Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rose Gold with Opal Nails and Sally Hansen "Faster than Instant" Dry Topcoat

 Hi there polished pretties!  Here is a manicure I wore for THREE DAYS. It reminded me of jewelry, rose gold and opal. It all started with L'oreal Charmed I'm Sure.  This polish is super pretty soft rose gold metallic.  It does not have high shine, but it is pretty and flattering.  But I couldn't stop there. 

 I used two of the Jordana Glitters, Pixie Pink and Lunar Lights in that order.  I used two coats of each polish with no topcoat. This wore very well, and despite having six layers of nail polish, dried pretty quickly and with a good shine to the glitters. I did ding it up a little, but that is my fault. 

 These Jordana Glitters are perfect to spice up your manicure on day two, or just anytime at all.  These glitters are MUST HAVES for a budget any polish collector. 

I am finally tired of driving to Rite Aid.  My husband and I have gone three days in a row, hauling polish for my birthday gift. I bought a bunch one day, returned one that was a dupe to one I already owned the next day, then had to go back again to pick up LA Girl Hustle because I put it down the second time and regretted it.

So, today I am ready to use my new Sally Hansen Instant Dry Topcoat.  It comes in a blister pack, so I open it up and go to put it on my nails, and that shit is empty.  I mean, that bottle didn't leak or dry up, it never ever had any polish in it to begin with.  The brush is all dry, see? (I have on LA Girl Hustle in the pic.)

I am going to march right back over there and see if there are others on the shelf with the same problem.  It really pisses me off that I have to burn four bucks in gas to replace my five dollar polish WHICH SHOULD BE FULL OF POLISH, SALLY HANSEN.  And to boot, my manicure with LA Girl Hustle is all dinged up because I needed that top coat!!!! 
Is this a joke?

This is the most extreme example of product downsizing ever.  I just hope the store doesn't think that I used an old bottle up and am trying to run a scam.    I will have a super hissy fit if they pull anything, I doubt that scenario will play out.   

I am really bad with computers.  I tried to upload more photos, and they just disappeared.  Ten minutes wasted.

Maybe tomorrow I will have more time. 

Have a wonderful day!


  1. No joke, totally had that happen with a $50 bottle of perfume! When I told the lady she was skeptical but then busted up laughing. It was in a locked up case & in a heavy bottle so I didn't have a clue!

    1. Hi StephanieLouise, I bet you really freaked out! I would have, the empty bottle of polish threw me for a loop and that was only $5!!

      I hope you got another perfume, full of juice?


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