Thursday, August 30, 2012

Can You Tell Happy Birthday from Gemstones?

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In my photo above, I have Jordana gemstones on three nails and Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday on one.  Can you tell which one?

I will reveal the answer later in the post. 

Here I am documenting the evolution of this colorful manicure.  First, I applied two coats of Beach Bound by Fingerpaints.  This is a cool toned purple creme, I was a bit hesitant at first to purchase this one, in fact I only picked it up after it was 50% off the markdown price in the "sidewalk sale" at Sally.  I paid about $1.50 for this.  This applied well, but I had chipping very quickly.

This polish chipped very quickly, but  I did not use topcoat.  I mentioned previously that I do not wear top coat every time, I like to see how the polish dries and wears by itself.  I tend to re-do my nails every day, but because I kept piling on the glitter it lasted two.  I am sorry I do not have a picture of Beach Bound by itself. 

I simply couldn't help myself and I applied some glitter.  I am not a creme girl at heart.  I am bored by the unchanging nature of such a simple polish.  I wish I had a longer creme attention span, but unless the color itself makes me say WOW, I do not. 

Here I am showing you one coat of Jordana celebration over  Beach Bound.  I really wanted to wear this to the beach, but alas, it didn't happen.   Celebration is lavender glitter in small and regular sized glitters.  This glitter is pretty, I have used it three times this summer. I have used this one the most of all the Jordana specialty glitters. 

One issue I have with Celebration is the fact that the glitter is too pastel to really be a top favorite.  I fixed that when I layered it over Beach Bound.  Now I have some color on my nails, plus my bling I need.  I loved this combination, and I want to put Celebration over even darker purples.

Here is a close up of Jordana Celebration in the bottle. 

I recently picked up Jordana gemstones and couldn't wait to try it.  I wondered how it would look over the top of my previous layering and voila!

All except for the middle nail, which is Happy Birthday.  I used two coats of Happy Birthday, but that may be because my bottle is dried up a bit.   Did you spot the subtle difference? My sad pictures don't make it easy, but from an overall perspective, Jordana gemstones seems flashier.

I have swatched confetti Tazmanian Devil and what I suspected was a dupe to Gemstones, Milani Gems, to help delineate the differences in these polishes.

L to R: Happy Birthday,  confetti Tazmanian Devil, Gemstones and Gems

My thoughts after spending too much time looking at four very simlar polishes:

Jordana Gemstones does not have ORANGE glitter like the other three. 

Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday is the only one with blue and red square glitter.

Milani Gems has a tinted base, it appears slightly grey.  The green glitters in my bottle seem to be losing their tint, it appears the color is sliding off in some cases.  Also, some of the glitters appear to have a slight curvature, not fully taco-ed.  This could be due to the age of my bottle of polish, it is between one and two years old.

In Jordana gemstones the glitters look great!

Tazmanian Devil has silver micro glitter, which adds extra shimmeries. Also, the impression I have of this is that the colors are slightly more subdued than the other glitters.

I would say that if you wanted to dupe Happy Birthday, Jordana Gemstones would be a pretty good substitute, and may even satisfy the lemming.  If you haven't tried the multi glitter look, try out Gemstones!
You can buy Gemstones at Kmart for $1.99, or sometimes BOGO 50% off.

I found that I actually like the look of Gemstones over Gems and Happy Birthday and it is the cheapest of all three.

Here is a long stemmed rose from my garden. This special flower came from the rose bush that grows by my front door. This bush has been there a very long time. 

  This rose is as big as my face.  It smells good too, and it is my favorite color of pink.  This plant makes me so very  happy, as you can see!    
I want to share with you a little problem I have, perhaps you could help me out?

I have too much nail polish. Languishing in boxes in my extra bedroom are bottles of unopened glitters. It has occurred to me lately that maybe I don't need two back up bottles of so many favorites. 

Do you want to win some of my glitter polish and help me clear out a bit of room for my new pretties? 

Please visit me next time to see how you can get a chance to win some of my sparkly stash for your tips!

Thanks for reading.  You make my day when you visit and say hi!


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