Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sexing it Up, Magical Nails and Blogger Issues

Welcome my lovely!  I am so happy you are here!

EDITed 7/15/2013: This post got your attention because I got you here some how. If it is the word sex, so be it. But really this post about love, real love, and what color of polish is "sexy" for a lady. It is safe for any person who understands and is not traumatized by the idea of sexy fingernails. That is the extent of the naughty, so if that is disappointing to you please let me save you a wall of text that may make you cry. It sure does me. Every. Single. Time.

I want each and every one of my readers to know that you are very much appreciated.   I have decided to personalize my blog more, and keep things interesting for myself, sex it up (you like sex too, right? ), and to connect more with you on a deeper lever, my internet nail sisters and brothers.

I began a post a while back entitled "Do You Find Nail Polish Sexy?", but never finished it.  I inadvertently posted it, but it was not ready to go live.  I deleted it, I was a little nervous about handling the subject.  I don't want to alienate you or make you uncomfortable!

So when I searched for my blog on Google, and the post title "Do You Find Nail Polish Sexy?"still turned up as a result.  When you clicked on the title, it went to a page that no longer existed on my blog.

I didn't care for this much. I still want to write on this topic at some point, I am very interested  to explore it further.  I still want to know if you think polish is sexy.  What is it that is sexy about it?  What colors are sexy?  I will start, red is obviously sexy!  Black, cream, and gold are pretty damn sexy too.

Then I got attacked by several trojans that have downloaded programs on my browsers.   On Firefox, one showed ads in Google from adsense that obscured my comments page.  It really looked hosed up.  My husband, thankfully, is very good at computers and fixed this for me.

Then on IE the blogger interface shows the yellow exclamation triangle error thingie and the icons at the top for photos and other things are missing.  I am finally updating my IE and I hope that fixes it.

I got frustrated because I am not very good at computers, and I have very little patience.  I can admit it, though I will say that if I choose to, I have found that I can eventually do most anything I want on a computer.  I just have other things I like to do with my time than troubleshoot and undo computer viruses. 

That said, I love blogging.  So I want to try, but I get so frustrated when things unrelated to the process of posting my photos and writing about polish get in my way.  So thank you Mrlovenailpolish aka nailtiger for once again making everything all better.

While I am on the subject of nailtiger, I want to pay tribute to him for the support he has given me over the last year. He has helped me make so many of my dreams come true.  I want to let you know about him, to shine light on what a wonderful difference one person can make.

nailtiger told me the story of Mahana.  Have you heard it?

I think the simple story can reveal the much of our relationship.  From Wikipedia:

In the story, Johnny Lingo (played by Makee K. Blaisdell) is a shrewd Polynesian trader. It is actually told from the perspective of a Caucasian shopkeeper (played by Francis Urry). Lingo has come to one island to bargain for a wife. Mahana (played by Naomi Kahoilua), the young woman he desires, is considered by her neighbors and even her father to be of little value, sullen, ugly and undesirable. As the bargaining is about to begin, women of the island brag to each other of how many cows their husbands had given for each of them, and comment that Mahana's father will be lucky to see one cow as Lingo's offer. The counselor advises Mahana's father to ask for three cows so that finally, Moki (Mahana's father, played by Joseph Ah Quin) will at least get one cow.
The bargaining begins and as the counselor suggested Moke asked Johnny Lingo three cows. Islanders laugh derisively, then wait for Lingo to make his counter-offer, certain that he will make a devastating bargain.
Lingo, considering, says that three cows are many . . ."But not enough for my Mahana!" He then offers the unheard-of price of eight cows for her hand in marriage. The next day, the villagers gather at the house of Mahana's father to see the completion of the deal. Some of the islanders say that Lingo reconsidered his deal and would not show up. But Lingo brings the cows. He and Mahana then leave the island on a trading trip.
When they come back, the island storekeeper, Harris (played by Francis Urry), discovers, to his astonishment, that Mahana is a beautiful, happy woman. Even Mahana's father began accusing Johnny Lingo of cheating him by giving only eight cows for a girl truly worth ten cows. Johnny, her proud husband, had proved to her that her true worth had nothing to do with what others saw, but only what she truly was.
He had made the best bargain of all -- a few cows for a life with the woman that he loved.

The film is really cute, nailtiger found it for me on the net and we watched it together, sixteen years after he told me the story in his wonderful, loving and spellbinding way.  Sixteen years after we met, worked together, married, raised our kids and now are polishing our rough diamond of a home.  This represents just the latest dream of mine that came true, thanks to my every day hero. 

Some of my dreams that came true:
Got to quit my job and be a stay at home Mom
Traveled to 14 countries
Worked at dream job
Became a nail blogger
Had someone read my blog - thank YOU for helping make this dream a reality.  Much love to you and a wish for your dreams to come true also!

With the love and support of my husband, I have been able to free myself from my past of trauma and abuse, and begin to heal.  I am sharing this with you because I would wish my story could inspire someone else to reach for their wildest dreams and all the love and happiness everyone who is deserving should have. 

So you have something pretty to look at, here is Sally Hansen Magical nail polish in Mandarin.  It is pink!  It doesn't wear very well, but it is very very holo!  The bottles are pretty too!  Love and hugs!



  1. What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing with us =) Beautiful polish as well, I have a sweet spot for vintage Sally Hansens =)

  2. I love those Sally Hansen holos!!! Congratulations on your blog, I have tagged you for a Liebster Award : ) Here is a link to my blog with all the details:

    1. Hello again! Thank you for this, I really do appreciate it!

      You have had a pretty amazing start to your blog, I am going to enjoy seeing what you do next!

  3. Incredible story! You are one lucky woman to have a man like that by your side :) <3, and about the polish jeez I love it lol! Sucks they are old and gone :(

    1. I know the story is almost too cute, but it actually makes me cry sometimes!

      It is true, I am fortunate to have found my prince charming. It is my heartfelt wish for every girl to find someone perfect and wonderful for them to support their dreams and to make them come true. Every girl deserves it!

      I know sometimes it just takes one special person to make a girl believe in herself and realize she is not worthless, and is actually wonderful. And that is exactly what happened with Mahana(me) and Johnny(mrme).

      Thank you for coming to visit me again and for following my blog. It means so much to me. I enjoy to see you and read your comments. See you again soon sweetie! : )


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