Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello again! I moved

Come on over and sit a spell!

I hope you are doing well today, and thank you for visiting. I am back from my vacation from this blog. Life is settling down again for me so I have time for writing here. It feels pretty good! ! Now to some nail polish!

 I am nearing 500 bottles of polish now. I am a little afraid to count. Last count was 400+, and now I bring them home in bunches, usually in threes or fours! Heeheee!

Hot tip! Kmart has the Jordana Glitters on sale right now BOGO 50% off!!!!!!!!! They weren't marked yesterday on the shelf at my store, but they rang up that way. I didn't notice til I got home. I am so glad I picked up four instead of three!!!! Happy Birthday to me!
 I copied the most gorgeous manicure from keerthamina pretty ballerina yesterday!

 I used Revlon Copper Penny, Sally Hansen Fractured Foil and Sephora by OPI to create nails of such breathtaking beauty! See? Revlon Copper Penny is the color of a new penny, it is a beautiful copper metallic. The formula is great, and dries pretty quickly. It is opaque in one coat, and that is all I used for this manicure. If I were going to wear it alone I would use two coats and a top coat for longer wear. I find that some metallics will cover in one coat but they wear off quickly if you don't apply more.
Sally Hansen Fractured Foil is one of the two foils I own. I love this gorgeous shade, it is reminiscent of a richly shimmery silver netting over the nail.

Rosie is interested in  crackle! Rosie has a PINK STRIPED NOSE!!!!

 But the real star of the show is the Traffic Stopper Copper. This shade is very aptly named, the large copper hexes shine like mirrors and are extremely eye catching. The smaller glitters add elegance and balance to this perfectly concocted topcoat. It is expensive at $9.50, but it wears like iron, so whether this polish is worth it is up to the buyer. I don't ever want to be without it. That would make me feel sad.

When I applied it to this manicure it was obvious that this polish is better than an average glitter. It is somewhat sparse, but that makes the large hexes scatter more on the nail, and because they can then fully be exposed, they can truly shine. The glitters in this polish and it's sisters, Only Gold for Me and Flurry Up seem shinier than average, and the clear base is super clear and dries hard and shiny.

Thanks keerthamina for your genius layering combo.  I see myriad combinations arising from the metallic/metallic-shatter/glitter combo.

Here is a collection of nail polish stories in 25 words where each story title is a nail polish color name! Wow!

New to me!  You too? Do you have a random story that could have a nail polish name for a title?  This is intriguing and seems like a good creative exercise. 

I want to mention something about blogging and being good enough.  Sometimes I feel I am not good enough to show my nails, when I look at some other amazing blogs out there. And some other bloggers feel the same way apparently.  But, I now realize, every person may have something to say of value to someone else.  So I will write. 

Have a super day!

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