Friday, September 28, 2012

Fergie Dressed in Sexy Fringe - Dominatrix Style!

Welcome !!  

I am so happy for you to see me! 

 That is because I can't wait to show you this nail polish!  

I present Grammy Gold!

Do you like Fergie Grammy Gold?

I love it!  This polish is surprisingly sheer for a metallic.  This is three coats without topcoat.  It goes on beautifully.

Here is my hardworking and shy right hand.  I painted a "Fringe 
French"  or "Eyelash French" manicure (did someone else do this before?  I don't know!) with a new striper I found at Dollar Tree.  It is by Colormates and it is in the color Hot Pink. Hot Pink has fine pink shimmer. I am very happy with these stripers for $1.

I imagined what it would be like to really have swinging fringe on my nails.  Who would do that?

I continued practicing with my new striper.  I did not like this at first, but forced myself to wear it, as you see, fringe french on the right hand, and my (non-dominant) left hand was fringe and fishnetted. 

The fishnet with fringe reminded me of  something you would see in a fancy ladies bedroom, an article of clothing or a lampshade.

The gold glowed and shone even in low lights, it added a soft light to my nails. This turned out to be an enjoyable manicure.  I stopped making my grocery list to document how it looked during my day.  

I liked having my two hands different, I couldn't decide which style I liked best. 

I think I will name the non-matching hands style I created here "The Dominatrix Manicure".

This sexy style could raise eyebrows, but maybe not in a good way.  

"Why aren't all of your nails matching?  What are you doing that for?
Do you want to create a scene?"  

Why yes, I do want to create a scene!  And I want my nails to be seen!

So thank you very much indeed for looking!

I am curious readers, do you think this Maybelline display makes the model above look just like a blowup doll?

Here is a pretty flower for you from my healing garden retreat.

And a view of wine before it's time.

It looks like a good harvest this year, reason enough to celebrate.



  1. Sonoma county is beautiful this time of year! Nice post!

  2. This is totally random, but this post is making people find me through google when they search dominatrix-related stuff, and it's not even my blog! Google adsense just rejected me because of "adult content," which I think is because this post showed on my blog roll once upon a time. Sooo stupid, they should turn their 'bots off and have human beings check instead, this clearly isn't anything bad. I've deleted my whole blog roll at the moment but will turn it back on once I finally get adsense working. Thought I'd let you know in case you get rejected for the same reason one day!


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