Friday, September 21, 2012

Psssst, Hey There Cutie, I Have Some Good Stuff Right Here

This high is so much fun it should be illegal.  What am I on?

Well, I can share with you that I am experimenting with this manicure.

Today, especially in honor of you, since you want it Lydz, and nailtiger, since you thought of it, I have placed sonoma sunset over ORANGE.  Not just any orange, for Friday I saved you the good stuff baby.  This is ORANGE with all caps.  

 *Kiss* *Kiss* China Glaze RIVETING with SONOMA SUNSET!

I would like to state at this point that Addicted to OPI-yum does not endorse the use of any illegal drugs, unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

I highly recommend you embiggen this by clicky clicky.  Ahhhhhhhhh!

This is my choice for the last day of Summer, but you know what?  I vote for endless summer!   

More summer sunsets I say!  Sonoma Sunsets!

I hope you enjoyed my sunsets.  Summer sunsets are so sensational, sigh!!!!

What do you think cutie?  I love it when you let me know!



  1. Holy moly! I never would have come up with this combo, it is so cool! Thanks for sharing. I have to try this over orange now. :)

    1. Hey there! Thank you, I am so glad you got to see it! You did such a great job, I am really so impressed. This looks amazing over a medium orange cream too, wow, just wow!

      I don't think I can say enough good things about sonoma sunset. I kept wanting to post more pictures! It really has so many different faces to show.

      I have worn it now for six days straight. I can't believe it!

      Thanks for making it!


  2. Love it! Such a fantastic colour combination!

    1. Thank you Julz, this was a really different combo for me but it was really fun to try!



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