Sunday, September 30, 2012

Groovy Experiment

Hi there pretty face!

Are you doing alright today?  I hope so.  

Last night I dreamed I put Elmer's glue in a nail polish bottle and applied it to my nails.  This must be my subconscious trying to tell me that I need to try this technique. Have your tried PVA Polyvinyl Acetate
basecoat yet?  Apparently if you apply Elmer's glue to your nails the glitter can be peeled off without damaging your nails.

I think I am going to make my dream come true very soon.

Here is a manicure mostly from the Dollar Tree.  This is Colormates Groovy Green with Colormates striper in a blue frost along with some cute glitters there I found a few weeks back.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fergie Dressed in Sexy Fringe - Dominatrix Style!

Welcome !!  

I am so happy for you to see me! 

 That is because I can't wait to show you this nail polish!  

I present Grammy Gold!

Do you like Fergie Grammy Gold?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Blues - Colibri vs CoBaltimore (Fergie dupe??)

Hi there precious gem.

What color am I today?  

Mostly blue and a little pink too.  Isadora Colibri was one of my favorite nail polishes.

That was about two years ago though.  Now it may be headed for the door.  I have become incredibly demanding of my nail polish nowadays.

Look a that visible nail line after three coats!  VNL is not pretty with this color.  I have been frustrated more than once with these beautiful shimmery mermaidy colors.  It is pretty but I don't have all day for this kind of results.

I tried this one again last week, and I had to remove it immediately.  I just couldn't stand the VNL anymore.  I used to be able to take it, but not with this type of color.  I don't know, VNL is not my favorite, I can take it sometimes, but not this day.

This day I needed to leave and go to CVS, so I really needed to get my nails done QUICK.   So I grabbed my bottle of wet n wild Grew Up In Co-Baltimore, a metallic medium blue and slapped on a quick coat of happiness. On a day like this, polishes like these metallics are like a soothing balm for my nerves.

The finish here is NOT chrome, in my opinion.  It is metallic shimmer with visible particles that sparkle, not a smooth chrome-like finish.

I know these polishes caused some agro because they are expensive.  I agree that they seem expensive.  But until now I considered the fact that they are one coaters, and they dry really fast.

Yes, on my way to CVS I was telling my husband how this polish was worth nearly fifteen bucks per ounce. If you use one third as much as normal polish, it doesn't seem to be such a bad deal.

Then, upon my arrival at CVS, I made an annoying discovery.  The Fergie polish Blue Eyed Soul seems to be an exact dupe.  I am glad I didn't get a back up of Grew Up in Co-Baltimore.

So here is my rough estimate math that I did in the store.  I always try to compare prices by the full ounce.

I walked over to the Chrome display and noted that Chrome polishes are .29 oz.  Since a third of an ounce is close to .29 (.33) I multiply the price by three to roughly figure out how much one full ounce of Chrome will set me back.  At $3.99 each, I round  the price to $4.   So if it takes roughly three of these to make one precious ounce.  Three times four is twelve bucks for one ounce.

At $8.50 per half ounce, an OPI is $17 per ounce for comparison, so the wet n wild is not such a bad deal.

The Blue Eyed Soul polish is $3.49.  It is .42 ounces.  I know it isn't that accurate, but I round this up to half and ounce and multiply times two to figure out the rough cost per ounce.  So about seven bucks per ounce.

The results are clear, though I estimated.   Here it is more accurately calculated for those anal retentive engineer types such as myself who like to know the exact answers to things.

1/.29*3.99=  $13.75= wet n wild chrome/oz

1/.42*3.49=  $8.39= Fergie/oz

1/2*8.5=       $17= OPI/oz

Same polish folks (I am pretty confident here, though I didn't swatch both) , do you wish to pay  about $14 per ounce or $8?

To put a positive spin on this situation I guess this makes nail polish shopping all the more interesting, and it is kind of fun to get the better bargain polish if you enjoy getting a better deal.

My camera batteries died just after taking these pictures in CVS.  The red glitter and another red shimmer had the same name, I wanted to show that to you.  It was Make Them Boys Go Loco I think.

The Fergie display is not up to the task of holding up the Fergie bottles.  I tried to stand some of them up, then I took this picture.  I was lucky to get the last Grammy Gold in this display!

I found this display far from the cosmetics section, by hair care!  I have been finding these in odd spots, at Walmart it was with face lotions stuck on the side of an end cap, like this one.  I have been enjoying trying to find them.

Did any of you experience trying to find these at Rite Aid the week their ad came out featuring Fergie polish?  I drove about ten miles round trip to find them at Rite Aid, because there was a coupon and a sale and points back etc.  There was no display in the store and the manager shrugged his shoulders.  He said they may be in the back in boxes but he couldn't get to it.  I could come back tomorrow or call.

Also, Rite Aid has made a significant change to their loyalty program.  You get your rewards credited to your card instead of  a paper print out, except, YOU CAN NO LONGER USE THEM IMMEDIATELY, you have to come back the NEXT DAY.  This shows contempt for their customers, who may need to travel public transportation in snow ONE MORE TIME to be able to use the rewards.

Rite Aid, why are you sabotaging our relationship?  I thought you cared about me, your customer who buys unreasonable amounts of nail polish.

We are going to take a break for a while Rite Aid, until you see the error of your ways.  It's not me, it's you.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Blueberries for Nail Narcotics Giveaway Challenge

Hi there!  I hope you are having a wonderful day!  

I have discovered a new blog I really enjoy!  Have you tried Nail Narcotics yet?

She has beautiful nails, and some mad skills which she displays on those nails.

She is hosting a fun contest which got my attention immediately, Food Themed Nail Art! 

For my entry, I pondered what would look delicious, as well as pretty on my nails. I decided in the end upon blueberries. They are wonderful to see, I enjoy the whitish powdery bloom on their skins and the little stars on the end.  I read once they are sometimes called starberries.  They are certainly stars of the nutrition world, and they are one of the only blue foods!

So without further adieu, here is my entry.

 These organic blueberries are the freshest, I put them on a blueberry milk background.  

Organic Blueberries in Blueberry Milk - Hand painted with nail polish and thinner.

 Colors used:

OPI A Grape Fit
NINA Ultra Pro Sailor
Sally Girl coconut scented mini in light blue for the highlights
China Glaze matte top coat on the berries only, to make them look more powdery.

Here is a link to the contest on Nail Narcotics so you can check out the entries and results for yourself.

I hope you have enjoyed the fruits of my labor.  Is that too corny?  Well, if it is, there is muffin I can do about it now.

I can't wait to see the other entries in this contest.  Good luck everyone!

If you haven't already, check out my Halloween Contest - Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA right here !


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween Scariest Bottle Contest - WIN MY GLITTERS!!!

I am looking for....

"The Scariest Bottle of Nail polish in the USA"(TM) 

Do you own a scary looking bottle of nail polish? 

You do?  Would you like to have some new pretty polish to replace it? 

Of course you would! 
Check this out!
Warning, you will see my scary nail polish bottle. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Psssst, Hey There Cutie, I Have Some Good Stuff Right Here

This high is so much fun it should be illegal.  What am I on?

Well, I can share with you that I am experimenting with this manicure.

Today, especially in honor of you, since you want it Lydz, and nailtiger, since you thought of it, I have placed sonoma sunset over ORANGE.  Not just any orange, for Friday I saved you the good stuff baby.  This is ORANGE with all caps.  

 *Kiss* *Kiss* China Glaze RIVETING with SONOMA SUNSET!

I would like to state at this point that Addicted to OPI-yum does not endorse the use of any illegal drugs, unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

I highly recommend you embiggen this by clicky clicky.  Ahhhhhhhhh!

This is my choice for the last day of Summer, but you know what?  I vote for endless summer!   

More summer sunsets I say!  Sonoma Sunsets!

I hope you enjoyed my sunsets.  Summer sunsets are so sensational, sigh!!!!

What do you think cutie?  I love it when you let me know!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sonoma Sunset

Hello my precioussss....

Here are some of my newest pretties.  As I mentioned, my aunt kindly purchased some sonoma nail art polish for me during a recent visit.

I recently moved to Sonoma County, and I was delighted to discover the sonoma nail art blog.  Sonoma Bento, the author, does amazing hand painted nail art and sells unique and beautiful polishes. So, I was so super excited to have an opportunity to visit the boutique, Tallulah, where the polishes are sold.  

This boutique, in Healdsburg, CA is completely adorable.  I was looking for it, noticed a pretty shop window and was oohinh and aahing, when my aunt said, "This is your shop!"  It took a minute to register, eureka, this is Tallulah!  I tried to find it before, but I was driving and trying to navigate traffic and read addresses, so I missed it.

I admire what Sonoma Bento has created with her sonoma nail art brand.  I have to admit to being a big fan, now more than ever since I have worn her polish.  

After my aunt paid for the two polishes, the girl asked me if I wanted them in a bag.  I was clutching them both and didn't want to let them go.  I had wanted to try this brand for months.  Reluctantly, I let the nice lady have my bottles, and she wrapped them up in tissue and ribbon.  This was a wonderful polish purchasing experience!

First I put the glitter over my purple roses I posted in my last post.  I loved that mani, but I was ready for something new after three whole days.  I applied this in the fading light of the day.

You can see how the colors are vibrant in the sunset light.  This is three coats.  I was very impressed with this glitter. It is a bit of a chameleon, it is fascinating the way it changes in different lights. It applied easily and smoothly for being packed so full of glitter.  It is not top coat hungry, and dries fairly smoothly.

Sonoma sunset contains large purple hexes, large pink hexes, blue medium iridescent glitter and pink microglitter in holo and non holo particles ( I think- it is hard to tell).  I also noticed the large purple and pink hexes seem to be a bit duochrome, or maybe they just reflect differently in sun and shade.  At any rate, the complexity of this polish kept me very interested for two or three days, which is quite a rare feat around here for a single polish.

I didn't see the holo pieces for a while, nor realize where the holo flashes were coming from.  I noticed green, blue red and yellow and orange coming from the small pieces.  You can see what I mean in the picture below where I applied glitter tips to Sation's Tardy Tart.  

I felt Tardy Tart matched the purple glitter perfectly.  I enjoyed the chance to wear my two new polishes together.  

This polish is pretty in the bottle. In the picture below, you can see the iridescent medium blue glitter on my thumbnail.  This depicts the color of the evening sky perfectly.  Depending on the angle it shifts to darker blue, or am I trippin'?  

Tardy Tart is awesome too.  It is similar in formula to Miss Emo Shun All, which I reviewed here.  It applied perfectly in just two coats.  

I was pretty mystified by this polish for a while. I couldn't figure out exactly what colors were in there.

I have resisted purchasing indie polish to this point, and now that I have tried it I understand what all the hype is about.  This polish is more interesting and fun than any of the glitters I have been able to buy up to this point.  I was very satisfied with this polish and kept wanting to try it over different things.  You can buy this polish in her etsy shop here.  There is a restock today in her shop of this very polish and her halloween collection. 

I updated this post to show you sonoma sunset over Sinful Colors Unicorn.  My husband suggested that I try sonoma sunset over pale yellow.  I think it is great here too.  He also suggested it over orange.  I can't wait to try that one!

Here I turned the camera around to show you another version of sonoma sunset. 

This is the view of the vineyard behind our house, with the redwoods behind that.  I love to watch the sunlight play in the vineyard, I especially like the way the light hits the ground.  There is a certain time of day when the light glows and we love to stop to watch the light change.  It is a great excuse to stop working and take a moment to look at the beauty surrounding us.  

Thank you for taking a moment with me for nail polish appreciation today. It makes me happy to share with you the things I love. 


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Look Directly Into My Nails - LA Girl Magnetic Field

Do not look around the nails, look directly into my nails, you are open to my suggestions now. 

AANnd you are back in the room in 3, 2 1.  Let's look at some pretty polish now!

This is LA Girl magnetic field.

Two coats, no topcoat. 

This fascinating nail polish looks three dimensional.  If you have seen they way tiger's eye shifts in the light, you will understand the phenomenon you witness with this polish, the design appears to shift depending upon the angle.  It really does appear to be three dimensional.
The cap of this bottle is different due to the inclusion of a magnetic cap on top of the cap.  There are several different designs.   This part lifts out and is held over the nail to form the design.  It does not have a guide to steady the magnet, so it requires a steady hand.  I have thought to add my own guide by gluing a piece of toothpick to the edge.  I am fancy like that.  You can tell by my dinged up kitchen table above.

  • Magnetic polish can be challenging.  Allow yourself some extra time for this type of manicure.
  • First apply one thin coat to all nails.  Then apply a second, slightly thicker coat to a single nail. 

  • Be quick and steady when you grab that magnet and try to center it hold it as close as you can to the nail!

  • I find that the time needed can vary.  Twenty seconds is the longest I have felt it necessary to wait.

  • I have had the design work in all but one spot.  I have reapplied the polish to part of the nail and redone that part over.  This can work if you get the magnet aligned correctly.  This enables you to complete a design without completely removing the polish.  The metallic polish is pretty forgiving and the topcoat helps hide  some flaws.

  • You can repolish with one more coat if the design fails, I have occasionally had success with a third coat and the magnet.  It is worth a try before reaching for the remover.
This polish is beautiful, and is my favorite of the four like this I picked up.  This shade has a more pronounced magnetic effect than the other two I tried, the maroon and the pink shimmery one,  Magnetized and Positive Charge.  I am waiting to try the purple one, when the fall weather arrives.

A polish like Magnetic Field is just right for your collection! 

 AAAAND you are back in the room in 3, 2 1 and SNAP.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh My Oceania - Oh My Word!

Hello Beauty!

Now this is one gorgeous color!  I ordered this based on LTHP's  (Let Them Have Polish) swatches.  Of course she was spot on with her assessment of this shade as a must have.

It is eye candy for sure.  I struggled to capture the color of this, it is vintagey oceany green, with a richly saturated ocean blue shimmer. That is right, oceany and ocean in one polish.  That is why it is Oh My I suppose!  This polish almost appears duochrome, as you can see in this picture.  The blue shimmer is so strong it takes over the green sometimes. Usually the polish appears to be the greener tone.

Oh My Oceania has a thick and very saturated formula.  The Sation polish brush was similar to the OPI Pro Wide brush, maybe a bit thinner.  It was a little hard to get accustomed to the formula/brush/bottle, but together they were easy to work with.  The bottle is just a little taller than usual, but the heavy glass helps ensure you won't tip it over too easily.  I really am klutzy, so I stay away from skinny tall nail polish bottles.

The finish of this polish is satin.  I applied topcoat so all the beautiful shimmer would really shine.  This shade of nail polish is very unique in my collection. 

Based on my extreme satisfaction with this nail polish, I took the step of ordering Miss Emo Shun All and Tardy Tart from the LE Class of Sation collection.  I can hardly wait for mr enabler/fedex man.

I also recently ordered the first collection of Bundle Monster plates.  I recieved them already though I ordered the Sations several days earlier.  BM came from Hawaii, and the Sation comes from LA area (I am in NorCal).  I have to say BM  and the USPS has it all over Fedex and Sation on delivery speed.

I am still learning to stamp.  I really think it is so much fun!  I bought the little kit at Wal Mart, and it is great.  So now I have lots more images to play with now. Here is a messed up stamping I tried.  I stamped silver crowns on Serena's OPI collaboration color Rally Pretty Pink.  It was horrible, so I put another coat of RPP. Then as you see, I stamped some peace symbols, in a somewhat haphazard manner.  I was sort of fighting a very anxious feeling when stamping these,  I feel like I am going to take too long, and dry the polish, so I try to rush.

I am getting better though.  I am sure I will be able to conquer my stamping related anxiety issues, perhaps some deep breathing meditations and new age music would help!

I pimped my blog a little bit, I am trying to learn HTML here and there.  I am getting over my fear that I will forever break my blog.

 On a related note, how about Serena Williams? I adore her to bits. She just came back from being down 4 games to one, to win the US Open 7-5.  Holy crap.  Oh, and she came back from almost dying not that long ago.  She never, ever gives up and she is a fierce competitor and fighter.  Wow.  Not only is she awesome in the tennis world, but her nail polishes are fantastic.  I really am itchy fingers to get Grape Set Match on my nails.  GSM and I WILL be together, just like in my dreams.

I want to thank my readers for joining, commenting and reading.  I appreciate you each more than you know and I really am excited to share even more with all of you, and learn more about you.

A special thank you to Steph of Imperfectly Painted and Kelly of Vampy Varnish, I appreciate you both very much. I know you are probably  busy, you didn't have to take time out of your day to respond to me, but you did, again thank you.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Making Waves in the Nail World!

Hello there gorgeous.

I hope you are well and happy today.  Last time I posted I showed you Surfin' for Boys, so here are some waves to go along with that theme.

This was so glossy from the topcoat it was hard to capture in a photo.

I had a nightmare about a tsunami the other night.  It was so real it awoke me.  Since then, I have been obsessed with waves and the sea.

For the waves, I applied a layer of Petites Color Fever Creme Blue. Then I freehanded LA Color Craze i don't know the name sorry teal cream using the brush from the bottle to draw wave shapes.  Then I used  LA Colors Color Craze Treasure Island  to add sea sparkle, and Kleancolor Metallic White brushed with a nail art brush for the seafoam. 

Here is my swatch of Petites Color Fever Creme Blue. I've got a fever, and the only cure is more nail polish. Extra points if you got the Christopher Walken/SNL/BOC reference.

This is Petites Color Fever Creme Blue, this is a nice polish, a three coater.  It held up well during scraping and sanding my house exterior today, though I wore gloves, still it stayed nice and shiny.

This is my swatch of  LA Colors Color Craze Treasure Island (EDIT this is one coat over two coats of Jordana Boy Oh Boy).  I paid $1 at Dollar Tree for this. The glitter in this is so beautiful, smooth and sparkly.  The flashes of blue and green are perfect for one another.  I am sorry that you cannot see the emerald green in the polish very well. There are light emerald and blue/teal microglitters in this amazing polish.

I have been needing this kind of color lately, I guess this is my love for summer showing.

Tonight we had a surprise sunset rainbow in Sonoma county! A SUNSET RAINBOW !!! This was a surprise because it didn't rain appreciably. I actually spotted the rain above my head coming down in the high atmosphere, but the wind blew it away from us. Any other day I would have been happy to have the rain, but we are preparing the siding for the rainy season by priming the bare spots.  Overall I suspect very little reached the ground.  And that is the weather report, back to regular programming I guess.

Have you ever seen a sunset rainbow?  If you saw one would/did you run around and yell it to everyone while looking for your camera too?

Thank you for coming here today, it means so much to have you read my little page!

hugs and flowers