Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Christmas Day Manicure

Hi there! Welcome!

I am sharing my nails from Christmas day 2012. I went with the most traditional combination of colors which I love for Christmas, the trinity of red, gold and green, but mostly red and gold.

The base of this glitter fest is two coats of a top favorite polish of 2012, China Glaze Cranberry Splash. I reviewed that one previously here. I chose this because it is simply the most beautiful red shimmer polish I own!

All pictures shown with topcoat.

Next I went a bit mad with some glitter polishes. I applied Confetti I'm Gonna Party All Night Long  and Confetti Champagne and Caviar in a gradient on the first and ring finger, and then on the others went Icing Jingle My Bells, reviewed here, also tipped with the Champagne and Caviar. This protected my nails throughout my busy cooking schedule that day!  I made a homemade honey ham that is alwasy so good. It is easier, cheaper and better than the one from the HoneyBaked store!  If you want the recipe just ask me in the comments.

I really enjoyed wearing these bright and festive nails.

We enjoyed a warm holiday.

Rosie in her holiday best!

Treats! Those cookies were as light as clouds, a rare treat! Yum!

I received these two polishes from my husband.  He picked them all by himself! So proud! I got ICING Lemme See Your Peacock (!) and Radio Superstar.  I LOVE THESE! He also picked out a raspberry beret, which is perfect to hide my awful haircut I just got : )  That thoughtful gift reminded us to listen to Prince again, we had so much fun-k. We watched Prince videos and Dave Chapelle as Prince v Charlie Murphy.  Hi larious.

Oh we had a laugh.

LMSYP looks a bit like my table top tree ornament. This one is on my nails today and it is gorgeous, stay tuned for a review of this magnificent beauty here soon!



Confetti 056 Champagne and Caviar (Gold Micro and small glitter and small red glitter)


  • Very highly reflective  warm gold
  • Smooth application
  • Could skip topcoat
  •  Dries fast
  • Big 3 Free  
  • From the company website: Celebrate with Confetti—long wearing nail color in 48 trend ready shades. Whether you need the perfect shade for your next big night out or just crave the latest nail color, Confetti has all the options. Confetti nail colors contain NO DBP, Formaldehyde or Toluene for safe, long lasting color. Try them all! Just a $1.99 each exclusively at CVS stores.
  • Budget friendly for $1.99 at CVS 
  • Looks great with many colors
  • In about two coats is buildable to opacity, a very dense glitter.
  • This polish is amazing for glitter tipped nails, from a distance it looks like warm smooth shiny gold!


  • None except not labeled cruelty free

Overall I give this one backup status, I have two of this one.

CONFETTI I'm Gonna Party All Night Long (finely milled red glitters, small red and gold glitter with red predominant)


  • A near dupe to China Glaze Pure Joy
  • Smooth application
  • Could skip topcoat
  •  Dries fast
  • Big 3 Free
  • Budget Friendly $1.99
  • From the company website: Celebrate with Confetti—long wearing nail color in 48 trend ready shades. Whether you need the perfect shade for your next big night out or just crave the latest nail color, Confetti has all the options. Confetti nail colors contain NO DBP, Formaldehyde or Toluene for safe, long lasting color. Try them all! Just a $1.99 each exclusively at CVS stores.



  • None except not labeled cruelty free

 I bought this one before Pure Joy came out, and it is a good alternative, though maybe less opaque.

I hope your are enjoying your holidays.

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through


Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Purple Thursday for Peace


Welcome to my very first Purple Thursday for Peace.  In case you didn't see it, I mentioned in a previous post, here, my thoughts behind this idea.

As I stated previously,  I want to address an idea I have to increase the peace beginning today, by wearing purple here on the fourth Thursday* of each month as a reminder to turn from negativity and hate when I see it.

I have come to really enjoy this place I have made to peacefully connect with you in the spirit of nail polish appreciation.  As an extension of my peaceful polish work here, today I want to share with you more about my personal journey to live a more peaceful life.  I also would love knowing more about how you find peace and happiness.  I am not perfectly peaceful nor happy by any means, but I would like to share what has helped me increase my personal peace quotient, and as a result, my happiness level.

In my quest for greater personal peace and happiness, I have made efforts to become more self-aware.  I began to notice physical responses of stress when I had contact with certain people in my life.  I began to examine what was happening to me, and to question why I continued to subject myself to relationships that made me feel bad, emotionally and physically.

I decided to end my contact with people who make me feel bad.  I began to trust my own instincts, when I sensed that someone does not have my best interest at heart, now I believe what I feel, not what they say. My instincts have been confirmed more than once, so I have learned to trust them.

I do not accept that society and individuals need to continue to participate in a cultural climate that is cynical and mean.  I refuse to participate in harassing, fighting with, and bullying individuals. I know if I perpetrate that kind of behavior and put negativity out into the world in any form or forum, I am highly likely to get more of the same back in return.  The kind of climate these things create is poisonous and toxic.

HOWEVER, if someone upsets, bullies or abuses me, they will be told in no uncertain terms to stop it.  My pursuit of personal peace does not mean I will not rise to the occasion to defend myself, in the best way I know how.  If I am attacked, I have an obligation to myself and family to halt the attacker and get as far away from them as fast as I can.  If I witness and have the ability to stop bullying behavior aimed at others, I will do it in the best way I know how. I have felt the shame and fear of being bullied, so I empathize deeply with how it feels when I see it happen to someone else. I would love for it to stop, and not be a favorite topic of celebration in the media.

I wish people would stop the hateful words, and make kindness a point of pride, rather than popularity and sensationalism. For the most part, the media has got it backwards. I can't change them, but I can work on how I respond to them.

Here I share some ideas I use to turn away from upsetting words, bullying behavior and hateful speech.

I minimize or cease contact with individuals who upset me

If someone abuses or bullies me, I let them know I don't like it, and tell them to stop

I protect myself by erecting boundaries to protect me from those who spread hateful speech, bullies and abusers, i.e. not visiting online forums (troll farms)

I don't take out my anger at being abused by abusing or bullying others

I no longer participate in website forums or chat rooms where I have experienced bullying, drama or even just snide and irritating comments, and cannot control the situation by blocking individuals

Turn off television news

Turn of the computer

Turn my thoughts to positive and constructive activities

Talk with a good friend

Turn my thoughts to a positive action I can take to counteract a problem

Make something and go with the creative flow

Focus on what one main thing I need most each day to bless my home and family by increasing my personal peace and happiness

Do what I can to obtain that thing, whether it is greater well being, a cleaner home, a more secure financial picture, improved relationship with a friend or loved one. (Honestly, new nail polish only works for a little time, it is a bit of escapism, which obviously is very important in life, but can be problematic, like any escape if you spend too much time there.  I am talking about myself a bit right here).

Pray and meditate on my peaceful intentions, and ask for help with focusing my intentions on acquiring what I need that day. While I work hard as I can for everything I really want, despite my big ego, finally now I admit I can sometimes use some help. I believe this works, because I really do seem to get just the help I need when I really need it, and sometimes it comes only as I am giving up. This has happened so many times, and it has started happening more and more, so lately I have been able to laugh at myself for almost quitting (or quitting again) and feel more than ever that God and the universe must be helping me.

Here is my purple for Purple Thursday for Peace!

The picture above is a mani I did with some glitters over Covergirl grapevine, shown here.  Not really the point of the post today, other than the purple. From index to pinkie we have here Confetti Tazmanian Devil, Milani Gems, Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday and China Glaze Pizzazz (the only one I didn't blog about already here). I will review Pizzazz in more detail in a future post. Can you tell which is on my thumb?

If you want to join me and make my dream of a Purple Peace Train a reality, you can share your idea for peace in the comments, or link up something purple in the inlinkz below. I would love if we could break this thing with too many links!

I hope I don't look a fool all by myself out here, but you know what?   If I can help one person out there not perpetuate hate, and increase their own personal peace, thus increasing the amount of peace in the world, I have done something I am super proud of. Plus, this is going to serve as a reminder to myself to keep on the path to peace. I have found greater happiness by pursuing this path, and I am excited about the possibilities for my future peace and happiness to increase even more as I continue forward without looking back! Also, I want to help other people, I love to be a people helper : D 

Here is code for you to access the inlinkz widget for your page,or just link a picture of you wearing purple nails, or purple anything, if you want to accept my invitation to increase the peace, on any day. I am leaving this and will add to this gallery until July 4, 2013. get the InLinkz code

I would love to hear your ideas for increasing the peace, if you would like to share with us.

*Except in November, it will be the day after Thanksgiving

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Kleancolor Metallic Green- Merry Christmas Nails to You

Hi Holiday Honeys, I hope you are doing fine!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy a day off work to rest, that is the best part of all!

I am sharing my Christmas nails from last year.  This is Kleancolor Metallic Green !I am taking a bit of a day off today, but I did want to stop in and share this favorite cheery green before Christmas got away : )

Happy Day!

I love the Kleancolor metallic polishes : ) Even though they are a little smelly, the Metallics are pretty amazing. They are very pigmented, except for Metallic White, which is white glass flake (?). The finish is bright and they dry pretty fast.  I wore topcoat, and I know this polish wore for a long time!

My nails were ridiculously long. Lately I have been keeping them trimmed so they don't get like this. This is a little scary! LOL

Seasons Greetings!
Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through!


Monday, December 24, 2012

All Is Calm, All Is Bright

Welcome! Season's Greetings!

I have a new Salon Perfect blue polish for you today, plus two glitter toppers to make it shine like the "Silent Night" skies.

This is three coats of Salon Perfect Star Light, Star Bright.  As the name suggests, this is yet another night sky polish.  It is lighter than some, this blue cobalt jelly with silver shimmers makes a cold night sky! There would be smooth sailing for Santa in these type of skies!  Great formula and sparkle in this one!

I love this brand right now.  The polish is really great and I love the colors I picked, though most of them are pretty common shades. The formula is really good, and dries fast and shiny, after two coats.  The first one is a bit thin and streaky.  Here I am showing this polish with Seche Vite topcoat for extra shine.

I am glad I picked up this sister to the other amazing blue Salon Perfect shade I showed you before, Sapphire Sparkle. That is still my favorite blue ever (that I own).

 In the shade.

Next I applied two coats of Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope, a clear base with small and micro holo glitters. I picked this one up on sale 25% off the already modest price of $0.99.

I like the sparkles, I wish they were more densely packed. I put SV over that again for the pics.

And finally, here is another glitter topper over that! Revlon Celestial FX!  I HAD to have these new MOON GLITTAZ! This is the first drugstore polish I have ever seen with MOON GLITTAZ!  Ok, I am calming down. 

I was really excited when I got this.  Now that has faded a little, but I do like the polish. I need to find the perfect base for it, I think a bit darker than this would be great. There are diamonds (!), stars, and MOONS (!), plus iridescent small glitter.  Add hearts and clovers we can call this manicure lucky charms!

These glitters, which I call hologems, are beautifully smooth and sparkly.  There could be a few more of these in the formula for the money though.  You do need to play go fish with this a bit.  I still love it.  Formula is good, it dried fine with Seche Vite.

Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if the sun had been out.  It has been very rainy and cloudy here. 

Salon Perfect Star Light, Star Bright 


Gorgeous color
Good dry time
Cobalt jelly builds to opacity in three coats
Great price (~$4 at WalMart)
No Big 3 claim found, but none listed on label


Not labeled  cruelty free
Besides that None

Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope


I love glitter and this has some
Price is CHEAP
Big 3 Free,  claim listed on website
Formula is good


Not enough glitter payoff

REVLON Top Speed Celestial FX


MOONS and DIAMONDS are rare in drugstore polish
Formula is good, maybe a tiny bit thicker would have been better?
Needs topcoat to securely encase hologems and smooth finish
Dries quickly
Labeled formalehyde and toluene free (DBP not mentioned except for certain polishes on their website are claimed to be DBP free)
Claims to "set" in 60 seconds


Could use a bit more large shaped glitters
Not labeled cruelty free 

That's it!

I hope you are having a warm and wonderful day : )

Love, Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope you have a peaceful, warm and wonder filled holiday!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Candy Cane Crush is So Yummy!

Hi there and welcome : ). Are you ready for some no calorie sweets

Well here you go!  I hope this polish will satisfy your candy craving.

Here I have two coats of KB Shimmer Candy Cane Crush over two coats of OPI Mod About You, a discontinued milky pink cream.   I applied a coat of Seche Vite also to help it to dry.

I wanted to show you my sweater, because it matched so perfectly. I took a cue from Essie Rae's signature pose! Essie Rae of the gorgeous blog I Heart Pretty Polish that is. She shows her sweater in her pictures, kind of like this. I like your style Essie Rae! : D  And your polishes too!  You should totally check out her friendly and pretty blog if you have not already,

Candy Cane Crush (C3) is scented with a vanilla peppermint scent, and it is quite strong. I happen to love the fragrance, it is very fresh and clean smelling. It is quite persistent, it is detectable after topcoat.  

NOTE:  This polish is fragrant once it is dry.

I love C3, I am glad I bought it. There are no dupes for this polish that I know of. I was purchasing Snow Way, and couldn't resist adding one more polish to my order. I am so glad I did! Though it is a bit of work to use this polish.  Placement of the glitter can be a little time consuming, because brushing it straight on doesn't always yield the distribution I prefer.

I see this polish as also being useful for the 4th of July over blue.

I like that the glitters in white matte and red satin are so large.  This is a perfect mixture of large medium and small pieces in here to look like crushed up candy.

I can best describe the mix as clear base with red glitters that are HUGE Medium and tiny, the White are HUGE,  XL and regular. 

I had trouble with some nails drying, this was a function of too many coats of polish applied too quickly. The C3 seemed to dry fine where I didn't get my polish too thick.


It is unique, no dupes
The scent is great
It is a nice formula
Big -3-Free (formaldehyde, DBP, toluene)


Didn't see cruelty free label - not sure on this point
Online only for most
Is a tad pricy $8.75 + Shipping

That's it!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Covergirl Grapevine Swatch and Review

Hi there!

Today I am sharing a very special color which I picked expressly to match a treasured Christmas decoration.

This is Covergirl outlast in grapevine (it is in lower case on the package).  This shade is a highly pigmented and very gorgeous reddish purple, with matching shimmer. It looks like Chanel packaging, and is also made in France. Oooo la la! 

So this polish can make you feel posh, for less dosh!

(This is not duochrome, here it reflects blue from the sky)

Pink is the spokesperson for this line, and I have to say she is a great choice. I have been a fan of hers for a long time. So when I saw her on the display wearing the polish I was a bit more interested to wear it too. Great marketing by Covergirl. I also like the diversity of their "Covergirls", so I support them for that reason too. I note here that Drew Barrymore left Covergirl to start her own line of makeup called Flower, exclusive to WalMart (!).

I was having issues with dry time, but that it may be operator error. I smeared it a few times, and so applied an additional coat on some nails. Then I went to bed and got sheet marks (they are still slightly visible).  So I applied another coat where needed and Seche, even though it doesn't need it for shine, I just needed this mani to dry.  I am not ready to give up on this color.

This polish retails for about $6.50. I managed to snag it for $0.19, using CVS extrabucks and a BOGO half price Covergirl sale.  I also bought the Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara, which I wanted anyway! That mascara is wonderful by the way.

So this was half price, then with my $3 extrabucks, I made like a champion shopper and scored!

Here is the polish next to my treasured table top glass tree. This was the last gift I got from my grandmother. She sent me the money that last Christmas, and I spent $50 to buy this glass tabletop tree ornament. It survived moving six times. : D It has all sorts of decorations on it, and many feature this purple.  So to match my treasure, I am thrilled to have this new ornament in my collection!

I will summarize my pros and cons for you, I recently decided that is something I like to see at the end of other blogger's posts, so here you go!


Highly pigmented
Top quality packaging, similar to Chanel
Retail price was about $6.50
Gorgeous colors
No Topcoat needed
No Basecoat needed
Dries to a high gloss
No Big 3 toxins (formaldehyde, dibutyl phtalate (DBP), and toluene)


Not labeled cruelty free, I am noticing this more, but I still buy from these brands, but I really don't like animal testing, so here I am torn in two. I may not buy any more of these polishes but I NEED my clump crusher. I wonder, don't these companies have enough animal testing results already? Maybe with vegan animal lover Ellen as a Covergirl this could improve.

Other than this point, for the polish itself, I have none REALLY, the only comment here is that dry time for me was just average. (I was rushing thicker coats, so had issues that were my fault)

That's it!

Well there you go my lovely! Will you be picking up any of these beautiful bottles?

May all your holiday wishes and dreams come true!

Have a beautiful day, and enjoy the first full day of knowledge that the Mayans were oh so WRONG.

Bonus grapevine from just before harvest in September a few years ago.  Westside Road in Sonoma County 

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Party Hearty- China Glaze Holiday 2010

Season's Greetings! It is so good to see you today : D

I want to bring you a bit of cheer! I have dressed up my nails for you in my most festive holiday polishes. 

This layering manicure was iced with my much used and loved China Glaze Party Hearty. 

Although this polish is sadly discontinued, I just can not resist wearing it again and sharing it with you for the first time.  Large red, medium green and small gold glitters in a perfect glitter formula, as I expect from China Glaze.

Do you think we could petition China Glaze to make it again? I know there are people who don't have this who would love to, can you make more, pretty please, China Glaze? 

Here I am showing you two coats of this polish plus Seche Vite over a previous manicure, shown here, which consisted of

Two coats Fergie Grammy Gold
Two coats of Icing Jingle My Bells
Seche Vite

I had a glitter party during a 15 minute removal session.  This left glitters all over my skin and cuticles.  It was a difficult removal, but not the worst.

I think nail polish companies would do well to emulate China Glaze and dupe this polish.   I see various independent nail polish artisans who have created similar polishes, but nothing exactly like this beauty.  The red glitters in here are so gorgeous in the light.

I would imagine you could create a similar look to this mani by layering  red green and gold glitters, if you had some similar polishes to the glitter types in this one.

This polish reminds me of glistening holly berries in the snow. It is very wintry and holiday in feeling to me.

Thank you for joining me for a bit of holiday cheer and joy!

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Newtown Youth and Family Services, Inc. is a licensed, non-profit, mental health clinic and youth services bureau dedicated to helping children and families achieve their highest potential. NYFS provides programs, services, activities, counseling, support groups and education throughout the Greater Newtown area.


To donate click here

Monday, December 17, 2012

Purple Thursday Peace Train

Hi everyone, welcome. I have a slight detour for you today.

I decided to share some manicures of memory today, these are from two years ago. 

I want to end this year with an uplifting and peaceful vibe here.

I have had this post in mind for quite a while now, but events of late have made me feel more urgent about this today.

I have become concerned about the climate of vicious hatred and negativity which seems to permeate public airspace more in recent years. I  remember an uplifting and hopeful vibe I used to feel about the future. Now, I often despair about the future of humanity. We are now devolving on some level it seems.

I see that hateful speech is out of control and those that spread the worst hate are routinely celebrated in the media.  Wild words are repeated and re-tweeted, and if the media likes, reheated with extra spice and spin, in case you missed them the first time around.

I really liked the No H8 post we did, and I want to do more to raise awareness of how to cope with hate, bullying, and negativity.  I want to do something to help counter the hate spew which is so easy to find, and getting harder to avoid. This has been on my mind for a while now, but I have not been able to pull together my ideas in a post worthy of this concept.

I want to have a new blog feature here called Purple Thursday for Peace. The fourth Thursday of the month on this blog is designated Purple Thursday for Peace.  I will wear purple anything, but probably nails, and share the purple with friends as a reminder to turn my back on hateful speech, and find more peace.

Over the last year, I have been on a personal journey to turn my back on those people who are sources of negativity.  After a lifetime of conditioning to listen to my elders, my parents and the media, finally I am listening to my inner voice that tells me what is best for me.

I have cut off relations with those who bring hate and negativity into my life, including family members, and this was the hardest thing I have ever done. But I have been richly rewarded with greater personal peace.

I have stopped watching television, and most importantly, the television news media. Jerry Seinfeld joked about how the news organizations have a logo for each crisis and produce it like a show, making us panic.  In general, today's corporate news media works with numbers, dollars and ratings, not humans.  The media brings you select horrors from around the globe, but only the most shocking and upsetting stories. They try to provide you with every gory detail of every terrible event. They decide to leave out almost all the good and uplifting stories.

Is it any wonder that people are suffering from depression?

I plan to increase the peace by refusing to take part in hateful speech and turning away from the negativity, fighting and backbiting! I have considered what is the best way to combat the hate. It is not good to fight it head on, that will not work, I think.

Although the drama is exciting (and addicting) on some levels, for myself, I am most peaceful (and by extension happy) when anger, hate, vicious contempt, and bullying speech are set to ignore!

Thursday December 27th is designated as the very first Purple Thursday For Peace here at Addicted to OPI-yum.  You are invited to join me and wear purple and do not listen to or perpetrate hate, or negativity that day (and  every day), just turn from it! That is it for now.

I am the first to admit it, I am not perfect, and mess up and the dumb part of my brain thinks negative and ugly things sometimes. But using the wise part of my brain, I know that I am more peaceful, and therefore happy when I dismiss them and do not say them.

The only cure for hate is love, I hope to multiply love by increasing the peace.

I am planning first one a week from this Thursday.   I will put an inlinks and a purple manicure on my blog December 27, 2012. Along with my manicure I want to share an idea of how to find more personal peace and happiness. I want to now invite you to join with me that day by linking up and doing the same thing, on December 27, 2012 on a Purple Thursday for Peace Train!

I will be participating in a blogger day of silence in memory of and to help raise money for the Sandy Hook victims tomorrow.

Here is the button I found on Dear Brighton blog, here you go if you want to grab it for yourself too.

Love Hugs and Flowers to you the whole day through!

Increasing the Peace through polish


Special thanks to the Blogazons for putting up with me for two months : D  I decided to leave the group this week, it's not you, it's me. Thank you to my sweet and lovely Beauty Blogazon friends who welcomed me with open arms, you guys ROCK hard.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

For the Victims of the Conn. Massacre 12-14-2012

Hello and welcome back. 

Today I am sharing a recent manicure I am dedicating to the memory of the victims of this week's tragic school shooting in Connecticut. 

Salon Perfect Snow Flurry (three coats) with Wet n Wild Kaleidoscope (two coats).

I feel disturbed and very sad about this massacre, as do all good and humane people.  I pray that after we mourn with and support the victim's families, we can work together and honor them and those who lost their lives by doing more to help ensure this never happens again to innocent children in an elementary school, or any school, anywhere, ever again, amen. 


Friday, December 14, 2012

Blinging Christmas Nails

There you are! Hi!  I am so glad for you to see me : D

Here I share a new polish I couldn't resist!  ICING did it again! They had a one of a kind polish in the display, and I couldn't leave it there.  I tried, I left it in the store, walked about thirty feet, and then I had to go back in to pick up this GORGEOUS polish. And boy am I glad I bought ICING Jingle My Bells.

Behold the joy and wonder of Christmas on my nails. There is no other polish in my collection that gives me such a warm and wonderful "vintage Christmas" feeling. This gorgeous beauty is warmest holiday gold, red and green glitter in a clear base.

I put two coats over the top of Fergie Grammy Gold for opacity, but this baby is opaque enough after two to three coats on it's own.   Formula is stunningly amazing, this glitter dries smoothly with such a shine!  I tested it over green, silver, gold, navy and white. Gold was the best for bringing out the beauty of the polish.  But it went really well with CG Cranberry Splash.  I didn't even want an accent nail of just gold, this glitter quickly went on all the nails.

Glitter all the nails I say! :D

This polish has a "dark and deep" quality to it which I find entrancing, as the bottle in the above picture shows. There is no dark glitter in there though. Like many ICING glitters you can almost get away without topcoat!

I can not believe that such a simple glitter combination is so rare to find. I have China Glaze Party Hearty, the only other red gold and green glitter I own, but I like this more subtle glitter more.  I have never seen a polish just like this one. The glitters remind me of Floam type of glitter, as you see in the shade shot below.

This polish is super glittery and shiny.  It is absolutely a stunner, the gold appears to be tarnished or like warm brass, giving that vintage feeling.  Two coats with topcoat make me feel great!

I really love this nail polish so much! I am typing with these nails now, I don't know when I will want to remove this polish. I may dress it up with nail art today.  But I don't believe I can improve upon on this mani.

If loving my own nails is wrong I don't want to be right.  I admit it, I suffer from Nail Narcissism. I can not stop admiring them in this polish : D  Or any pretty polish for that matter.

I hope you enjoy this colorful manicure, and another vintage ornament treasure from my grandparents. Whatever traditions you observe, I wish you a very warm and wonderful holiday season from my heart and nails to yours!

Thank you for looking at my nails! They are always so flattered and happy when you do!  I  really do appreciate you!

Have a wonderful day : )


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Running in Circles to Decorate a Tree

Hi Polished Pretty!

Season's Greetings and welcome to a twelv-y post! 12-12-12 

I love the number 12! It is so important, it comes so perfectly placed just right exactly where we want it to be, right after 11!  But since it is next to thirteen, is it guilty by association? 

 It means time to EAT, and a time to kiss on New Years Eve.  It is a dozen, the standard baked goods unit of  measure, a complete circle of time, round the clock, we measure our days by twelves.  12, when you strike the clock, you takes the longest of all the hours. Oh twelve you are so doggone divisible too, 1,2,3,4,6,12, the factors making me love you are multiple! Endless hours may have been spent contemplating,counting, factoring and dividing by twelves, and if you have a dozen of them it is gross.  What other number can say that I ask you? Zero? I think not! Ha! How could I forget the twelve days of Christmas?

As a mathematics major in college,  and number lover, I have to acknowledge the perfect beauty of a day like 12-12-12.  This date is wonderful, it feels a bit like coming full circle! Speaking of circles....

If you follow my circular logic, today feels just right, for a perfectly beautiful and circular green.

Circles, I LOVE THEM! They are perfect, in the theory books, but not reality....anyway, here is a really real perfect circle for you!

This beauty you see before you is three coats of China Glaze Running in Circles.  People, I would run in any shapes I had to in order to wear this polish on my nails.  I would run in an elliptical shape followed by five octagons if I had to!  And I would be happy to do it.  

Yes, I know!  Merry Christmas From China Glaze!  HOLY GUACAMOLE!  Ok, let's talk about it.  First, just look at the color of that GREEN!  This green was exactly the color I was desiring to match the ornament I am holding.  My husband found these ornaments recently in a secondhand/antique shop, and the green part here is his favorite bit.  I really started to like it, and decided I wanted a polish to match that color.

The pictures I saw of this polish immediately clinched it. It had passed my notice initially in the Cirque de Soleil collection, which I planned to skip, since I just bought a bunch of the Holiday Joy polishes. But a closer look at this one sent me running to the store. This polish could fit equally well in the Holiday Joy collection.

I am making it official! China Glaze gets my award for the best polish brand of the year for 2012.  Your very lucrative award is most of my nail polish dollars! It would be virtually impossible for any other brand to surpass it at this point!   Way to Go China Glaze!

Three coats, no topcoat in the first four pics.

This polish has quite a bit of depth and reflectivity, with foil particles in this mix.  The sparkle of this polish in the light is stunning.

The formula is great, though I found it a teensy bit sheer.

I absolutely love these duochrome shimmers that reflect from gold to blue at extreme angles. This polish is a less foily cousin to Color Club Ho Ho Holly, it is a bit lighter shade of green and less smooth, but quite similar. I reviewed CC Ho Ho Holly here. If you wanted that one and didn't want the smell, I recommend you try this one as a great alternative.

Now for the artwork.  I was inspired by an ornament to paint gold glitter stripes at an angle. I used Maybelline Color Show LE Sequins Gold's Night Out.  Yes, it is lumpy close up, but may I direct your eyeballs to the duochrome here in the shade? There is a spot in my kitchen where the light really brings out the duochrome.  It is not always visible in this polish, but the shimmery particles are.

I realized my nails looked like my christmas tree with garland, so I decorated it in China Glaze Frostbite, Kleancolor Metallic Pink and some nail sequins from ICING. I am having issues with Seche Vite eating the finish of these : ( Trying a workaround with the polish for attaching gems only.)

These nails were actually pretty on my hands, and with the right outfit, would be amazing for a party.  The gold looked like jewelry. I am holding a vintage glass ornament from my grandparents.  I love that this ornament is hot pink!  I love pink, purple and blue for Christmas decorations!  LOVE!

The ladies at Sally's saw these and liked them. The husband was like, no wonder you like going in there! You may have seen my tweet about our trip to the store. When we left he commented to me "You can't keep buying polish forever". I said that is true, when I die I will quit. We laughed and laughed. I tried to imagine myself in my eighties still buying up lots of polish.  Hey, that shiz could happen if I am lucky LOL! Here is one for the bucket list. Buy 100 polishes on my 100 birthday LOL! Because hey, I may still be able to use them all at least once!

Why not dream big.  BIGGER EVEN?

Here is one of the ornaments I made with nail polish on my tree.  It actually surprised me, at how it looked like an antique for some reason.

I am nominated for another Liebster by Julz Perri! Thank you so much Julz, you are so kind to acknowledge me and share your good fortune with me! I am not worthy!  Hopefully, one day, I will have over two hundred followers, and then I will be eligible for the Liebster's big sister award (whatever that is) LOL!!  That is another goal of mine! If you haven't clicked my follow button up there yet already, why not be a sweetie and join my awesome and friendly friends and me here on the regular?  After all, this is a multiple award winning blog now LOL!

I hope you are having a wonderful day, and are feeling some of the holiday joy and love of this season, I wish this very hard, from me to you.