Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Making Waves in the Nail World!

Hello there gorgeous.

I hope you are well and happy today.  Last time I posted I showed you Surfin' for Boys, so here are some waves to go along with that theme.

This was so glossy from the topcoat it was hard to capture in a photo.

I had a nightmare about a tsunami the other night.  It was so real it awoke me.  Since then, I have been obsessed with waves and the sea.

For the waves, I applied a layer of Petites Color Fever Creme Blue. Then I freehanded LA Color Craze i don't know the name sorry teal cream using the brush from the bottle to draw wave shapes.  Then I used  LA Colors Color Craze Treasure Island  to add sea sparkle, and Kleancolor Metallic White brushed with a nail art brush for the seafoam. 

Here is my swatch of Petites Color Fever Creme Blue. I've got a fever, and the only cure is more nail polish. Extra points if you got the Christopher Walken/SNL/BOC reference.

This is Petites Color Fever Creme Blue, this is a nice polish, a three coater.  It held up well during scraping and sanding my house exterior today, though I wore gloves, still it stayed nice and shiny.

This is my swatch of  LA Colors Color Craze Treasure Island (EDIT this is one coat over two coats of Jordana Boy Oh Boy).  I paid $1 at Dollar Tree for this. The glitter in this is so beautiful, smooth and sparkly.  The flashes of blue and green are perfect for one another.  I am sorry that you cannot see the emerald green in the polish very well. There are light emerald and blue/teal microglitters in this amazing polish.

I have been needing this kind of color lately, I guess this is my love for summer showing.

Tonight we had a surprise sunset rainbow in Sonoma county! A SUNSET RAINBOW !!! This was a surprise because it didn't rain appreciably. I actually spotted the rain above my head coming down in the high atmosphere, but the wind blew it away from us. Any other day I would have been happy to have the rain, but we are preparing the siding for the rainy season by priming the bare spots.  Overall I suspect very little reached the ground.  And that is the weather report, back to regular programming I guess.

Have you ever seen a sunset rainbow?  If you saw one would/did you run around and yell it to everyone while looking for your camera too?

Thank you for coming here today, it means so much to have you read my little page!

hugs and flowers



  1. OMG MORE COW BELLLL!!!!!!!!! ding a ling

  2. Replies
    1. Why thank you pretty nail girl!

      Coming from a nail artist like you that means so much!

      Big grin : )


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