Thursday, June 28, 2012

Johhny Depp makes this cool blue hot PLUS ORLY Glowstick

Hello there lacquered lovely!

Are these really the hands of Johhny Depp?

 Yes, they are, check out USA Today,Johnny's Blue Nails
The article says that the nails matched his shirt perfectly, but some may disagree on that point.  How did I miss this?   Oh yeah, I remember.  I was deep in the throes of moving house.

I know dudes wear polish, but I thought it was mostly the goth guys. Seal has also worn nail polish lately, and I thought he looked great.  In fact, after I saw a shot of him in this yummy yellow he inspired me to rock neon yellow nails today.  I am wearing Orly Glowstick from Feel the Vibe collection.

I probably shouldn't show these...but here ya go!  At least I have an excuse why they look so beat up.

This manicure is shown after wearing it only about eight hours, but in those eight hours I planted four five gallon Juniper "Skyrocket" trees (My husband helped, thank you honey).  I applied one coat of Glowstick after first applying two coats of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.  This polish is amazing, the finish was not matte nor satin, but fairly shiny, unlike other neon polishes I have tried.  It was not streaky either.  

My nails show a bit of wear if you look closely. (Edit: My eyes are  very bad, how did I think this looked good last night? What the fruit?)

This doesn't capture the glowing neon property of this shade.

My hydrangea is off the chain this year.  I am entering a bloom in a flower show.

My nails are weirdly shaped. Wow this mani is hammered!  I still LOVED IT all day.

I HIGHLY recommend this neon polish.  It dries fast, shiny and HARD. On a scale of five out of five chihuahuas, my husband gave it five out of five.  He really loved this.

Have yourself a great day!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Tye Dye Chardonnay Manicure

Hi there polished pretty!~ 

Here is a look I did for fun, and for a nail contest!  This is my Tie Dye Chardonnay Manicure. Similar to the cocktail manicure, you paint the three fingers used to hold your cocktail in a contrasting color.

This is an entry for an exciting nail contest at the wonderful blog called Concrete and Nail Polish.

Thank you for this contest.

Here are the colors I used:
Sally Hansen Extreme Pacific Blue the solid nails
LA Girl Disco Brites in Hustle purple pictured
Spoiled Designated Driver yellow
Rimmel Tequila Sunrise orange
Revlon Hot Tamale red

To do this I painted all my nails in Pacific Blue.  This awesome shade was on my nails a full day before I decided to tart up my mani with a bit of art.  I intended to sabotage this manicure and just play around, but it met with unexpected success.  I started in the center of the nail with a blob of a lighter color and then just encircled it with the other colors in succession.

 Then once the nail was nearly colored with what appeared to be a multicolored target, I drew a pin horizontally from the center toward the edge of the nail.  For this you must be flexible and quick.  At one point I found myself twisting my wrist completely around to do the stripes which radiate toward the base of the nail.

This was a fun look I would like to try again.