Friday, August 17, 2012

I am Confident and Peaceful with Caribbean Vibe

Hi polished pretty!  I want to share with you a wonderful nail color that could make you very happy.

I was really needing, I had a craving for a shade of aqua/green the color of caribbean seas, like Essies Turquoise and Caicos.  My problem was  I didn't want to spend eight bucks. 

Plus, I have drawn a line on my collecting at Essie, I generally don't buy them.  I just can't buy all the polishes, so I rule out certain collections.

I was so happy when I remembered I had this color.

This shade, Peaceful/Confident from Claire's fills the bill. Even though it was a little streaky and chippy, I didn't care. The color doesn't change much from hot to cold.  The hot shade is lighter, the cool shade is the darker one, but the difference is subtle.  

 I have fond memories of this polish. I bought it and wore it on my toes with bar holo glitter over the top on my househunting trip in CA.  I remember swimming in the pool at the hotel and seeing my toes in the water and I realized they looked like mermaid toes.  I really loved that combination so much!

I previously reviewed another shade of the mood polishes here
MOod Polish Bored/Excited.

If you haven't tried these two Mood Polishes from Claire's why don't you consider giving one a whirl?  If you have one and have an opinion, pretty please be sure let us know in the comments below, okay! 

Hugs and flowers!

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