Saturday, August 11, 2012

China Glaze Summer Neons 2012 Orange You Hot?

If you want some beautiful bright color that is refreshing to the eyes on a hot day, try this color that duplicates the sheen of the beautiful state flower of my home state, California!  If you water these flowers a little they bloom all summer! 

I love the summertime, and when my popsicle matches my nails.   The shot below is indoors in natural light.

This color matches my chicken kitchen  decor.  Obviously I like the color.

Here it is in the sun.  Orange you hot?  Yes, you are.
This shade is a perfectly appropriate contrast to the brownish yellow of my fried up lawn, in both name and hue. I found this shade easy to apply, and the drying time was fine.  I used the technique I used for all of these, which was to apply two thinner coats and let dry almost completely, and then use one more coat with topcoat to help drying, as these polishes are a bit thicker, and thus trickier than usual to work with.  The thicker formula helps with the coverage, as some of these covered completely in two coats.

Did you try this one?

I want to say hi to the friendly girls at Sally in Windsor.  You are awesome, super friendly, and I want to thank you for the latest scoop on the polishes in the store and for always making the visit to the store a great experience. The customer service in this store is what makes it stand out, if a polish is in plentiful supply in the back stockroom they will let me know so I don't freak out and think I will miss out on a LE polish.

This week, I scored an awesome deal by renewing my membership.  I got a free conditioner worth $7.50, plus a $5 coupon to return the following day and it is good for the month.  Also, I found an Orly from the Dark Shadows collection marked down to $2.69.  There must not be many polish freaks around here, because almost all of the collection is right now in the markdown bin.  Did this collection not do very well commercially?  That wouldn't really surprise me, because the shades are not super eye catching.  I picked up Decades of Dysfunction.

So today, I may go and finally get a Peridot dupe with the coupon, they have the new China Glaze Bohemian Luster Chrome (whew!) on the shelf now!!!!!!  I can get it for $0.99!!!! I can't help it, I am just another lemming jumping off that cliff!  I tried to resist, but it is futile!~

I hope your polish doesn't streak or bubble!


  1. Beautiful shade! And it matches your Popsicle perfectly!

    1. Hello Diana! Thank you for your comment, I agree! It is interesting on these mid-toned shades how they can be chameleons, and seem lighter or darker depending upon the light. I noticed how different the colors looked in the indoor/vs outdoor color match shots.

      I have found the same thing when I paint a room with a medium shade, the wall colors can vary so much with the light. I find these shades interesting to wear and live with, though they may not be super exciting at first glance.

  2. I also found the entire Dark Shadow collection marked down then snatched them up because they were an extra 50% off. I love my Sally's. They are everywhere in Connecticut.

    1. Hey Lusty for Lacquer! I love your name! Thank you for visiting!

      YAaay for Sally! I have shopped at Sally for years, ever since I was a wet behind the ears cosmetology student. I used to get so excited.

      Who am I kidding, I still do! See all the exclamation points? I use too many I think. !

      The great thing is, I don't see myself ever getting tired of shopping there. : )

      I would be very interested in your opinion of Decades of Dysfunction, in my opinion the most unusual shade of the collection.

  3. What a gorgeous neon orange, it really does match your popsicle!! And yay for the nice girls at Sally's. I have had both good and bad experiences there.


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