Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Blues - Colibri vs CoBaltimore (Fergie dupe??)

Hi there precious gem.

What color am I today?  

Mostly blue and a little pink too.  Isadora Colibri was one of my favorite nail polishes.

That was about two years ago though.  Now it may be headed for the door.  I have become incredibly demanding of my nail polish nowadays.

Look a that visible nail line after three coats!  VNL is not pretty with this color.  I have been frustrated more than once with these beautiful shimmery mermaidy colors.  It is pretty but I don't have all day for this kind of results.

I tried this one again last week, and I had to remove it immediately.  I just couldn't stand the VNL anymore.  I used to be able to take it, but not with this type of color.  I don't know, VNL is not my favorite, I can take it sometimes, but not this day.

This day I needed to leave and go to CVS, so I really needed to get my nails done QUICK.   So I grabbed my bottle of wet n wild Grew Up In Co-Baltimore, a metallic medium blue and slapped on a quick coat of happiness. On a day like this, polishes like these metallics are like a soothing balm for my nerves.

The finish here is NOT chrome, in my opinion.  It is metallic shimmer with visible particles that sparkle, not a smooth chrome-like finish.

I know these polishes caused some agro because they are expensive.  I agree that they seem expensive.  But until now I considered the fact that they are one coaters, and they dry really fast.

Yes, on my way to CVS I was telling my husband how this polish was worth nearly fifteen bucks per ounce. If you use one third as much as normal polish, it doesn't seem to be such a bad deal.

Then, upon my arrival at CVS, I made an annoying discovery.  The Fergie polish Blue Eyed Soul seems to be an exact dupe.  I am glad I didn't get a back up of Grew Up in Co-Baltimore.

So here is my rough estimate math that I did in the store.  I always try to compare prices by the full ounce.

I walked over to the Chrome display and noted that Chrome polishes are .29 oz.  Since a third of an ounce is close to .29 (.33) I multiply the price by three to roughly figure out how much one full ounce of Chrome will set me back.  At $3.99 each, I round  the price to $4.   So if it takes roughly three of these to make one precious ounce.  Three times four is twelve bucks for one ounce.

At $8.50 per half ounce, an OPI is $17 per ounce for comparison, so the wet n wild is not such a bad deal.

The Blue Eyed Soul polish is $3.49.  It is .42 ounces.  I know it isn't that accurate, but I round this up to half and ounce and multiply times two to figure out the rough cost per ounce.  So about seven bucks per ounce.

The results are clear, though I estimated.   Here it is more accurately calculated for those anal retentive engineer types such as myself who like to know the exact answers to things.

1/.29*3.99=  $13.75= wet n wild chrome/oz

1/.42*3.49=  $8.39= Fergie/oz

1/2*8.5=       $17= OPI/oz

Same polish folks (I am pretty confident here, though I didn't swatch both) , do you wish to pay  about $14 per ounce or $8?

To put a positive spin on this situation I guess this makes nail polish shopping all the more interesting, and it is kind of fun to get the better bargain polish if you enjoy getting a better deal.

My camera batteries died just after taking these pictures in CVS.  The red glitter and another red shimmer had the same name, I wanted to show that to you.  It was Make Them Boys Go Loco I think.

The Fergie display is not up to the task of holding up the Fergie bottles.  I tried to stand some of them up, then I took this picture.  I was lucky to get the last Grammy Gold in this display!

I found this display far from the cosmetics section, by hair care!  I have been finding these in odd spots, at Walmart it was with face lotions stuck on the side of an end cap, like this one.  I have been enjoying trying to find them.

Did any of you experience trying to find these at Rite Aid the week their ad came out featuring Fergie polish?  I drove about ten miles round trip to find them at Rite Aid, because there was a coupon and a sale and points back etc.  There was no display in the store and the manager shrugged his shoulders.  He said they may be in the back in boxes but he couldn't get to it.  I could come back tomorrow or call.

Also, Rite Aid has made a significant change to their loyalty program.  You get your rewards credited to your card instead of  a paper print out, except, YOU CAN NO LONGER USE THEM IMMEDIATELY, you have to come back the NEXT DAY.  This shows contempt for their customers, who may need to travel public transportation in snow ONE MORE TIME to be able to use the rewards.

Rite Aid, why are you sabotaging our relationship?  I thought you cared about me, your customer who buys unreasonable amounts of nail polish.

We are going to take a break for a while Rite Aid, until you see the error of your ways.  It's not me, it's you.



  1. That Isadora polish is beautiful, it has a very ethereal look to it. Ghostly, even (can you tell I'm already in a Halloween mood?) I didn't end up picking up any of the Wet n Wild Chromes but they are pretty. Strange how pricy they are per ounce but at least they're not as expensive as OPI. That is a bummer about the Rite Aid rewards, I'm not very good at couponing/using rewards so I haven't noticed the change but it's definitely kind of lame!

    1. HI Jacqui, thank you for sharing your thoughts on colibri. You are right, it does have a ghostly look. And you are not alone in being ready for Halloween!!! I started my Halloween contest on September first, wait, edit, August 31st!

      You are making me think I should not turn my back on this former favorite so quickly. Hmmm.

      Happy Halloween-ticipation! Bwwaaahahahahahahaaaaaaha!

  2. Oooh I love that top one! Delicious!

    1. Thank you Julz. I am glad you enjoyed it! I feel bad now that I was so negative about it.

      After all, it was once a top ten in my stash! I think we had a bad day that day.

      I thought about not posting it, but I am glad I did.



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