Thursday, August 18, 2011

My nails are INSANE

Hi there!

The Insane Clown Nail Posse is here. My nails look like a clown threw a glitter party, and this glitter party don't stop!

This is the effect of applying with near reckless abandon:
Three coats of Claire's Mood Polish in confident/peaceful
One coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Strobe Light
One Coat of Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me
One Coat of Sephora by OPI Flurry Up!
One coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Strobe Light

Claire's Mood polishes are a blast. I love the name, the color, the changing, the whole package is awesome. If you enjoy fascinating things like watching temperature changes that you can normally only feel, then you will certainly enjoy this nail polish. I posted on this type of polish previously so you can see how it changes

THis manicure is for a celebration dinner tonight. These polishes are all totally awesome. The SOPIs wear like iron as topcoats, and will dress up any color with a little glitter. They contain a mix of large hex and small glitter. These are MUST HAVE polishes.

Strobe Light is one of the most eye catching polishes anywhere, bar none. This polish is not for the faint of heart. You will get attention if you wear Strobe Light. It is really insane at night in bright lights. This polish is literally insane. I have a back up of this one.

This was a previous mani which my husband loved, and I really enjoyed too. First I wore three coats of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud, then three coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Disco Ball and two coats of SH quick dry topcoat.

I am going to make a slight detour to music!

I bought the Beatles White Album at a local used cd store the day I wore this mani. I never owned it before, but my friends did back in the day, and it was well loved by all of us back in the late 70's, when I was in HS.

I put it on and got chills and such amazing feelings of awesomeness, rock music-love, peace and love, sweetness of my best HS memories - just wow! It was almost too heavy, too much to bear. I heard only the second cd, I still need to play the first, but the time has to be right. I really love Sexy Sadie, Honey Pie, Mother Nature's Son and so many others, too many to list, but it was my memory of Sexy Sadie that sent me to the record store. I had to hear it again.

And back to nails.

Disco ball is sheer, and is perfect over white. It seems to be in a cloudy whitish base, so it would mute another color you put it over I think. It is glitter packed, and lovely in this application over white. I recommend this polish and would repurchase for sure.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free nail polish or why you should answer your phone

Hi there lovely reader.

Today I want to share with you an interesting experience which started out bad and ended with free nail polish.

But first, here are my nails today, Kleancolor Metallic Green. This is uh MAY zinnggg! I am in LOVE and I don't even mind the smell. I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength base coat, two coats of Metallic Green and a coat of Seche Vite. This is an astonishing color, which has real super zesty zing! It is a juicy rich green which is pure delight! I purchased this one for a buck at a local store!

So here is my tale. I had to get a prescription filled, so I took myself over to our new local drugstore which I won't name, it is a major chain. Since this was my first time at this particular store, I had to go through a bunch of rigamarole to start my pharmacy account. My husband is the primary on our insurance policy, so they asked a bunch of questions about him, ok fine, this is needed to file the claim.

But then she asks about my husband's allergies, she does not need this information to process my scrip. I got frustrated because I wasn't feeling well and she was taking soooo looong to enter my information. I refused to answer her question and said I was the patient and she needed to go ahead an worry about me not him. I became visibly upset.

A couple of days later, the manager called me up and said she knew I had been into the pharmacy, and how was my experience? I told her it was pretty miserable, and she apologized and offered me a $20 gift card if I would try them again. So I agreed and used it to get some free nail polish. I decided that I would pass along some of this free polish to someone else via this blog, which I have done now.

Normally, I may not have answered my phone because I get so many nuisance calls. But I did and it resulted in free polish, not just for me, but for a new internet polish friend too. The experience of frustration with the pharmacist turned into a beautiful story of free nail polish all around!

It can pay to speak up when service is bad, if you do it right, you reap the rewards.

Oh, here is another story to illustrate my point. I purchased a round thermal brush at a nearby salon. The bristles curled over due to the heat of my dryer. The brush was useless. I exchanged the brush for another kind which did the same thing.

I tried to exchange it again and was told it was impossible, that it was against policy, the law, whatever. The girl before had gotten in trouble for exchanging the brush before. I walked out in frustration, but returned a moment later. I argued that I should get something, how about a nail polish, in exchange for this $14 piece of trash brush. The manager finally relented, I grabbed OPI Yoga-ta get this blue, turned tail and have not since darkened their door. Though I was still $5 to the bad, I got an OPI when I had only a trashy brush before.

Here is a recent manicure, OPI Teal the Cows Come Home. This color is a gorgeous,vivid teal with a soft metallic-y shimmer. This shade stood out in contrast to my tan, it really flatters a tan, but I think the shade turquoise always does.

I added glitter to this mani after a day, and this combo was a huge hit, with men especially. I got two unsolicited compliments on this mani from men, and one from a woman and I had it on for less than two days. The shade on top is a Sally girl purple and teal glitter. This combo looked blue together for some reason, but the contrast between the bright teal and the deep reddish-purple glitter was very eye catching indeed. I love glitter tips, they make my nails feel stronger.

I hope you have a happy polish day!

Monday, August 8, 2011

And the winner is....

OPI Addict

Congratulations on taking home the prize in my first ever international glitter giveaway! Thanks to all of you sweet gals for commenting and entering, I hope to see you here again soon!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

There is still time to win these GLITTAZ !

Hello lovely reader.
Welcome to the first ever international thank you celebration giveaway on addicted to OPI-yum. Later today, at 8pm pacific time, I will draw the winner of five exciting glitters!

You are invited to enter by commenting below.

I will announce the winner Monday August 8th.

I wish you all good luck and glitter today!

This manicure was inspired by Glamerous Gabby's tutorial. Her site is German, but lacquer needs no translation. This girl is a talented artist and an inspiration!
Here is a link to her tutorial.

I used
ORLY Winter Wonderland
LA GIRL no name on label pink
Claire's nail design pen in black
Art Deco Silver Glitter striper

I bought the nail pen so I could do this manicure. I love how it turned out, the pen is great! It is better than the Sally Hansen pen, because it doesn't rub off as easy. Once topcoat is on you are fine, but when you apply the pen over dry polish it is not permanent. I forgot topcoat on my toes but the pen stayed on pretty good through a shower.

Orly Winter Wonderland is Wonder-ful. I love this gorgeous off-white shimmer. It is a glass fleck finish, and it is sheer, here I wear one coat under the artwork. It does build up nicely after three coats. I have been wanting to wear this one again since I wore it for the holidays, I remember it was a real stand-out of all my holiday polishes. A top twenty polish for me for sure.

The pink LA Girl is a realy yummy shade of creamy medium pink. I love it. It satisfied my lemming for elephantastic pink, thought I am not sure they are near to dupes, but I don't much mind either way!

Currently ordered a lot of OPI polish on ebay, including htf OPI Down to my last penny. I am on a copper jones now, must have the perfect fall copper shade. !!! I tried the Loreal copper metallic but it isn't coppery enough, it is too light, though it looks pretty.

Here is a recent mani I did with an accent nail in OPI Mad as a Hatter, the culprit in my latest nail addiction relapse. The base color here is Kleancolor sheer lilac, which is decidedly NOT sheer. It is a gorgeous pale lavender metallic. I loved these two together.

Here, I have Fingerpaints Military Green. I adore this shade. The formula was good, though it did bubble a tiny bit. I do not care, this shade is delicious. I went back and got two more from this collection, which surprised the s#i& out of me because I am all about special fx. This polish has what it takes to turn my head from the glamorous glittaz.

I also picked up Cordur-Orange and Purple Pinstripe. The swatches of these are also scrumptious. I am waiting until more fall-like weather comes to wear these, but I can't wait! Just thinking of it gives me that warm and cozy fall feeling I love.

Here are my nails of the day today (NOTD). This is three coats of OPI DS Glow, a top ten polish of mine, with three coats of WetnWild Party of Five Glitters, plus an OPI DS topcoat. This is insanely shiny, I am looking forward to the sunshine after this marine layer burns off today.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this far!

Another use for nail polish! I painted my plain contact lens case covers in glitter to make the case prettier.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

All that glitters is free!

Hi pretties :)

Free nail polish is wonderful isn't it?

Today I am adding the rest of the polishes to the glitter giveaway. The winner is going to be chosen August 7th! (

Up for grabs:

Milani FX Gold and Silver

Sally Hansen Rock Star Pink

Sally Hansen Disco Ball

WetnWild Kaleidoscope

I wish each of you a glitter-tastic day!

I am sorry these are not great pictures. I don't know why but I have been really struggling with my camera lately. Must be time for a new one.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank you all for commenting on my very first giveaway post. I send you all love and good luck, I want you to win!!!

I have another polish to add to my giveaway. I will be including a brand new bottle of Milani FX GOLD!!! THIS POLISH iS HOTTTTT! When I wore this, I imagined everything my fingertips touched turned to GOLD baby. People were open mouthed when they saw my nails, they were amazed at the chrome-like shinies! WOOOWWWWOOOOO!!! Want it???? Let me know below if you want it, I will put you in the drawing to win both Milani FX Silver and Gold!!

I am going to add another polish to the giveaway soon.

Amy, I loved you, I still do and always will.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Win Milani Jewel FX Silver

Hi there! To thank those of you who are kind enough to take time to comment below, I will hold a drawing for one brand spanking new bottle of Milani Jewel FX Silver polish. This is an awesome silver hex glitter which has been until now htf, for me anyway. Up for grabs is a brand new bottle, not the one in the photo. Please see my review for this polish below.

I plan to add at least two more polishes to the prize, so stay tuned for more details. I plan to draw for the giveaway on August 7th. I will open this drawing to international participants also because all girls need polish! Good luck!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This addiction is real

I know that I am truly addicted to nail polish. I am addicted to the acquisition of nail polish. I can feel the cravings when my mind turns to the enjoyable thought of purchasing nail polish. Not just purchasing it but shopping for it. The act of leaving the house to go to the store. Or logging on to the web to shop the sites. I get a thrill when I see a new polish I desire. I get a great sense of anticipation when I am looking for the polish. My senses are heightened to that particular color. I get a tightening in my abdomen when I remember that I want the polish and I don't have it.

I get urges for great piles of polish too. I search on ebay for lots, large quantities, of OPI, just for a quick rush. I purchased a lot of 30 polishes once, and when I unwrapped the individual bottles and saw the pile of the glistening gemlike bottles with their gold tops it looked to me like the most valuable chest of treasure I had ever seen. This was a red letter polish day, accompanied by feelings I experienced as a child on Christmas morning.

I get a thrill from reading the names in the lists of polishes. Sometimes I have to purchase a polish because it has a particularly meaningful name. Or I need to wear a polish to do a particular thing, because that polish has the perfect name. For example, when I went to London, I wore Soho nice to meet you. Vintage polishes are exciting too. Limited editions are especially delightfuly tantalizing. Reformulations are quite maddening, as are those who sport multiple shades, I am looking at you Sally Hansen Nail Prism Number 14 Lapis Amethyst!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Disco Ball Nails!!

Hi pretties. Well, I resisted the Milani Jewel FX for a while. After I searched high and low in every CVS but only finding Gold I ordered them online. I saw a new but already depleted display in CVS THIS WEEK for the first time. Milani is driving me crazy! Because these polishes are awesome!

I have tried Gold and Silver, and they are both packed with large hex glitter. They are a bit thick, so thinning these down helped the glitters to lay flat, otherwise they can tend to get lumpy. They are both super shiny and fun to wear. When people see them they say WHAT IS THAT??? WOW!!

Oh, by the way, if you hurry to CVS and you are awarded extra bucks you can pick one of these up for free!!! You have to have a CVS card. The extra bucks I got were for $5, the polishes were not marked in the new display but the core line was marked for $5.49 each. However when the polish rang up it was $4.99 so I got the polish FREE!!!!! I did the happy happy dance and I didn't care who saw me!

WHat is the best nail polish?? FREE NAIL POLISH!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fishnets and the beach

I guess these aren't too terrible. The idea is from GlamerousGabby, the tutorial is in German, but the language of varnish is universal.

I used Wet and Wild Barbados, Wet and Wild Black Creme and Nail Art Silver Glitter from Dollar Tree. Yaay Dollar Tree!

I like the Barbados shade. I got it for free in a blog giveaway contest. Here it is in sun and shade. The sun shot is pretty color accurate, it may be a tad darker in tone. I think it was a limited edition. It is a tad sheer. 3 coats. It is just a lovely shade.

Maria at CultNails THANK YOU -

Her website is amazing, you can buy her brand of polish !

Here is my manicure named Tropical Punch at Laguna Beach Aliso Park. This day I felt like hell but the beach made me feel better.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Iceberg Lotus is gorgeous!

Hello my pretties!

Here is a pretty I found!

This is Iceberg Lotus by Nicole by OPI. I could not resist this shimmery glowing green. It has a slight duochrome shimmer of purplish blue.

I saw this shade and left it in the store. I rushed back the next morning because I found out it is a Target exclusive limited edition Spring shade! These words make my heart beat faster!

Iceberg Lotus is a bit sheer, but very very shiny. It has a gorgeous finish to it, it is a stunning shade of green, this is a refreshing shade. I love that it is such a bold shade of green, it is in your face, yeah I wear green polish, so freakin' what!

Though I had on a gorgeous manicure before (see below) this shade needed to be on my nails asap! I am thinking of wearing it out of town for FOUR days (unheard of around here).

Before: Sally Hansen Nail Prism in Lavender Gold 40 with Only Gold for Me topcoat by Sephora by OPI, a fantastic topper. This was very blingy, and drew an unsolicited compliment from a man!

I bought Lavender Gold on ebay and I am quite pleased with the polish! It is sheer lavender with a strong and gorgeous gold shimmer at most angles.


I also have You're S-teal the One, another LE polish in the Target Spring 2011 collection. Are people going to be tempted to steal it based on the name?

I paid for mine, but I laughed a little to myself about the name.