods.

Upon my return home, I anticipate a wonderful gift to be waiting for me from the lovely lady author of R3daily, joria2006 on MUA. To my extreme delight, I won first prize in her amazing "cleaning out my polish" giveaway. Among others, I will be getting a Zoya polish, which I am particularly excited about, as it will be my very first. There are many others, which you can see on her blog at I am so excited about this development, I am a bit overwhelmed with desire to try them ALL as soon as possible!!! Thank you joria2006! You are too sweet and generous for words.

On a different and equally exciting note, I met a lovely lady here at my hotel during a bridal planning and show event. I don't have a wedding date, as I am married already, however I heard there were cake samples and giveaways. Since I am on a lucky streak lately, I tried my luck. For a $10 ticket price I was granted entree to the ballroom with displays of various wedding services. The only giveaways I saw at first were a pen, a lollipop and a $25 basket of Mary Kay, which I don't think I won or I would have heard. I went late at 2:45, they were already packing up because the attendance was bad and I was about to ask for a refund until I met Kathy. Kathy was a breath of fresh air, and she offered to demonstrate a product which is like an instant spa for your hands.

She had no trouble persuading me to scrub my hands with a fragrant salt scrub, and instructed me to especially rub it around my cuticles. My skin has been terrible lately, so dry it was cracking and painful. It was healing, but after she washed away the scrub with a pitcher of water my hands felt like silky buttery velvet. My mouth was gaping when I felt how soft and wonderful they felt. Then she gave me a little hand lotion to use as well. Just a small half inch out of a tube and it covered my hands and they felt so great it was amazing. The softness stayed all day through multiple hand washings. She provided me with samples of each product, and I will be posting more detail on this product with pictures.

I want to post her information , once I am back home I will get her name and website on here very soon.

I am wearing Claire's mood polish (bored/excited) on my trip. It chipped after two or so days even with topcoat, but it is so much fun to watch the colors change it doesn't bother me. I have had several people notice the unusual look to the peach/coral french type manicure. The Nordstroms' clerks freaked out and said they were going right over to Claire's on their breaks to buy the polishes which were bogo half off. So that is two for $7.50. Not too shabby for two bottles of fun multicolor ever-changing polish. I will post pictures once I get back to my home computer on Thursday or Friday, depending on my exhaustion quotient. Which I will say is quite high at this moment.

Tomorrow I "have" to go shopping for a new dress to wear to dinner with my hubby's new bosses, so I need to look just right. I am also getting my makeup done at the Bobbi Brown counter, and that is super fun. I had it done for the first time earlier this week and I looked good, or that is what a couple of guys said ; ) But one was trying to sell me something.

I can't wait to get home, I miss my furry children, my polishes and my computer. I have a couple of weeks of major upheaval, with movers coming, but once I get into the groove here I will be back into doing my nails and posting the pictures more frequently because I am really having fun doing this and expressing my love of art and nails together with you.

Nail polish tip for air travelers: Wrap your polish bottles in individual plastic wrap or a baggies inside your carry on quart bag you are allowed, or they may leak all over your other liquids. I learned this the hard way, fortunately my culprit was just an old clear double duty base and topcoat, but it was sure messy and smelly, and it ruined the appearance of some of my items, clouding clear plastic and removing chrome finish from a perfume roll on top. I guess you could also put the bottles in checked bags with your clothes, but make sure they are very well closed and tightly sealed so you can keep your clothing from ruin and your nails pretty at all times on travel. Who wants to be chipping when you are "tripping"?

Happy polishing!

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