Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free nail polish or why you should answer your phone

Hi there lovely reader.

Today I want to share with you an interesting experience which started out bad and ended with free nail polish.

But first, here are my nails today, Kleancolor Metallic Green. This is uh MAY zinnggg! I am in LOVE and I don't even mind the smell. I used Sally Hansen Diamond Strength base coat, two coats of Metallic Green and a coat of Seche Vite. This is an astonishing color, which has real super zesty zing! It is a juicy rich green which is pure delight! I purchased this one for a buck at a local store!

So here is my tale. I had to get a prescription filled, so I took myself over to our new local drugstore which I won't name, it is a major chain. Since this was my first time at this particular store, I had to go through a bunch of rigamarole to start my pharmacy account. My husband is the primary on our insurance policy, so they asked a bunch of questions about him, ok fine, this is needed to file the claim.

But then she asks about my husband's allergies, she does not need this information to process my scrip. I got frustrated because I wasn't feeling well and she was taking soooo looong to enter my information. I refused to answer her question and said I was the patient and she needed to go ahead an worry about me not him. I became visibly upset.

A couple of days later, the manager called me up and said she knew I had been into the pharmacy, and how was my experience? I told her it was pretty miserable, and she apologized and offered me a $20 gift card if I would try them again. So I agreed and used it to get some free nail polish. I decided that I would pass along some of this free polish to someone else via this blog, which I have done now.

Normally, I may not have answered my phone because I get so many nuisance calls. But I did and it resulted in free polish, not just for me, but for a new internet polish friend too. The experience of frustration with the pharmacist turned into a beautiful story of free nail polish all around!

It can pay to speak up when service is bad, if you do it right, you reap the rewards.

Oh, here is another story to illustrate my point. I purchased a round thermal brush at a nearby salon. The bristles curled over due to the heat of my dryer. The brush was useless. I exchanged the brush for another kind which did the same thing.

I tried to exchange it again and was told it was impossible, that it was against policy, the law, whatever. The girl before had gotten in trouble for exchanging the brush before. I walked out in frustration, but returned a moment later. I argued that I should get something, how about a nail polish, in exchange for this $14 piece of trash brush. The manager finally relented, I grabbed OPI Yoga-ta get this blue, turned tail and have not since darkened their door. Though I was still $5 to the bad, I got an OPI when I had only a trashy brush before.

Here is a recent manicure, OPI Teal the Cows Come Home. This color is a gorgeous,vivid teal with a soft metallic-y shimmer. This shade stood out in contrast to my tan, it really flatters a tan, but I think the shade turquoise always does.

I added glitter to this mani after a day, and this combo was a huge hit, with men especially. I got two unsolicited compliments on this mani from men, and one from a woman and I had it on for less than two days. The shade on top is a Sally girl purple and teal glitter. This combo looked blue together for some reason, but the contrast between the bright teal and the deep reddish-purple glitter was very eye catching indeed. I love glitter tips, they make my nails feel stronger.

I hope you have a happy polish day!

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