Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sally Hansen DVD With a Metallic Flourish

Hello there polished pretty!

Today I have a random mani again inspired by youtube, this time by tartaufraises!  If you haven't heard of her yet, I am sure you will be delighted by her nail art.  What I enjoy about her designs is that they are artistic, but at the same time the designs are also very feminine and beautiful.  The photography on her blog is so artistic and gorgeous, I just marvel at how pretty the pictures are. She is a highly skilled nail artist, with beautiful natural nails, and I always find her blog inspiring.  I also have natural nails, am of French descent, and like pretty nails!  If you are new to her then you are in for a treat!

I found her video, in French, just rummaging around the other day among my favorite youtube gurus.  This manicure stood out for it's simplicity, duochrome awesomeness and extreme beauty.  Mostly the duochrome stood out for me, that is a weakness of mine. I speak a little French, but just watching the videos is enough to get the idea of her designs.  I also was able to translate using one of
the online translators.  This picture from her blog is from the entry entitled "Nail Art Drop by Drop". As she states on her blog, the duochrome is a franken topcoat she made with clear and pigment.  I immediately tried to find it online, but failing that, I realized that I had a similar shade, Sally Hansen DVD.

So I applied two coats of OPI Purple with a Purpose, a frosty medium purple, then two coats of DVD.  DVD is very sheer, but super blingy.  This approximated tartofraises franken base. 

Then I used a nail art brush and LA Colors Color Craze in Live to paint on the flourishes.  Mine were a bit of a miss, I am not as skilled a painter.  However, if you do not compare mine to the perfection above, they are a rather enjoyable and very wearable manicure.

I really love designs like this!   

I also touched the flourishes with Sally Girl Way to Disco glitter and applied Out the Door topcoat.  DVD is a very reflective polish, and clearly very duochrome, with both teal and purple nearly always visible. The silver, Live, a silver foil, is also very reflective, resulting in what felt like a very substantial and blingy manicure. This manicure is very nice in medium light as the sun is too bright to even see what is happening with all the shine.  Tartofraises design, with the white, is more restful and reads better on the blingy base.  On a side note: Live is a very good dupe of Orly Dazzle.

Thank you tartofraises for giving me the inspiration for this design.  Also, thanks to nailtiger for encouraging me to buy some nail art brushes the other day!  I appreciate you both! 

And of course I appreciate you for reading! I hope you have a happy mani day!  I want to welcome my newest followers, from the blogs The Scholarly Nail and NailNarcotics.  Also a random shout out to one of my followers, OPInionated.  Her blog is a great resource if you can't get enough OPI and you really want one girls opinion on it.  She just reached 200 followers, and I can see why!  Well done!


I appreciate and enjoy your supportive and thoughtful comments so much! I really do love hearing what YOU think!

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