Monday, August 13, 2012

Putting the FUN in (Decades of) DysFUNction - Orly Dark Shadows

Hi there!  I hope your day is going well!

Welcome to my review of Orly's Decades of Dysfunction from the Dark Shadows collection.  I hope that you don't mind the unusual, the slightly off, perhaps a little strangeness on your nails?

I wanted to calm things down a little on my nails and wear an off white. I spotted swatches of the Dark Shadows collection and wasn't super impressed, but I noted this shade had some positive buzz and it made for nice nail art.  So when I found it marked down to under three bucks I snapped it up. I was surprised how much I liked the color.

I applied three coats of this polish, but I didn't wait long enough between coats and it was hot, so you know what that means.  Have you met Bubbles, Bubbles Devere?

OH NO!!!!!!!

Crap. Here she comes again!

Actually, I love Bubbles Devere. She is a beyond outrageous character played by Matt Lucas on Little Britain.  Her appearance can be a bit of a shock, so she isn't always welcomed with open arms.  I find Bubbles funny and entertaining, but some do NOT! 

Oh yeah!  Here is my interpretation on my nails of Bubbles Devere enjoying a rare day out, but after dropping her towel, as she is wont to do!

This doesn't look good.  But, what do you expect??

The polish says it right on the bottle, dysfunction. Definitely a red flag, this one could be tricky!

This polish dried very glossy, and the shiny finish blinded me to the tiny bubbles in real life, so I ended up being ok with the results shown.  I was surprised that I didn't feel an overwhelming compulsion to remove this immediately, because it wasn't perfect.  I am surprised I am even posting this.  I guess I don't care as much anymore about trying to be perfect.

I found this shade made my hands look lighter.  I have gotten very dark this summer  from working in the garden, so it was surprising to see my skin appear to have faded.  I found this polish gave my tips a certain lightness and delicacy.  My husband liked the way it looked, but didn't like the color itself particularly.

This polish did send my husband on a trip down memory lane.  I told him it was from the new Dark Shadows movie, and I would like to see it now, especially since I own this polish. He told me about how he used to love watching that tv series back in the day. He found some episodes of the series online (complete with ads from the era) so I could see them before we watch the Johnny Depp movie. It is fun to see how much television has changed since the early days.  Those old ads were so cute and hokey. 

Back to the Decades of Dysfunction, this polish seems to match the pallor of Barnabas' skin.  I didn't take pictures of things that match this polish this day because they tended to be unattractive, such as turkey lunch meat, or pale skin that has never seen the sun. It really did match these perfectly.

This polish could be great for you if you want to be reminded of turkey lunch meat, or just have delicate off white nails.  I almost feel like I should apologize for saying it looks like turkey lunch meat or Bubbles Devere, but it is my polishy (sic) here on this blog to always speak my truth about polish.

The formula is good, the first coat is really streaky.  A second coat had a little cuticle drag, but that may be my fault.  To cover that up I applied a third coat too soon to cover the streakiness and that is when Bubbles Devere showed up.

Overall this is a nice polish, I think the problems were with my application.  The polish dried hard and shiny, like most Orlys.  I will use it as a basis for nail art for sure.  For the discounted price it was well worth it.  I enjoyed the shade because it is very unique to my collection and the association with Johnny Depp and the Dark Shadows franchise.  I have seen reports this is a re-promote of another shade by Orly Pure Porcelain, but the new name, Decades of Dysfunction pulled me in. 

Silver linings, I had a bubbly manicure, but I got to indulge my love for Little Britain and Johhny Depp movies and share with you again!

Ta ta for now!

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  1. I also picked this one up when i sae it marked down and I must say I really do like it. My application was bubble free.


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