Thursday, June 28, 2012

Johhny Depp makes this cool blue hot PLUS ORLY Glowstick

Hello there lacquered lovely!

Are these really the hands of Johhny Depp?

 Yes, they are, check out USA Today,Johnny's Blue Nails
The article says that the nails matched his shirt perfectly, but some may disagree on that point.  How did I miss this?   Oh yeah, I remember.  I was deep in the throes of moving house.

I know dudes wear polish, but I thought it was mostly the goth guys. Seal has also worn nail polish lately, and I thought he looked great.  In fact, after I saw a shot of him in this yummy yellow he inspired me to rock neon yellow nails today.  I am wearing Orly Glowstick from Feel the Vibe collection.

I probably shouldn't show these...but here ya go!  At least I have an excuse why they look so beat up.

This manicure is shown after wearing it only about eight hours, but in those eight hours I planted four five gallon Juniper "Skyrocket" trees (My husband helped, thank you honey).  I applied one coat of Glowstick after first applying two coats of Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud.  This polish is amazing, the finish was not matte nor satin, but fairly shiny, unlike other neon polishes I have tried.  It was not streaky either.  

My nails show a bit of wear if you look closely. (Edit: My eyes are  very bad, how did I think this looked good last night? What the fruit?)

This doesn't capture the glowing neon property of this shade.

My hydrangea is off the chain this year.  I am entering a bloom in a flower show.

My nails are weirdly shaped. Wow this mani is hammered!  I still LOVED IT all day.

I HIGHLY recommend this neon polish.  It dries fast, shiny and HARD. On a scale of five out of five chihuahuas, my husband gave it five out of five.  He really loved this.

Have yourself a great day!


  1. I am in love with neons! Ever tried this color with some blue of fuchsia glitter, it looks great! Plus super cute flower ring :)

    1. Hello Diana, you are very kind indeed not to mention my horrible looking polish! I didn't see how bad it was until I saw the pictures online with my glasses the next morning.

      I never even thought to try fuschia color glitter over yellow neon, but I love that idea. I will have to try it! I tried gold/green glitter (Spoiled Show me the Money) over it last night and it was a fail. : (

      But it is all good because I love neons too!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting!

      Thank you also for the nice comment on my ring, it is by James Avery, a much beloved jewelery designer from Texas. I call it my flower-ing!

  2. Oh how I swoon for Johnny Depp! you may want to disable your word verification-people really don't like it and tend to not leave comments.

    1. Thank you for visiting! I removed the word verification thingy. You are right, I hate those!

      Thanks Fingers!

  3. am glad you are excited that I followed your blog! I remember what is was like when I started my blog! For a good laugh, you should go back to the beginning of mine-you'll see some bad photos and bad stamping! but it shows that with practice, you do get better!

    1. Oh yeah. Thank you again for your encouragement! You rock!


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