Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall Leaves for Harvest Moon

Hi there pretty face!

Here are some fall leaves for the Harvest Moon tonight.

Kleancolor Metallic Green stamped and hand painted over  "The Show Must Go On" from OPI Burlesque Collection.  These look really flashy.  These are my style of fall nails, I don't really love "autumnal" colors on my nails.

These leaves were painted over my attempted effort of stamping.  I used Bundle Monster plate 07, and Kleancolor Metallic Green.  I decided they weren't dark enough, so I hand painted a bit more color.

I considered not posting them because they are not too well executed.  But I thought why not?  I enjoy sharing with you!  Because who is perfect, right?  Not me, that is for sure!

Kleancolor Metallic Green is my "Grinch Who Stole Christmas Manicure". It is an awesome metallic green polish!  It is so beautiful on it's own. It is very pigmented, and stamped ok, but not great. I really like this one and Teal best of all the KC Metallics.

The Show Must Go On is a song sung by Queen, one of my favorite groups. So this is a QUEEN Tribute Manicure!  

This polish is metallic flecks in pink which at extreme angles shift to orange.  This polish is undeniably gorgeous, but very showy, maybe too showy for some.  

This polish is beautiful.  Three coats here, no topcoat, one day wear shows a small amount of tipwear.  I am hard on polish, I do housework and yardwork with gloves, sometimes.  I pulled it out because it is said to resemble Lava by Sally Hansen, one of the new Lustre Chromes that is calling my name.

By my calculations those are $24 per ounce vs OPI at $17.   I think that it is similar to this one, perhaps it is similar enough I don't need it too.
My nails have grown long again after moving earlier this year.   

They get so long, I am deciding whether to cut them or let them grow.  I begin to worry I will accidentally put out  my eye.  That is one argument against stiletto nails.

 I touched up one of my nails, TSMGO chipped on my index.

I hope you enjoyed my leaves for harvest moon.


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