Thursday, April 14, 2011

Iceberg Lotus is gorgeous!

Hello my pretties!

Here is a pretty I found!

This is Iceberg Lotus by Nicole by OPI. I could not resist this shimmery glowing green. It has a slight duochrome shimmer of purplish blue.

I saw this shade and left it in the store. I rushed back the next morning because I found out it is a Target exclusive limited edition Spring shade! These words make my heart beat faster!

Iceberg Lotus is a bit sheer, but very very shiny. It has a gorgeous finish to it, it is a stunning shade of green, this is a refreshing shade. I love that it is such a bold shade of green, it is in your face, yeah I wear green polish, so freakin' what!

Though I had on a gorgeous manicure before (see below) this shade needed to be on my nails asap! I am thinking of wearing it out of town for FOUR days (unheard of around here).

Before: Sally Hansen Nail Prism in Lavender Gold 40 with Only Gold for Me topcoat by Sephora by OPI, a fantastic topper. This was very blingy, and drew an unsolicited compliment from a man!

I bought Lavender Gold on ebay and I am quite pleased with the polish! It is sheer lavender with a strong and gorgeous gold shimmer at most angles.


I also have You're S-teal the One, another LE polish in the Target Spring 2011 collection. Are people going to be tempted to steal it based on the name?

I paid for mine, but I laughed a little to myself about the name.