Monday, July 25, 2011

Thank you all for commenting on my very first giveaway post. I send you all love and good luck, I want you to win!!!

I have another polish to add to my giveaway. I will be including a brand new bottle of Milani FX GOLD!!! THIS POLISH iS HOTTTTT! When I wore this, I imagined everything my fingertips touched turned to GOLD baby. People were open mouthed when they saw my nails, they were amazed at the chrome-like shinies! WOOOWWWWOOOOO!!! Want it???? Let me know below if you want it, I will put you in the drawing to win both Milani FX Silver and Gold!!

I am going to add another polish to the giveaway soon.

Amy, I loved you, I still do and always will.


I appreciate and enjoy your supportive and thoughtful comments so much! I really do love hearing what YOU think!

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