Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This addiction is real

I know that I am truly addicted to nail polish. I am addicted to the acquisition of nail polish. I can feel the cravings when my mind turns to the enjoyable thought of purchasing nail polish. Not just purchasing it but shopping for it. The act of leaving the house to go to the store. Or logging on to the web to shop the sites. I get a thrill when I see a new polish I desire. I get a great sense of anticipation when I am looking for the polish. My senses are heightened to that particular color. I get a tightening in my abdomen when I remember that I want the polish and I don't have it.

I get urges for great piles of polish too. I search on ebay for lots, large quantities, of OPI, just for a quick rush. I purchased a lot of 30 polishes once, and when I unwrapped the individual bottles and saw the pile of the glistening gemlike bottles with their gold tops it looked to me like the most valuable chest of treasure I had ever seen. This was a red letter polish day, accompanied by feelings I experienced as a child on Christmas morning.

I get a thrill from reading the names in the lists of polishes. Sometimes I have to purchase a polish because it has a particularly meaningful name. Or I need to wear a polish to do a particular thing, because that polish has the perfect name. For example, when I went to London, I wore Soho nice to meet you. Vintage polishes are exciting too. Limited editions are especially delightfuly tantalizing. Reformulations are quite maddening, as are those who sport multiple shades, I am looking at you Sally Hansen Nail Prism Number 14 Lapis Amethyst!


  1. omg, your nails look gorgeous, i lovveee the holo and an even bigger omg at all them sally hansen prisms !


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