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Fergie is A Manicure Muse

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Today I have for you two fabulous Fergie polishes and an awesome layering combo.  I present China Glaze I'm With the Lifeguard topped by one of the more talked about shades from Fergie, Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night.

I'm With the Lifeguard from the China Glaze Summer Neons is a fantastic  highlighter neon green with the wonderful addition of shimmer.  I can highly recommend this polish, the formula is great, and this shade is a searingly bright and juicy green.  I have tried twice to photograph it alone, but I am not happy with how those came out.  So here she is with a little icing.

I am fascinated right now with Fergiepolish. I really like this very unique shade of glitter, it is a dream to apply.  This is a simple mix of black glitter with a few large gold hexes in a clear base. This is two coats without topcoat.  The bottles are very pretty.  The formula is great, but the brush is large, maybe too large for some.

 I was lucky to pick this one up, there were five strays at Wags standing in a crowd on the shelf.  Like some sad groupies, ha!  The cashier commented that it was pretty.

I later went back and snagged Going Platinum, which is epic awesomeness in a bottle.  I will show that one at the end of this long post after a detour!

I have recognized over the years that I am very fond of Fergie.  She puts herself out there with her unique style and doesn't quit trying new things.  My first awareness of her was with the Black Eyed Peas, I guess around the My Humps era.

I was researching online to find swatches of Fergie's new polishes, and I came across this picture in a Glamour article.  I thought her nails looked pretty cool.  Admittedly, I am very adventurous when it comes to my nails.


Some of the comments took me aback, though I am aware that people love to hate Fergie, the comments were pretty ugly.

Regarding the above photo in the article, alaineann says:

"Her nails are so badly done. The stripes aren't even, and the whole look is just ugly! He nails seem very fat and stumpy. That ring is really, really ugly too, just way over the top. I think she always looks a little trashy, and this is no exception."

posted by alaineann (face book name?)

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Wow.   I read that Fergie's nails in the picture are minx done by Kimmee Kyees.

I manicured my nails to match to show love for Fergie's style, which is very eyecatching and fun. So this is Fergie Going Platinum with my DIY nail art striper. It is a silver foil with tiny gold flakes. This shade is genius. I see this as very close to platinum, as you can see from the ring I am holding.

 I first thought I didn't like the horizontal stripes, but after wearing them for two days I have enjoyed them quite a bit.  Nailtiger liked this look.  I want to take the striper and make a grid next. 

The gold is there to warm it up and sparkle, and this totally illustruates  covering gold with platinum.

I feel this shade is unique enough to purchase even if you have silver foils already, it adds a little fascination with the almost secret gold glimmers. I have seen other reviews that say the gold disappears, but as you can see it does not.

I am holding a new lonely duochrome sinful I found at Wags without the label.  It is orange/pink/red with gold shimmers.  This is going to be great for fall, but what is it? 

I have to say I admire Fergie. She owns part of the Miami Dolphins. She has a line of nail polish, which I  am excited for.  I like her because she seems very fearless and daring, and most of all because she is a great singer.

Slash invited her to sing on a single with him because he thought she would be a great rock singer and she IS. I made it a point to give it a listen the other day and I was extremely impressed.

I think any person, couple or group that achieves success will generate haters. 

I am going to ask the same question the BEPs want answered, Where is the Love?


My husband and all my family

all of the children and animals,

all the nice people,

Which I am sure includes ----->You<-------- , reading this now,

My chicharone chihuahua ROSIE, the best snuggler to ever come from Alabama

MY computer, room, house, street, town, county, state, country, planet,  galaxy

My Self   wait, what : D Hey, that is new!

My Nails


My polish collection including my Fergie Polishes ALL the ones I have and the ones I am looking forward to getting still

Flowers and plants

Friends who give you flowers because they just want to see you happy

I would love to know if you are ever inspired to echo Fergie's manicure style.  Who inspires you to express your love on your nails?

If  you have a manicure muse and you post pictures, I invite you to leave  a link in the comments so we can enjoy your style too!



  1. Love the Fergie manis! I don't have a manicure muse per se, but I've always admired Beyonce's nails.

    1. Hi Jacqui! Thanks! I am glad to know I am not the only one who likes Fergie nails : )

      I love Beyonce's nail stylings too. I can't get over the blue Nails Inc shade she wore, Baker Street. She started another trend with that one.

      I have SH Pacific Blue, which I tell myself is good enough for now!

  2. Wow, I love the Fergie nails, they are also the Raiders colors! Go Raiders!!! They are exciting and sexy!


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