Saturday, July 21, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons!! Beach Cruise-R

Hey there hottie!

It is so hot in herre today! So, without further adieu, here is the beautiful Beach Cruise-R. Ok, what is a beach cruise-r supposed to be?

This polish was found to match several items in my immediate environment, which is a fun pastime for me. This polish matches the IAMS brand dog food for senior dogs.

This flower was found to match my nails. This plant was a gift from a new friend. Yaay free stuff! This is a bee balm flower.

This sticker matches my nails. I remember we got this bargain cd in Amsterdam on vacation because we had a cd player in our hotel/apartment. Those were the days my friend.

Now, for a more up to date shopping experience, these naughty raspberry dark chocolate m&ms were on clearance, and I love raspberry and dark chocolate.These matched pretty well, and were scrumptious.  I do not eat chocolate routinely, but I will make exceptions for exceptional chocolate. 

This color is beautiful, and looks like rich juicy berries.  That was my husband's comment "berry".  He gives it 3.5 out of 5 chihuahuas.  It reminds him of jelly bean eggs you get for easter, he is not a huge fan of this one.  I feel that it  is not as beautiful as the blue I reviewed here, splish splash

Application was fine, this polish was thick, but thinner coats and a shiny quick dry topcoat took care of that.  I felt happy in this color, but it isn't the very top notch for me. 

Thank you for reading !  Lots of love to you all!  I appreciate you because...... you are so YOU!  And you read my blog all the way to the end today.  Hugs!

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