Monday, July 23, 2012

She Was The Morning - Then She Just Stopped Singing

Greetings lovely reader, I am glad you came today.
Here is a shot of a pretty bright red that matches my front door!  This is Wet n Wild Red Red, purchased for 69 cents after seeing swatches of another nail blogger. I agree that is is a very nice red.  It also has a sticker on the bottle saying it is a Cosmo Girl award winner.

I do not enjoy to wear red nail polish very much.  I try occasionally.

My ex husband told me he didn't like it because it made me look like a prostitute.  Nice right?  That is why he is the EX. But some men do think that way, of course.  But this has still burned into my brain, and after no red nail polish for years, I have trouble seeing that shade on my tips.  It is just so bold.  And my internal mental ex husband still tells me I look like a prostitute when I wear it.

Red is a very, very emotional color for me, but not just for this reason.  You see, the only colored nail  polish I ever saw my musical/artistic/muse wear is red.   And did she do it right in a big way. Here she hugs Mum as she celebrates her grammy wins.  What is so great here, is she is hugging her beloved grandmother, Cynthia on her tattoo as well as her Mum.  Amy was all about love, as you can see from her tats.  Her Back to Black album was about lost love Blake.  Her other arm had a Daddy's Girl tattoo.  If only love could bring her back mine would!

Today I would like to remember Amy Winehouse, and pay loving tribute to her memory.  One year ago, my dear husband descended the stairs of our home to let me know that something had happened to Amy Winehouse.

My sister from another mother, Amy Winehouse, was the greatest female singer songwriter in my life time.  I may not live to see another of her caliber.  She is my muse, my inspiration and my strength, from her lyrics, and the way she tried to fight so hard, with lots of people and her addiction too.

Now, a year after her departure from this earth, I hope appreciation of her talent is beginning to overshadow other more sensational aspects of her life.

Her grammys are not for her best songs! Back to Black won all the Grammys, but Frank, her first album, is perfect.  Even better than Back to Black, I listened to it every single day for a year after I got it. Check these out on you tube and do your ears a favor:

When My Eyes - This is an amazing tour de force
Beat the Point to Death
Alcoholic Logic
Close to the Front
Do Me Good
Get Over It

None of the above are on either album, Frank nor B2B.

Best Friends was on the UK version of Frank

There are many others, she did a lot of covers.

I challenge you to hear her sing  Someone to Watch over Me and not tear up!
and she is clear about things in the first video of hers I ever saw,

You Know I'm No Good

Thank you!


  1. I love the polish.

    By the way your hands do not look slutty. lol If red polish means prostitute then I'd have a loooong police record

    1. Thank you! I like your blog name by the way, we are alike in a way!

      I am glad red nail polish is legal!!! Life is tough enough without a police record ; )


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