Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jordana Specialty Glitter - Outer Space

Hello my nail polish loving pretties!  I hope you are having a lovely nails day!~

I am excited to share my NOTD with you, the brand spanking new Outer Space by Jordana.  Jordana just released six new shades on their website in the Specialty Glitters range.  I have been waiting for these last six, of these new shades I ordered Outer Space, Purple Party and Confetti.  I had near dupes of the other three.

This one is a beauty.  It is an unusual mix of medium blue small glitter and large hexes in fuschia, a warm gold and a copper/orange.  The copper glitter really makes this one unusual to me, I would not have added that to the mix, but I love copper so- right on !

The picture shows two coats of Outer Space over Milani Melt in the Sun. This Milani was part of the Liquid Metal Intense Colors from Summer 2010.  I wore it once and put it away back then, but it came out to play again here.  It was hard to cover it up though, because this is one sizzling shade.  It is very reflective and glittery, I want to wear it again on it's own soon!

I have sixteen of the Jordana Glitters and I have worn about half.  I absolutely love these shades!  Outer Space shows promise as a layering polish over many shades. I want to try it over light creamy pink, a dark blue/purple or metallic blue.    I recommend this one highly if you enjoy complex and colorful glitters.  This polish is available on the Jordana website. 

Have a wonderful day you lovely darling!  Thanks for visiting!  I hope to see you again soon!


  1. These are new?! I must get them, I loved their other ones! It looks fantastic on you!

    1. Thank you! You can pick some of them up for as little as $1.50 each at Kmart if they are BOGO 50% off. The rest are available on the Jordana website. You will be glad you did! I got to order myself the internet only ones for a gift from my husband for Mother's Day and it made me so happy!

      Thanks for visiting!


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