Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You're invited to my Blog's HalloweenParty!

Good Evening Gorgeous! Wow look at you! What a TREAT!

Welcome to the HALLOWEEN Blog Party at ADDICTED TO OPI-yum!*

Are you ready for some fun????

Oh, I am being a bad hostess, I am so sorry, can I get you a drink?  What can I get for you?  I think I will have some green fairy, I want to see funny tonight, excuse me a moment, oh bartender?  Over here!  Snap snap!  What can I get for you?  It is all on me tonight, drinks for EVERYONE!

Now that we are all here, be sure to check out all my other beautiful guests below!

A special thank you to each and every one of my guests tonight for joining me, and to my party guests who have shared their link love with us tonight.  Please visit them at the end of the post,and let them know how great they look!  It takes a bit of effort so let them feel the love! 

I have also added a new inlinkz button so you can keep adding more pictures tonight of your get ups and treats, manicures or whatever you posted on your blog and would like to share with us tonight!  I love seeing what others are up to, don't you?

Thank you all so very much for coming.  I could never throw a party as fabulous as the one I imagine for us, but I am going to do my best to entertain you all tonight.   

You will  note some new menu bar items across the top there, you see?  Wander around and check out the different areas to hang out tonight!

Party Game - Candy Jar!  
FRANK Beauty Blogger Award
Halloween Party Manicure Challenge
WINNERS Announced for the2012 Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA(tm)!

If you want to, tell me what you think real time!
I am going to be on twitter during the party tonight tweet me starting at 7pm PDT! @lovenailpolish3 

The poltergeist in the story I will tell you tonight is so strong, and scary, there is no telling what could happen to YOU if you connect with it.  You may feel nothing, just a chill, have scratches, bruises and feel punches, or you may meet with an accident, as I did, I tell you true, or may lightning strike me dead this minute.

This poltergeist, I honestly believe, spooked me so much, it almost ended me.  I get shivers even now remembering what happened, and how I almost had a very bad night indeed.

First let me take you around for a tour of this haunted castle which is hosting us this evening, the castle of Ruthin (Rhuthun), in Wales. I don't want to rush, but it is getting dark, so we will want to hurry.  One does not want to be stuck out in these ruins behind Ruthin after dark. 

Ruthin Castle Hotel, Denbighshire, North Wales
Photo credit

I am going to take you the back way, let's just pop down in this dark tunnel, okay?

Not so bad, in here actually!

But I can not wait to get out. 
It is very damp and cold.

 This part of the grounds feels abandoned and lonely.

Ruthin castle was built on the foundations of a wooden structure in 1277.  It has undergone various remodelings and reinventions over the intervening eight hundred plus years or so.

Lord and Lady Gray lived and loved here where there stand ruins today. She dearly and passionately loved her husband and like most wives, greatly enjoyed having his romantic attention for herself.  But her married bliss, and sanity were destroyed when she discovered his affair with a lowly peasant woman.

She exacted her revenge on the woman by brutally murdering her in cold blood, with an axe.  But karma struck back at Lady Gray and she herself ended up badly. She was tried, convicted, sentenced to death, executed and buried in unconsecrated ground, laid not to rest.    Here, somewhere behind the castle.

Her tomb is unmarked, and that is probably what has caused her to wander restlessly.

I believe she is buried in the area shown in the picture below, right beneath where we are standing right now.

But I do not know for sure, and I do not think we are meant to know.  Even these birds don't tempt me to stay after sunset.  I would not stay here for any amount of money after dark.  I do not think I would see the light of day!

The entire town of Ruthin is said to be one of the most haunted places in Great Britain. And with all the haunted places in Great Britain, that is really saying something.

These areas are where the Grey Lady would be seen wandering. There are many places in the UK that are haunted by grey ladies.

It is getting dark!  Let's hurry back inside where it is warm, brr!

Right this way! 

You can bypass the check in, I have arranged a room for you. I hope this is to your liking.  Here you are!  When you are ready and refreshed,  I would love for you to join us in the lounge!

Bloody Good Polish for Halloween! Trick or Treat!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you!  Like my candy jar?

Here is a Halloween Red Nail Special for you beauties!

ORLY Grave Mistake, 2012 Dark Shadows LE collection.  This polish is shockingly blood-like as it applies to the nail.  Great everything.  Bubbles Devere appeared, but it was the fault of my nail.

I made the grave mistake to peel off my glitter the other day.  My Confetti Dragonfly started chipping, and I peeled it off.  All went swimmingly until I ripped into the nail surface deeply just as I was finishing, and weakened my thumbnail right where you see it achieving freedom at the bottom free edge there, right where I always get small cracks, waaaay low down on the quick.  Horrors!  Nice trick to play on myself, hmmm?  Note to self: do never do this again!

It is bound to break soon, then it is shorties for me all around.  I hope not, though, crossing my polished fingers.

Were you looking for the partay?  Join me here later for my first ever Halloween Blog PARTY !  Starting at 6PM Pacific, it will go live.  If you can't be here then and live tweet with me during the party tonight from 6-9PM Pacific, stop by anytime later and see what went on

I would love to see you then!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PSA: Revlon Ruby Ring- You May Want To See This

I had to drop everything to show you these pictures because I care about you and I want you to be happy and have this polish if you want it! I am showing one coat over ORLY Grave Mistake.

 If you even think you would like this polish you might consider looking for it asap, to at least take a look at it in person. I predict this one will go fast. This is new limited edition shade I found in a brand new Revlon Glamour Holiday display I blogged about from my visit to CVS. I feel super lucky to have snagged two in an epic extrabucks haul that saw me spend $10 for $29 (on sale) worth of polish using "the CVS game" strategies!

I couldn't do it justice.  There is no sun as of yet today, but I wanted to get this out there for you.

This one is a keeper, and is back up worthy, but there are only two per display! Apologies to those who shopped after me at CVS.

I struggled for almost half an hour to capture what I am seeing, frustrated again!

This is beginning to show the depth and duochrome appearance in the pink and red glitter.  It is suspended with string holo glitter in a clear base  The red is microglitter and the pink is teeny tiny fuchsia string glitter.  This gives the glitter combo a duochrome!  This is new to me and I am really enchanted!

I hope you find it if you want it.

This polish is super pretty, hot, sexy, whoa, I am out of words.

Nuff said.

Happy Hunting!


Female Albino Space Spider- Not Your Average Halloween Manicure

Hi polished pretty (or pretty handsome!)

I hope you are doing well today, and have survived Stupid Sandy.  What a b13@#  :_(  I send out my sincere wishes for the well being and recovery of any and all affected, especially to those suffering direct losses.  It is hard for me to think of other things again today, but I do want to share some fantastical nails with you.

On the subject of scary and unwelcome guests at Halloween time, I almost stepped on an unwelcome guest in my shower, and this guest inspired my manicure.  I am glad my husband came running with the flyswatter!  I HATE SPIDERS in my shower!

Here I am showing you Vicki the Alpha Female Albino Space Spider, the original nail art I promised you yesterday, applied over Immortal.

Poor Vicki, she is lonely because she ate all the other space spiders, you see there are no more floating around out there.  Stupidly, she often wonders where all her friends went, while she pats her satisfied belly with all eight feely grabber thingies.

Female Albino Space Spiders are famed for their bloody and cannibalistic meals. This little beauty has just finished saying goodbye to her lover with more than just words.

It is said that you are never more than three feet from a spider.  Last year, two golden orb-weaver spiders were flown on the very last Space Shuttle to the ISS (International Space Station) in a laboratory
experiment. They grew very well and spun webs and captured prey!

They could escape and maybe mutate into SPaCE SPiderS!  I wonder how many spiders launched into space as stowaways.
Here is a link to a video of the spiders!

Vicki is a clever spider who wears sunglasses because of the lack of atmosphere in space to filter the suns radiation.  Plus, they make Vicki look HOT.

These stars glisten and sparkle!  Jordana Lunar Lights and Outer Space both feature in my starry skies.  The cheerful colors in my manicure help cheer up shocked witnesses to this horrific space spider munching spectacular.
I also entered this one in the Jordana Halloween Nail Art Contest. I think I will get points for originality, lol.

Here I show my pinkie with both glitters, but the rest with lunar lights, no topcoat.  These jordana glitters are fantastic, they are very durable and glittery.  The glitter spreads perfectly, the formula is great, and the price is right.  You can get some of these glitters for as little as $1.00 when Kmart puts them BOGOHO (Half Off).

I hope you liked my space themed Halloween manicure.  I wanted to do tombstones but they don't have much glitter, and space spider came out! I like to think outside the pumpkin! LOL

Today I add the fabulous and final polish to my whopping 20 polish jackpot, LA Colors Treasure Island, featured in my ocean waves mani, is going to be going home with the consolation prize winner in my random drawing as part of the Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA competition!

Today is the final day.  I look forward to sharing my polish with you for real.  I want each of you who have entered that I am really having trouble deciding, you have made my job difficult with your SCARIES.  I am going to take this very seriously indeed, and really determine without bias which polish would be the very last one I would want pick up and actually wear.  I wish I had huge prizes for all who entered and you could all win!  I think you are all big winners : )


PS I am planning to go ahead with a somewhat toned down Halloween Blog Party - I think we can use a bit of a distraction from other unpleasant realities.

Monday, October 29, 2012

China Glaze Immortal and jordana Lunar Lights

Welcome to my review of China Glaze Immortal.

I love the name, who wants to live forever?  Along those lines, for heaven and earth's sake, I hope all of you on the east coast live through this scary storm.  This thing has got me shaking and I am on the west coast, I am praying for everyone to be safe.  We will need to really help out and support our "neighbors" after this one.  When the storm is this big, we are all "neigbors". I am praying and sending out  wishes for everyone's safety!  We will get through this one too you guys.

If you are reading this, and you are going through the storm, hold tight and stay safe for us!  Each and every of you are VIPs to me!

I sometimes feel silly focusing on nail polish in the face of world events.  I bury my nose in bottles, and purposely ignore the news as much as I can.  I skim headlines, do not watch tv.

But there is something to be said for escaping into another world.  A beautiful and perfect world, where there are perfect colors, finishes and sparkles for you to see.  Colors that change and shapes that fascinate me distract me from the realities I would not like to consider. 

So, in pursuit of a more satisfying and enjoyable reality, Skully and I invite you today to dive deep into the beauty that is named Immortal.

The name is beautiful.

This polish is beautiful.  It made me and Skully smile.

This polish is fantastic.  Absolute class in glass.  Understated and subtly sexy, an unusual shade for those who might dare to fantasize about living forever!  I would not mind wearing this forever.  It is reminiscent of the unusual shade Michelle Obama wore that made headlines recently, though more neutral, it is edgy and unique.  Also, as a lady with gray hair, this one really wears me well.

I started putting jordana Lunar lights on my pinkie, but stopped to photograph the beautiful base of Immortal for you. Immortal is a grey shimmer with sparkling pink and blue sparkles in the sun.  In the shade it gives the polish a bit of interest. The formula is very good, this polish applied easily, no issues.

China Glaze did not disappoint with this one. Here I have no top coat.

I was initially not attracted to this one, but the idea of a granite gray really grew on me as Halloween neared. And when I saw swatches with that shimmer I knew it was worth seeking out. 

I got this essentially for free, because I used my Discover card reward points to buy it on Amazon.  Did you know you can do this?  In this way, I can hoard erm purchase polishes without any additional funds coming out of my wallet.  Of course, this means I cannot use my points to pay my bill, which is another option.  This is a budget and husband-friendly way to hoard erm purchase polish for FREE. (That is the rationalization logic I use here).

It surprised me how much love I felt for this gorgeous gray.  Again, China Glaze killed it with this collection.  This color is a reminiscent of a granite tombstone, the way the light makes it sparkle, but the color is "dead".

Lunar Lights soon covered all the nails.  I will post that soon, along with the original nail art I did!  I am confident you have not seen a Halloween manicure like the one I did on these nails!

Lunar Lights is similar to China Glaze Snowglobe and China Glaze Make A Spectacle. It is a stunner and has many applications in nail art.  It makes nice stars or Christmas ornaments.  It is only available online, to my awareness.  I paid $2.99 at the jordana web site.  This was part of my epic birthday jordana haul this summer.  I love love these jordana glitters.

I am adding another polish to the random drawing in my Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA (tm).  Let me see, checking the stash, ok today's polish is drum roll please:

China Glaze Swanky Silk!! This gorgeou stunner is an LE s duochrome from the Bohemian Lustre Chrome collection. There is still one day or so to enter!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vampire "Nail Polish" from Wal Mart

Hi there, PSA for you! Don't bother to pick up this "nail polish" by Vampire.

I would name this shade "Utter  CRAP" Nail Polish.  The lipstick is real bad too, hardly any pigment, gone in minutes.
Another name for this polish could be "WTF??" or "$1 is WAAAYTooMuch".

This polish glows, barely. Weirdly, it seems the polish itself does not glow, but an object in the bottle does! Something mysterious is IN THERE!

Skully is mad at the polish. Me too.  Really more dissapointed.

After I tugged really hard on the stuck brush, this is what came out.  Ghost Brush!

Something hard is preventing the brush handle from going back in.  I tried to pour out the polish and clear ammonia stinking liquid came out.

Weak. Where is my receipt?

Thoughts? Will you be running out to snag up the LE polish?


Scary "Hot Halloween Mess" Nails!

There you are super star!

I want to share a selection of combos that you may enjoy!  I painted my right hand in variouspolishes  over the top of Sinful Clementine.

Happy "Hot Mess Halloween". It is pretty scary right?

This is a great use of my clumped up crackle.

I have put Icing Haute Couture, Jordana Bronze Fest on my pinkie, then Confetti Champagne and Caviar on the tips.  The confetti was the sparkliest.  This was a fun experiment, and a perfect use of dried up and re constituted crackle polish.

This polish completely dried to a clump once.  I reconstituted it with thinner, but not very successfully.

Walmart shopping revealed a tower of nail art polishes.  I own none of these, I was slightly tempted by the third one down from the right. I hate the bottles though.

Neons on the bottom.

Various combos on the top. This is a behemoth display. 

Today's Polish added to the GRAND PRIZE in the Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA contest is LA colors Paradise Pink, hot pink with hot pink shimmer!  Hot!

Have a great day!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ants in My Pants added to Jackpot and Beauty Blogazon Roundup -

Great to see you!  I saved you a seat!  Join me for the Blogazon roundup?  This one looks really great!

No swatches for you today, I coudn't bear to remove my kitty cat!  I fell in love with Old Flat Top! Naked nails now mean swatches or art tomorrow, if all goes well!  At least I am adding a prize to my contest again.

Are you on twitter yet?  I am and I am addicted to chatting with my friends and entering giveaways and keeping up with my fave celebs and well, whew, I LOVE IT.  If you are not on it yet, it is a BLAST. I find it better than watching TV.  I got rid of my cable tv a while ago!  Best idea ever you guys!  I watch tv online and save 100 bucks or more a month!!!!! More money for me!  Anyhoo, I won't be making any friends at the cable companies, will I?

I am adding Spoiled Ants in My Pants (bottle pictured here!) to the alternate prize in my Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA Contest (tm).

Friday, October 26, 2012

Come Shopping for New Holiday Glitters!! Another Prize Added to Scariest Bottle Contest~

Hi Let's go shopping!  CVS, here we come!

 New Essie Display.
New Confetti Holiday display.

 These are pretties. I spy a dupe or two, do you?

 ORLY new for fall.  No glitter : (

Look at the ARMY of Sally Hansen Luster Chromes, they restocked!

 New ! Spotted Maybelline Color show nail stick ons, great idea Maybelline!

These are awesome looking!

Revlon Glamour! I should have taken  the picture before I grabbed three of the colors, I show them close up below, these are gorgeous!

 More Revlon Nail stickers!
 Moon Candies are almost all gone!
These are LE stencils. Revlon Shanghai collection.
 More essie closeups where's my chauffer and beyond cozy.
 Essie snap happy and butler please.  Kind of  unpleasant names on some of these.
 Leading lady and she's pampered.
 Leading lady looks like a cranberry glitter. Nice for holiday.

Closer look at beyond cozy.

 Kardashian Kolor Spring 2013.

Revlon -Holiday Ruby Ribbon.
 Revlon -Holiday Brilliant Bordeau. Indeed!
Confetti -Champagne and Caviar.  Is it a dupe for China Glaze Hunger Games LE Electrify?  Looks similar enough to me!  Lemming squashed.
 This one is crazy sparkly, DRAGONFLY.  Oh man, I love that name so much it hurts~
 Revlon Holiday- Sequins, is this a dupe for Sephora Only Gold For Me topcoat?  I can check and get back to you on that!

 This is Jewelry Heist from Spoiled. I am adding this bottle to the Grand prize in the Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA (tm)   This is a dupe for a Fergie polish, Flossy Flossy!  Below they are side by side.

Spoiled Ants in my Pants.  Dupe for Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers.  I don't have that one.  But I do   love this polish.  

I saw two polishes with this same name last time I had my camera at CVS.  The other one is gone now.

 These look cool, new Maybelline Color Show appliques.

 Nail inspiration?

Rosie in relaxation mode.  This is a happy terwawer.  I call her that, a terwawer. (she is a chihuahua mix(?))

Fall trees are a changing. 

Thank you for shopping with me.