Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon it Rains in Hollywood

Well hello there!  So nice to see you!  Today I have a long post with a very exciting ending!  I hope you have some time to indulge with me in my love for polish.

Have you heard? Tonight will be a blue moon!  So all that stuff that happens once in a blue moon is gonna happen tonight! 

I learned this week that a blue moon isn't really blue.  Maybe you knew that it refers to the number of full moons in a season or month, depending on which definition you use.   I found it interesting that a blue moon occurs on the day of Neil Armstrong's memorial.  I will definintely think of him being up there when I look up tonight.

I believe I mentioned previously I am a HUGE NASA nerd.  I am a "space age girl" and I love that stuff.  So I had to post today, but not just to mark this unusual day.  This is a personal record for me, as this post makes twelve in one month.  More than all of 2011.  Now that I have stopped moving around, and have my "forever home", things are finally settling down, and I am focusing more on this blog.

I am going to mention here that I partially credit Stardust Stephanie for the idea for this manicure.  She has a super cute blog and when I read it I often develop cravings for colors I saw previously in the store and did not want at all. Her blog is called Imperfectly Painted, but don't believe it.  Check out her swatches of Rainstorm here .  Stephanie, thank you for this swatch.   

I traveled across town to Walgreens again last night to get Rainstorm by Sinful Colors, and there was a small display of Fergie polish incorporated into the Wet n Wild display on the wall, just like the myths of old said there would be.  Unfortunately for me, Grammy Gold is not part of the display, sad face : ( .  However, standing alone in the beautiful shiny new rack was one lone bottle of Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I was unsure on purchasing it because initially I didn't care for the reddish stars, but that would have been an error.  I am glad I made the correct decision and purchased the last bottle of this polish! 

I noted  that the price  in Northern Cal is $3.99 , I have seen other places have them for $3.49 rrp grrrrrr.   

I also snagged the very last bottle of Rainstorm!

I found it right away in the huge new display that used to have "borrowed - oops we noticed" bloggers pictures on it.  Since they fixed it and and I saw Stephanie's swatch I had to go and get it.  After it was in my hot little hand I had to check all the bottles to see if I indeed was that lucky to get the last one, and I was. I regret that I didn't get pictures of this shade by itself, I put glitter on before I took any pictures, again.

 This was a red letter polish day for me you guys.

This is because I found another top favorite polish!  This Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame is the shiznit.  It is a bit hard to apply, and the formula could be said to be "gloopy".  However, this is great for these stars because they need some matrix to help them adhere and also to fill the gap between your curvy nail and the flat star glitter. 

This polish makes me feel five years old.  The excitement level when I saw it all applied was off the charts. I was dancing around the living room. It has gorgeous HOLO stars in purplish pink, silver, gold, and gorgeous teal blue.  They are not cheapie glitters, the colors stay on the stars.  I have a red one that is peeking out of the clear topcoat and I have been rubbing it a lot and the color is staying true.  You can actually see it here. Talk about imperfectly painted, right Steph?  I don't photoshop my pictures, as you can see! 

In the bottle the clear polish looks a little cloudy, but this doesn't affect the shininess of the holographic stars on the nail.  The large holo flashes from the star glitters make this very flashy indeed.  If you like glitter, this polish has more of what you want glitter for. 

This polish also contains some fine holo string glitter and holo micro glitter. 

APPLICATION TIPS for this polish:

  • Do not be upset if you have a hard time on some nails, it is not an easy polish to apply, but that is not a fault of this polish.  It is in it's nature to be a diva.

  • The stars are a little tricky to get on the brush.  They tend to get knocked off when pulling the brush out of the bottle.  So hold the brush carefully to one side of the neck as you pull it out.

  • Remove some of the clear liquid from the brush while trying to keep the stars on.  Just let it drip back in the bottle.

  • Dab and place the stars where you want them.  If you just brush a bunch on they will clump up.  The thickness of the stars will be too much if they are stacked up.

  • Now take your brush and dip it in the bottle to get some of the clear liquid, and gently apply a thick layer over the stars without displacing them.  Think of it like icing a cake, be gentle and generous.  Tilt your nail down to allow the thick liquid to pool toward your nail tip, and if it is too much, draw it off by using a dry brush and swiping the wet polish away gently.  I learned this technique from a Robin Moses youtube tutorial on how to apply gemstones. 

I applied a layer of Sally Hansen Insta Dry topcoat to help smooth over any star tips, but some still protruded.  I could have fixed this by pressing the star down as I applied it.  I got into such a star frenzy I missed that one.

This blurred shot gives you a hint of the bling in the sun.  This polish is crazy, and is an excellent interpretation of it's name.  I have been to the Walk of Fame, and it doesn't have all these different colors in the stars on the sidewalk.  The Walk of Fame is a very colorful place though, if you look at all the people there.  I think the Walk of Fame, should you walk in the footsteps of the stars, would be a place very likely to make you say wow on any given day or time.  Just like this gorgeous nail polish.

Combining it with Rainstorm is the perfectly ironic combination in my opinion.  I have never sees pictures of the Walk of Fame in the rain, and the sun seems to always shine in Hollywood CA.   

I think you would enjoy this combination, and you could create so many more with the Walk of Fame in your collection.  I would love to know how you enjoyed wearing your star nails if you try them.

And now, drum roll please,  for the very first Addicted to OPI-yum official press release:

I want to know, do you own a very ugly bottle of nail polish?  Could it even be

"The Scariest Bottle of Nail polish in the USA"(TM) ???

I am on a mission to find this polish bottle.


Would you like to have some new pretty polish to replace it? 

Of course you would!
Check this out!

This is an unusual day, and I want to host an unusual contest, with the winners to be announced Halloween, October 31st.

Do you have a polish bottle which is an insult to the world of beauty? I do.  I wonder if yours is uglier than mine.  I recently destroyed a bottle of DS sapphire while trying to "fix" a stuck top by using remover to clean dried polish in the lid and around the neck of the bottle.  When I spotted my treasured DS sapphire the next day, I couldn't believe my eyes, and I immediately grabbed it and tried to shake it back to life.  Hahahaha.

I am not going to post the pictures yet.  I want to let you become accustomed to the idea that you will see something scary here when I do. 

Please if you would, pick your ugliest polish and post a picture of it and provide me with a link in the comments.  I would only request that you please not do anything to the bottle as it exists currently, simply pick up the polish from your stash and photograph it however you want.  I don't need swatches of the polish for the contest, bottle pictures are what I want to see.  Swatches optional!

If there is an interesting story about your ugly polish bottle or how it got that way I would be interested to hear about the fate of the polish.  I love polish stories.

I will crown what I adjudge to be the ugliest bottle of polish on October 31st.  Prizes to be announced.   But, I will reveal that as a part of the prize there are some polishes can no longer be found in stores.  They were a limited edition holiday glitter collection which is Scrangie approved!

Continental USA only : (     I will also choose one winner at random, so you can win even if it isn't the very worst looking polish bottle.

Thank you to the Beauty Blogazons facebook group for accepting my application, I am looking forward to learning more about and from you and any and all of you bloggers out there, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned author. That is the beauty of beauty blogging, everyone can share their own unique perspectives, and each of us are the only ones able to do that.

I send you wishes for a great weekend, and if you are in the USA, happy Labor Day!  I hope you are able to celebrate not working in your own special way, wherever you live.


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can You Tell Happy Birthday from Gemstones?

Hi there gorgeous.  I hope you are well today and enjoying your day!

In my photo above, I have Jordana gemstones on three nails and Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday on one.  Can you tell which one?

I will reveal the answer later in the post. 

Here I am documenting the evolution of this colorful manicure.  First, I applied two coats of Beach Bound by Fingerpaints.  This is a cool toned purple creme, I was a bit hesitant at first to purchase this one, in fact I only picked it up after it was 50% off the markdown price in the "sidewalk sale" at Sally.  I paid about $1.50 for this.  This applied well, but I had chipping very quickly.

This polish chipped very quickly, but  I did not use topcoat.  I mentioned previously that I do not wear top coat every time, I like to see how the polish dries and wears by itself.  I tend to re-do my nails every day, but because I kept piling on the glitter it lasted two.  I am sorry I do not have a picture of Beach Bound by itself. 

I simply couldn't help myself and I applied some glitter.  I am not a creme girl at heart.  I am bored by the unchanging nature of such a simple polish.  I wish I had a longer creme attention span, but unless the color itself makes me say WOW, I do not. 

Here I am showing you one coat of Jordana celebration over  Beach Bound.  I really wanted to wear this to the beach, but alas, it didn't happen.   Celebration is lavender glitter in small and regular sized glitters.  This glitter is pretty, I have used it three times this summer. I have used this one the most of all the Jordana specialty glitters. 

One issue I have with Celebration is the fact that the glitter is too pastel to really be a top favorite.  I fixed that when I layered it over Beach Bound.  Now I have some color on my nails, plus my bling I need.  I loved this combination, and I want to put Celebration over even darker purples.

Here is a close up of Jordana Celebration in the bottle. 

I recently picked up Jordana gemstones and couldn't wait to try it.  I wondered how it would look over the top of my previous layering and voila!

All except for the middle nail, which is Happy Birthday.  I used two coats of Happy Birthday, but that may be because my bottle is dried up a bit.   Did you spot the subtle difference? My sad pictures don't make it easy, but from an overall perspective, Jordana gemstones seems flashier.

I have swatched confetti Tazmanian Devil and what I suspected was a dupe to Gemstones, Milani Gems, to help delineate the differences in these polishes.

L to R: Happy Birthday,  confetti Tazmanian Devil, Gemstones and Gems

My thoughts after spending too much time looking at four very simlar polishes:

Jordana Gemstones does not have ORANGE glitter like the other three. 

Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday is the only one with blue and red square glitter.

Milani Gems has a tinted base, it appears slightly grey.  The green glitters in my bottle seem to be losing their tint, it appears the color is sliding off in some cases.  Also, some of the glitters appear to have a slight curvature, not fully taco-ed.  This could be due to the age of my bottle of polish, it is between one and two years old.

In Jordana gemstones the glitters look great!

Tazmanian Devil has silver micro glitter, which adds extra shimmeries. Also, the impression I have of this is that the colors are slightly more subdued than the other glitters.

I would say that if you wanted to dupe Happy Birthday, Jordana Gemstones would be a pretty good substitute, and may even satisfy the lemming.  If you haven't tried the multi glitter look, try out Gemstones!
You can buy Gemstones at Kmart for $1.99, or sometimes BOGO 50% off.

I found that I actually like the look of Gemstones over Gems and Happy Birthday and it is the cheapest of all three.

Here is a long stemmed rose from my garden. This special flower came from the rose bush that grows by my front door. This bush has been there a very long time. 

  This rose is as big as my face.  It smells good too, and it is my favorite color of pink.  This plant makes me so very  happy, as you can see!    
I want to share with you a little problem I have, perhaps you could help me out?

I have too much nail polish. Languishing in boxes in my extra bedroom are bottles of unopened glitters. It has occurred to me lately that maybe I don't need two back up bottles of so many favorites. 

Do you want to win some of my glitter polish and help me clear out a bit of room for my new pretties? 

Please visit me next time to see how you can get a chance to win some of my sparkly stash for your tips!

Thanks for reading.  You make my day when you visit and say hi!


Monday, August 27, 2012

OPI Designer Series Signature Is Yummy

Hello Gorgeous! 

Welcometo my review of mouth-watering OPI DS Signature. 

This polish began my love affair for OPI Designer Series polishes.  

I am showing this with the plum I was eating from our tree.  I literally could not believe the flavors from this fruit.  It  had so much flavor that it surprised me. I felt that the flavors from the plum were a good match for my polish, DS Signature is so crazy amazing and juicy!  If you look at the edges of the nail you can see they are almost the same color as my plum.

This is making my mouth water all over again.  I am glad there are more plums ripening on the table and tree today.

DS Signature is now, sadly, a discontinued polish. 

DS Signature is a medium rosy pink holo, and as I have found with all OPI polishes,with extremely high quality in the brush and formula.  These polishes command a higher price than the regular OPIs.  They retailed for $12.50 when I purchased mine.  The holo in this is linear and  strong. 

The formula is gorgeous to apply, easily controlled with the precision brush.  Three thin coats gives full coverage, and topcoat is not needed here because the polish dries shiny and HARD and fast, just like you want it to.  The first time I used one of these I was really amazed at how I could finish painting all ten nails, then almost immediately begin to apply my second coat. 

I put this away after using it two years ago, and pulled it out again to play for old times sake.  I think the only downside of this polish is the conservative color you see most of the time in the shade or indoor lighting.  If it was a more vibrant base shade I would love this even more.

If you found this one in a dusty, that would be full of WIN! This is the type of polish I look for when I dusty hunt. OPI DS FtW.

On another topic, I took the kind hearted blogger pledge today.  I found this on someone's blog and it led me to the originator, here:


•create, inspire, and admire rather than compete with fellow bloggers

•be understanding of each other-- in the blogging community, as well as in the world

•stay away from internet/blogging bullying

•speak my opinion freely, while still being mindful of other's feelings-- be tactful.

•make an effort--no matter how big or small the gesture, to spread kindness or joy to others

•acknowledge that I will make mistakes, (I am only human) but remember to learn from them

•know that at times I will post about the negative stuff in life, and maybe even some complaining (I am only human) but I will always follow up with something happy/positive too.

•believe that this world is a good place, filled with good people.

Have a wondrous day! 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fergie is A Manicure Muse

Hi!  Welcome !

Today I have for you two fabulous Fergie polishes and an awesome layering combo.  I present China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard topped by one of the more talked about shades from Fergie, Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night.

I'm With the Lifeguard from the China Glaze Summer Neons is a fantastic  highlighter neon green with the wonderful addition of shimmer.  I can highly recommend this polish, the formula is great, and this shade is a searingly bright and juicy green.  I have tried twice to photograph it alone, but I am not happy with how those came out.  So here she is with a little icing.

I am fascinated right now with Fergiepolish. I really like this very unique shade of glitter, it is a dream to apply.  This is a simple mix of black glitter with a few large gold hexes in a clear base. This is two coats without topcoat.  The bottles are very pretty.  The formula is great, but the brush is large, maybe too large for some.

 I was lucky to pick this one up, there were five strays at Wags standing in a crowd on the shelf.  Like some sad groupies, ha!  The cashier commented that it was pretty.

I later went back and snagged Going Platinum, which is epic awesomeness in a bottle.  I will show that one at the end of this long post after a detour!

I have recognized over the years that I am very fond of Fergie.  She puts herself out there with her unique style and doesn't quit trying new things.  My first awareness of her was with the Black Eyed Peas, I guess around the My Humps era.

I was researching online to find swatches of Fergie's new polishes, and I came across this picture in a Glamour article.  I thought her nails looked pretty cool.  Admittedly, I am very adventurous when it comes to my nails.


Some of the comments took me aback, though I am aware that people love to hate Fergie, the comments were pretty ugly.

Regarding the above photo in the article, alaineann says:

"Her nails are so badly done. The stripes aren't even, and the whole look is just ugly! He nails seem very fat and stumpy. That ring is really, really ugly too, just way over the top. I think she always looks a little trashy, and this is no exception."

posted by alaineann (face book name?)

Read More

Wow.   I read that Fergie's nails in the picture are minx done by Kimmee Kyees.

I manicured my nails to match to show love for Fergie's style, which is very eyecatching and fun. So this is Fergie Going Platinum with my DIY nail art striper. It is a silver foil with tiny gold flakes. This shade is genius. I see this as very close to platinum, as you can see from the ring I am holding.

 I first thought I didn't like the horizontal stripes, but after wearing them for two days I have enjoyed them quite a bit.  Nailtiger liked this look.  I want to take the striper and make a grid next. 

The gold is there to warm it up and sparkle, and this totally illustruates  covering gold with platinum.

I feel this shade is unique enough to purchase even if you have silver foils already, it adds a little fascination with the almost secret gold glimmers. I have seen other reviews that say the gold disappears, but as you can see it does not.

I am holding a new lonely duochrome sinful I found at Wags without the label.  It is orange/pink/red with gold shimmers.  This is going to be great for fall, but what is it? 

I have to say I admire Fergie. She owns part of the Miami Dolphins. She has a line of nail polish, which I  am excited for.  I like her because she seems very fearless and daring, and most of all because she is a great singer.

Slash invited her to sing on a single with him because he thought she would be a great rock singer and she IS. I made it a point to give it a listen the other day and I was extremely impressed.

I think any person, couple or group that achieves success will generate haters. 

I am going to ask the same question the BEPs want answered, Where is the Love?


My husband and all my family

all of the children and animals,

all the nice people,

Which I am sure includes ----->You<-------- , reading this now,

My chicharone chihuahua ROSIE, the best snuggler to ever come from Alabama

MY computer, room, house, street, town, county, state, country, planet,  galaxy

My Self   wait, what : D Hey, that is new!

My Nails


My polish collection including my Fergie Polishes ALL the ones I have and the ones I am looking forward to getting still

Flowers and plants

Friends who give you flowers because they just want to see you happy

I would love to know if you are ever inspired to echo Fergie's manicure style.  Who inspires you to express your love on your nails?

If  you have a manicure muse and you post pictures, I invite you to leave  a link in the comments so we can enjoy your style too!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fit for Royalty - Ledson and China Glaze Rare and Radiant

Hello again!  

I have for you my review of China Glaze Rare and Radiant from the Bohemian Luster Chrome collection.  I can't resist showing you where I wore it, I think the setting is befitting this gem of a polish.

This is well-known as one of the dupes for Chanel Peridot, which must be amazing in person.  I am trusting others on this, since I have never seen the beautiful but elusive creature in person.  In pictures, I believe, to most eyes, this polish is indistinguishable from Peridot.

This is China Glaze Rare and Radiant in the sun.  I believe this is the most reflective polish I own.  I am sure it is the most reflective polish I own.  I can see my nails flashing in the mirror from ten feet away, which was a bit of a shock.  The bottle is reflecting so much it almost hurts to look at it.

I wore this polish on a trip to Ledson Castle, a winery estate in Sonoma County, CA.  This is one American version of a castle.  I LOVE visiting castles.  We did not go inside to taste the wine this time. 

The grapes are nearing ripeness now. 
Harvest celebrations will begin soon.
I cannot wait!

Here I am admiring my nails against the many colors in the courtyard of another winery down the road, Chateau St. Jean.  There were an infinite variety of greens in the plants growing in the courtyard gardens.

As you can see, the shade is very welcoming in our sunny climate.   Chateau St. Jean has a tasting room in this area.  I cannot imagine a much more restorative and tranquil environment.

Below you can see Rare and Radiant in the shade.  You can see my index nail is messed up.  It has been breaking and chipping for months.  It is finally almost grown out to where I can file off the thinner part.

You can see a bit of tip wear after less than one day of wear.  I didn't use topcoat here.  I often like to enjoy the polish as it is, and not apply topcoat, to see how the polish itself wears and looks.

This polish is fantastic!  I love the color and the application was great.  Coverage is good in two coats.  I put three and messed it up with smudging.  I should have left well enough alone.

I accidentally picked up the shade Unpredictable when I meant to purchase this.  I liked it, and still want it, but I HAD to have the is Peridot dupe.  I had just been wanting it too long. 

It is kind of a joke around here, if I have "been wanting" something for a while, that is great rationale for purchasing it! 

I paid a buck for this polish, by using my Sally reward from renewing my membership, plus the discount from having the membership.

I love being a bargain polish hunter.  Sure, I could pay for Peridot if I wanted to.  But it is more challenging to make it look like I did and still have that extra $25 bucks in my pocket.  Even if I have to wait a while.

It isn't that I am cheap, I just like to think I am a thrifty shopper. who likes a challenge.

Have you gotten any free polish lately, or nearly free?  Do share!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Now with Award Winning Goodness!!!!

Hello there and welcome to another day in the world of an "online nail girl!"  I hope you are doing well today! 

Well, it really has happened, I won an award for this blog.  I know, the silence and shock in the room is palpable!    I realize my blog breaks all the rules, and it really is not an example of a good nail blog. However, I feel that by publishing my blog I do the service of helping to make the all your other nail blogs look really great in contrast!


Here is my new award!  Thank you to The Painted Pony! 

Here's how it works:
1) The recipient must post 11 fun facts about themselves
2) The recipient must also answer 11 questions created by the award giver
3) The recipient must give the award to 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers and post 11 questions for them to answer
4) These 11 bloggers must be told they have been given the award
5) They will in turn pass the award on to 11 new bloggers of their choice (no tagging back the award giver)


Eleven fun facts about me:

1.  I am what is known as a Cajun, and like most Cajuns, I love to eat.

2.   I also enjoy to cook different cuisines, including Cajun (naturally), Mexican, BBQ, Thai, Italian, Indonesian, Dutch, French, Japanese, Chinese and Indian. 

3.  One of my favorite meals is an indulgent Indonesian Rijstaffel (Rice Table), at Puri Mas in Amsterdam, the table will be covered with around a dozen to eighteen different dishes.  The meal is how the Dutch like to eat Indonesian food, it is not how they eat in Indonesia. 

The rijsttafel has so many wonderful dishes, something for everyone's taste. Shown above is part of the spread for two.  For a sampling, one of the standard ingredients is the saffron coconut rice, served with a garnish of sweet roasted coconut.  You can see the yellow rice in the center.  They begin with jasmine rice and cook it with coconut milk and saffron. Then, you would be wise to use the crispy coconut garnish on top.  It is sweet, fragrant and so delicate.
This is only the beginning of this amazing meal!  Coconut and chili flavors factor heavily here.

4.  I love trees.  I have planted pine, juniper, xylosma, maple, crepe myrtle, arborvitae and I am sure at least one other type.

5.  I love retro and antiques.  I always have appreciated those things which have proven themselves to stand the test of time.

6.  My favorite garden I have ever visited is Keukenhof in the Netherlands during spring tulip season.  The scent of the flowers and the beauty of the scenery combine to make this an unforgettable and romantic experience.  The bulbs number in the millions.

7. One of my favorite rings is hand made from a large antique silver Dutch coin.  I hold it in front of me like a shield sometimes when I walk in a crowd.  I bought it from the man who sells handmade jewelry in the Amsterdam Waag street market on the weekends, and he shouts "Happy Day" over and over, that is how you would know him. 

8. I am a watercolor artist and my favorite subject is flowers.  My favorite artists are Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Georgia O'Keefe.  I admire the way Monet created his garden to give himself subjects for painting.  I plan to do the same thing in my own garden and I am creating the garden now. 

9. I love acronyms, so when I worked for NASA I was in heaven.  I tend to notice if common phrases have interesting acronyms.  This makes me  pretty nerdy, right?  Some of my favorites from NASA:

MDM Multiplexer DeMultiplexer
MADS Modeling and Analysis Data Set
ISS International Space Station
PEHG Payload Ethernet Hub Gateway (I named a pug I owned after the PEHG)
MOD Mission Operations Directorate (The guys in Houston you tell when you have a problem)
FOD Flying Orbital Debris (space junk)

 I have almost forgotten how much I love these things! 

LHS Left Hand Side
LCF Left Center Field
WTF Wednesday Thursday Friday  gotcha : )

10.   I have always had a dog. I used to keep discus fish, a rat, a cat, a guinea pig and gerbils.  I have great love for animals, as a kid I was the girl who cared for the broken winged birds in my neighborhood.

11.  I like hippy culture, flower power, peace and love and all that.  Would you like it if these things made a comeback in our culture in a big way?  ME TOO!!!!!!  

Whew, that was not easy.  I am not sure how fun these facts are.  They may not all be fun, but they are facts.  


Here are The Painted Pony's questions for me: 
1) When and why did you start blogging?

I started this blog just over two years ago. I purchased OPI Mad as a Hatter at Kroger one day by chance after agonizing over which color to choose from the Hong Kong and Alice In Wonderland collections.  I applied it and freaked out because it was so pretty. I went online to see if I was the only one who thought so, and my blog addiction started.

I was intrigued with the idea of creating my own blog first to see if I could, and to have my own place to post my manicures.  

2) How many bottles of polish do you own?
I haven't counted but I know it is approaching 600.

3) What color do you have the most of in your collection?

Blue and orange are tied for first.

4) What is your first memory of nail polish?

I remember sitting at my grandmother's dressing table and admiring the swirly and pearly polishes in their bottles.  She would let me play with them.  She really loved me and that is such a great memory!

5) What do your friends/family think of your hobby?

My husband  is more than supportive, encouraging me yesterday to go into CVS to shop for polish, when I was going to walk by.  He loves to buy me things!  I love him!  I would buy him things too, but his needs are few.  But if he does want something, we make sure he gets it too.

I think my friends and family do not have any interest in visiting my blog, this is because I tell them and they forget to or just don't visit it.  This actually suits me fine!  I want my readers to enjoy doing what YOU do because YOU like to do it, like I do!

6) What are your hobbies other than blogging?

I am a passionate gardener, I love to play my guitar and sing, and to paint anything and everything that doesn't move, and even some things that do. I love to redecorate and design my house and landscape to enhance my home's beauty.  I cook in many different styles and love to please my husband with dishes a la "bonne femme".  I love to work out, right now I give credit to Paulin Nordin and her series Butt Bible for transforming me into a hottie over the last year. That is what my husband calls me now anyway.

7) What's your favorite nail polish color?

Mad as a Hatter

8) What would be your dream polish?

That changes, but today it is one matching the turquoise waters in the Caribbean.  I need to find this polish, does it exist?

9) What is something you love, but everyone else hates?
I have nothing I tell you.

10) What trends do you love?

Weird colors and bright colors.

11) What trends do you hate?

I agree with The Painted Pony, I kind of hate crackle.  It is too lumpy, and it reminds me of antique wood.  Shabby chic decor is great, but I don't LOVE shabby nails! 

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Friday, August 17, 2012

I am Confident and Peaceful with Caribbean Vibe

Hi polished pretty!  I want to share with you a wonderful nail color that could make you very happy.

I was really needing, I had a craving for a shade of aqua/green the color of caribbean seas, like Essies Turquoise and Caicos.  My problem was  I didn't want to spend eight bucks. 

Plus, I have drawn a line on my collecting at Essie, I generally don't buy them.  I just can't buy all the polishes, so I rule out certain collections.

I was so happy when I remembered I had this color.

This shade, Peaceful/Confident from Claire's fills the bill. Even though it was a little streaky and chippy, I didn't care. The color doesn't change much from hot to cold.  The hot shade is lighter, the cool shade is the darker one, but the difference is subtle.  

 I have fond memories of this polish. I bought it and wore it on my toes with bar holo glitter over the top on my househunting trip in CA.  I remember swimming in the pool at the hotel and seeing my toes in the water and I realized they looked like mermaid toes.  I really loved that combination so much!

I previously reviewed another shade of the mood polishes here
MOod Polish Bored/Excited.

If you haven't tried these two Mood Polishes from Claire's why don't you consider giving one a whirl?  If you have one and have an opinion, pretty please be sure let us know in the comments below, okay! 

Hugs and flowers!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Putting the FUN in (Decades of) DysFUNction - Orly Dark Shadows

Hi there!  I hope your day is going well!

Welcome to my review of Orly's Decades of Dysfunction from the Dark Shadows collection.  I hope that you don't mind the unusual, the slightly off, perhaps a little strangeness on your nails?

I wanted to calm things down a little on my nails and wear an off white. I spotted swatches of the Dark Shadows collection and wasn't super impressed, but I noted this shade had some positive buzz and it made for nice nail art.  So when I found it marked down to under three bucks I snapped it up. I was surprised how much I liked the color.

I applied three coats of this polish, but I didn't wait long enough between coats and it was hot, so you know what that means.  Have you met Bubbles, Bubbles Devere?

OH NO!!!!!!!

Crap. Here she comes again!

Actually, I love Bubbles Devere. She is a beyond outrageous character played by Matt Lucas on Little Britain.  Her appearance can be a bit of a shock, so she isn't always welcomed with open arms.  I find Bubbles funny and entertaining, but some do NOT! 

Oh yeah!  Here is my interpretation on my nails of Bubbles Devere enjoying a rare day out, but after dropping her towel, as she is wont to do!

This doesn't look good.  But, what do you expect??

The polish says it right on the bottle, dysfunction. Definitely a red flag, this one could be tricky!

This polish dried very glossy, and the shiny finish blinded me to the tiny bubbles in real life, so I ended up being ok with the results shown.  I was surprised that I didn't feel an overwhelming compulsion to remove this immediately, because it wasn't perfect.  I am surprised I am even posting this.  I guess I don't care as much anymore about trying to be perfect.

I found this shade made my hands look lighter.  I have gotten very dark this summer  from working in the garden, so it was surprising to see my skin appear to have faded.  I found this polish gave my tips a certain lightness and delicacy.  My husband liked the way it looked, but didn't like the color itself particularly.

This polish did send my husband on a trip down memory lane.  I told him it was from the new Dark Shadows movie, and I would like to see it now, especially since I own this polish. He told me about how he used to love watching that tv series back in the day. He found some episodes of the series online (complete with ads from the era) so I could see them before we watch the Johnny Depp movie. It is fun to see how much television has changed since the early days.  Those old ads were so cute and hokey. 

Back to the Decades of Dysfunction, this polish seems to match the pallor of Barnabas' skin.  I didn't take pictures of things that match this polish this day because they tended to be unattractive, such as turkey lunch meat, or pale skin that has never seen the sun. It really did match these perfectly.

This polish could be great for you if you want to be reminded of turkey lunch meat, or just have delicate off white nails.  I almost feel like I should apologize for saying it looks like turkey lunch meat or Bubbles Devere, but it is my polishy (sic) here on this blog to always speak my truth about polish.

The formula is good, the first coat is really streaky.  A second coat had a little cuticle drag, but that may be my fault.  To cover that up I applied a third coat too soon to cover the streakiness and that is when Bubbles Devere showed up.

Overall this is a nice polish, I think the problems were with my application.  The polish dried hard and shiny, like most Orlys.  I will use it as a basis for nail art for sure.  For the discounted price it was well worth it.  I enjoyed the shade because it is very unique to my collection and the association with Johnny Depp and the Dark Shadows franchise.  I have seen reports this is a re-promote of another shade by Orly Pure Porcelain, but the new name, Decades of Dysfunction pulled me in. 

Silver linings, I had a bubbly manicure, but I got to indulge my love for Little Britain and Johhny Depp movies and share with you again!

Ta ta for now!