Monday, September 3, 2012

China Glaze Summer 2012 - Surfin for Boys

Hi pretty!
Here is one of my top two my favorite colors from the China Glaze 2012 Neons collection.  This color, named Surfin for Boys, could be called Traffic Cone.  This is in outdoor shade.

I am not wearing top coat here.  This polish dries to a satin finish.  This is in outdoor sun.

This captures the golden shimmer gorgeousness.  If you think you might like this, they are still available, I would consider snapping up this LE shade.  I think this shade is fairly unique in my collection.  Recalling all the colors in this collection, this one stands out to me as a top two, along with I'm With the Lifeguard, shown here layered with Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night, a really hot new Fergiepolish, as I like to call them.

It drew compliments from men. So I think it is aptly named!

Tips for applying the China Glaze Neons:

  • I didn't wear white underwear except with the yellow shade, Sun Kissed.  I think this helped the yellow appear brighter.  I don't like having to apply a white base, so the rest of these were great for me because they didn't need it.  

  • I applied two thin coats and waited about ten to fifteen minutes to let this dry.

  • Then I applied a thin third coat.  I did it this way because the thick formula takes a while to dry if you layer it on in multiple coats.

I think if you get this you will not regret it.

If you have it, do you love it too?

Happy Labor Day, USA.

So far today I celebrated by taking two naps and eating a burger and O-rings, plus a milkshake and I am so full now  : I

Then we are supposed to barbecue steaks and chops tonight, but I am still full from lunch. I will also be enjoying a sip or two of wine, ahhhh summertime!  I hope you are enjoying it too.

Here is a flower from my garden for you because you are someone special!  This rose is extremely fragrant.

Thank you so much for gracing my page with your lovely presence!


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