Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Look Directly Into My Nails - LA Girl Magnetic Field

Do not look around the nails, look directly into my nails, you are open to my suggestions now. 

AANnd you are back in the room in 3, 2 1.  Let's look at some pretty polish now!

This is LA Girl magnetic field.

Two coats, no topcoat. 

This fascinating nail polish looks three dimensional.  If you have seen they way tiger's eye shifts in the light, you will understand the phenomenon you witness with this polish, the design appears to shift depending upon the angle.  It really does appear to be three dimensional.
The cap of this bottle is different due to the inclusion of a magnetic cap on top of the cap.  There are several different designs.   This part lifts out and is held over the nail to form the design.  It does not have a guide to steady the magnet, so it requires a steady hand.  I have thought to add my own guide by gluing a piece of toothpick to the edge.  I am fancy like that.  You can tell by my dinged up kitchen table above.

  • Magnetic polish can be challenging.  Allow yourself some extra time for this type of manicure.
  • First apply one thin coat to all nails.  Then apply a second, slightly thicker coat to a single nail. 

  • Be quick and steady when you grab that magnet and try to center it hold it as close as you can to the nail!

  • I find that the time needed can vary.  Twenty seconds is the longest I have felt it necessary to wait.

  • I have had the design work in all but one spot.  I have reapplied the polish to part of the nail and redone that part over.  This can work if you get the magnet aligned correctly.  This enables you to complete a design without completely removing the polish.  The metallic polish is pretty forgiving and the topcoat helps hide  some flaws.

  • You can repolish with one more coat if the design fails, I have occasionally had success with a third coat and the magnet.  It is worth a try before reaching for the remover.
This polish is beautiful, and is my favorite of the four like this I picked up.  This shade has a more pronounced magnetic effect than the other two I tried, the maroon and the pink shimmery one,  Magnetized and Positive Charge.  I am waiting to try the purple one, when the fall weather arrives.

A polish like Magnetic Field is just right for your collection! 

 AAAAND you are back in the room in 3, 2 1 and SNAP.



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