Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hello gorgeous!
I hope you lovelies feel great today, and are ready to celebrate FREEDOM!  Here is my 4th of July manicure. 
For my 4th of July mani I used:
Maybelline Navy Narcissist
Icing Epic Winning
LA Colors Glitter Art Deco Stripers
Out the Door Topcoat
Happy Birthday USA.

The shade used as a base is Navy Narcissist by Maybelline.  I made this polish my bitch because somebody had to.  This polish taps into my bottomless well of anger. The gift of narcissistic abuse just keeps on giving and giving. My anger is slowly diminishing, and now, making this nail polish my bitch is helping me with that. 

I saw the Color Show polish display at Wal Mart on a front end cap for the first time when it was fairly new, but there was no Navy Narcissist, only a tag on the shelf that said “Navy Narcissist”.  I knew that I needed to have this polish, only because of the name. I picked up Denim Dash, but it wasn't what I really wanted. I checked back later to see if Wal Mart had restocked, and the display was gone and replaced by a huge Sally Hansen display.  The Maybelline display was relegated to a rear end cap.

Still no Navy Narcissist. 

Next time, the sad remaining polishes of the Color Show line were placed near the floor on the bottom ledge in a box, looking like they should be marked down. In vain I stooped to find that elusive narcisstic bitch, of course she wasn‘t there.  Wal Mart is neglecting the Color Show line in favor of HUGE Sally Hansen displays.

So, when I walked into C V S and saw the display, including NN, I didn’t buy it because I am on a no buy.  I bought too much polish in May. 

July rolls around, and it has been a while since I got my last nail mail, and my husband encouraged me to go CVS and look again at NN.  How could I resist?  So now we are together at last!

So I called Maybelline’s Navy Narcissist a bitch, here’s why.  It acted so weird, my formula dried quickly and strangely clumped when I went back into areas which should have still been wet,  the brush removed the polish in stripes and it accumulated and clumped up in spots.  I should have photographed the fail.  Third time was the charm,  had to thin this twice, to get this formula to work.  I applied the polish quickly,  wet into wet only.  This was one of the  most difficult formulas I have ever  had to make my bitch.

Navy Narcisst is a dreamy gorgeous metallic/pearl blue. I am not wearing top coat in the pictures and it dries somewhat satin, but very smooth.

Now that it is on my nails, we are in love.  This is a top of my list blue shade.  After I whipped my narcissist into submission, she behaved much better for me ; )

I recommend this shade highly for those with patience and polish thinner, who really love the metallic/pearly shades and for blue lovers. It is a fairly unique shade.

Enjoy your beautiful day!  Thanks so much for visiting me! I really appreciate you!

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