Friday, August 31, 2012

Once in a Blue Moon it Rains in Hollywood

Well hello there!  So nice to see you!  Today I have a long post with a very exciting ending!  I hope you have some time to indulge with me in my love for polish.

Have you heard? Tonight will be a blue moon!  So all that stuff that happens once in a blue moon is gonna happen tonight! 

I learned this week that a blue moon isn't really blue.  Maybe you knew that it refers to the number of full moons in a season or month, depending on which definition you use.   I found it interesting that a blue moon occurs on the day of Neil Armstrong's memorial.  I will definintely think of him being up there when I look up tonight.

I believe I mentioned previously I am a HUGE NASA nerd.  I am a "space age girl" and I love that stuff.  So I had to post today, but not just to mark this unusual day.  This is a personal record for me, as this post makes twelve in one month.  More than all of 2011.  Now that I have stopped moving around, and have my "forever home", things are finally settling down, and I am focusing more on this blog.

I am going to mention here that I partially credit Stardust Stephanie for the idea for this manicure.  She has a super cute blog and when I read it I often develop cravings for colors I saw previously in the store and did not want at all. Her blog is called Imperfectly Painted, but don't believe it.  Check out her swatches of Rainstorm here .  Stephanie, thank you for this swatch.   

I traveled across town to Walgreens again last night to get Rainstorm by Sinful Colors, and there was a small display of Fergie polish incorporated into the Wet n Wild display on the wall, just like the myths of old said there would be.  Unfortunately for me, Grammy Gold is not part of the display, sad face : ( .  However, standing alone in the beautiful shiny new rack was one lone bottle of Hollywood Walk of Fame.  I was unsure on purchasing it because initially I didn't care for the reddish stars, but that would have been an error.  I am glad I made the correct decision and purchased the last bottle of this polish! 

I noted  that the price  in Northern Cal is $3.99 , I have seen other places have them for $3.49 rrp grrrrrr.   

I also snagged the very last bottle of Rainstorm!

I found it right away in the huge new display that used to have "borrowed - oops we noticed" bloggers pictures on it.  Since they fixed it and and I saw Stephanie's swatch I had to go and get it.  After it was in my hot little hand I had to check all the bottles to see if I indeed was that lucky to get the last one, and I was. I regret that I didn't get pictures of this shade by itself, I put glitter on before I took any pictures, again.

 This was a red letter polish day for me you guys.

This is because I found another top favorite polish!  This Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame is the shiznit.  It is a bit hard to apply, and the formula could be said to be "gloopy".  However, this is great for these stars because they need some matrix to help them adhere and also to fill the gap between your curvy nail and the flat star glitter. 

This polish makes me feel five years old.  The excitement level when I saw it all applied was off the charts. I was dancing around the living room. It has gorgeous HOLO stars in purplish pink, silver, gold, and gorgeous teal blue.  They are not cheapie glitters, the colors stay on the stars.  I have a red one that is peeking out of the clear topcoat and I have been rubbing it a lot and the color is staying true.  You can actually see it here. Talk about imperfectly painted, right Steph?  I don't photoshop my pictures, as you can see! 

In the bottle the clear polish looks a little cloudy, but this doesn't affect the shininess of the holographic stars on the nail.  The large holo flashes from the star glitters make this very flashy indeed.  If you like glitter, this polish has more of what you want glitter for. 

This polish also contains some fine holo string glitter and holo micro glitter. 

APPLICATION TIPS for this polish:

  • Do not be upset if you have a hard time on some nails, it is not an easy polish to apply, but that is not a fault of this polish.  It is in it's nature to be a diva.

  • The stars are a little tricky to get on the brush.  They tend to get knocked off when pulling the brush out of the bottle.  So hold the brush carefully to one side of the neck as you pull it out.

  • Remove some of the clear liquid from the brush while trying to keep the stars on.  Just let it drip back in the bottle.

  • Dab and place the stars where you want them.  If you just brush a bunch on they will clump up.  The thickness of the stars will be too much if they are stacked up.

  • Now take your brush and dip it in the bottle to get some of the clear liquid, and gently apply a thick layer over the stars without displacing them.  Think of it like icing a cake, be gentle and generous.  Tilt your nail down to allow the thick liquid to pool toward your nail tip, and if it is too much, draw it off by using a dry brush and swiping the wet polish away gently.  I learned this technique from a Robin Moses youtube tutorial on how to apply gemstones. 

I applied a layer of Sally Hansen Insta Dry topcoat to help smooth over any star tips, but some still protruded.  I could have fixed this by pressing the star down as I applied it.  I got into such a star frenzy I missed that one.

This blurred shot gives you a hint of the bling in the sun.  This polish is crazy, and is an excellent interpretation of it's name.  I have been to the Walk of Fame, and it doesn't have all these different colors in the stars on the sidewalk.  The Walk of Fame is a very colorful place though, if you look at all the people there.  I think the Walk of Fame, should you walk in the footsteps of the stars, would be a place very likely to make you say wow on any given day or time.  Just like this gorgeous nail polish.

Combining it with Rainstorm is the perfectly ironic combination in my opinion.  I have never sees pictures of the Walk of Fame in the rain, and the sun seems to always shine in Hollywood CA.   

I think you would enjoy this combination, and you could create so many more with the Walk of Fame in your collection.  I would love to know how you enjoyed wearing your star nails if you try them.

And now, drum roll please,  for the very first Addicted to OPI-yum official press release:

I want to know, do you own a very ugly bottle of nail polish?  Could it even be

"The Scariest Bottle of Nail polish in the USA"(TM) ???

I am on a mission to find this polish bottle.


Would you like to have some new pretty polish to replace it? 

Of course you would!
Check this out!

This is an unusual day, and I want to host an unusual contest, with the winners to be announced Halloween, October 31st.

Do you have a polish bottle which is an insult to the world of beauty? I do.  I wonder if yours is uglier than mine.  I recently destroyed a bottle of DS sapphire while trying to "fix" a stuck top by using remover to clean dried polish in the lid and around the neck of the bottle.  When I spotted my treasured DS sapphire the next day, I couldn't believe my eyes, and I immediately grabbed it and tried to shake it back to life.  Hahahaha.

I am not going to post the pictures yet.  I want to let you become accustomed to the idea that you will see something scary here when I do. 

Please if you would, pick your ugliest polish and post a picture of it and provide me with a link in the comments.  I would only request that you please not do anything to the bottle as it exists currently, simply pick up the polish from your stash and photograph it however you want.  I don't need swatches of the polish for the contest, bottle pictures are what I want to see.  Swatches optional!

If there is an interesting story about your ugly polish bottle or how it got that way I would be interested to hear about the fate of the polish.  I love polish stories.

I will crown what I adjudge to be the ugliest bottle of polish on October 31st.  Prizes to be announced.   But, I will reveal that as a part of the prize there are some polishes can no longer be found in stores.  They were a limited edition holiday glitter collection which is Scrangie approved!

Continental USA only : (     I will also choose one winner at random, so you can win even if it isn't the very worst looking polish bottle.

Thank you to the Beauty Blogazons facebook group for accepting my application, I am looking forward to learning more about and from you and any and all of you bloggers out there, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned author. That is the beauty of beauty blogging, everyone can share their own unique perspectives, and each of us are the only ones able to do that.

I send you wishes for a great weekend, and if you are in the USA, happy Labor Day!  I hope you are able to celebrate not working in your own special way, wherever you live.


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