Friday, August 10, 2012

Diamond Tiara Nails *Sparkle* and *Shine * !!!!

Hi !  I have an insane glitter layering for you today.   Diamond Tiara!!!

First I prepared the metalwork on my royal tiara! I am wearing two coats of each polish.

Orly Dazzle
OPI Crown Me Already

This "Queen of Glitters" has a mix of mirror-like glitters in large, medium and small hex shapes in a sea of microshimmer silver.  I recently purchased this one after seeing swatches online and reading glowing reviews.  I do enjoy it, application and distribution of the glitter were easy. It did need a topcoat to smooth it out.

One fact: I felt that at the edges of my nails, the cuticle area, appeared dark in contrast to the silver.  I did not enjoy this especially on my toes!  I think this is an effect of silver nails, not this particular polish. After a day of appreciation for Crown Me Already, I added the jewels to my tiara.

My diamonds, of course they are real!  Really real awesome glitter!  This glitter is one of my favorite topcoats ever.  Frost Yourself by Icing.  This is a near dupe for other large mix holo glitters, but this one has a pastel element to the colors in the glitter.  The formula, as for all ICING polishes I have tried, is great!  I did apply topcoat to this finished look.  My nails feel thick, I can almost imagine I am wearing white gold shields with diamonds.  This much glitter is hard to remove, but if you get a non chipping glitter, this much glitter can really protect your nails from breaking or tearing when doing tasks that are hard on the nails.

Like planting roses, for example, Sparkle and Shine who lives at my door.  This rose is serious yard bling!
Here you can see the two sparklers posed together.  This shot illustrates the pastel aspects of this gorgeous glitter.
I only planted Sparkle this year, and she has doubled in size.  I could not be happier with this daughter of the Julia Child rose!   She is blissfully beautiful.

As are you!  Thank you for gracing my pretty polish garden with your presence today. 

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