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17 Top Fall Favorites + CG Wicked Set Giveaway!!!

Hi there Nail Polish Gourmet!

Today I have for you my Top Fall Nail Polish Favorites 

and a 


to celebrate a my recent two year blog-aversary! 

I will send the winner of my 2102 "Fall Favorites" giveaway the entire four piece box set of:

 China Glaze Halloween Wicked Nail polishes in:

 Roguish Red,

 Bizarre Blurple

Glitter Goblin 

and Ghoulish Glow


a bottle of ICING Black Shattered!!  

Look at my picks, decide your favorite, then Enter to win using the Rafflecopter widget below before midnight October 19 EST!   Good luck.

For your viewing pleasure, here are my 2012 "Fall Favorites" polish picks from my collection! Which is your favorite?

Seventeen Polishes One Manicure.  You might want to refresh that drink and get comfy.

Here are my favorite fall polishes right now!  All with two coats no topcoat except where noted.  Topcoat glitters are one coat each.

1. OPI DS Extravagance. This is perfection, flawless application is yours with this red purple scattered holo,  it is a lovely shade for fall.  It is just beautiful, it stands above many other purple polishes.  It is very easy to apply and dries fast and shiny, a top quality polish.

2. I like this LA Girl Magnetic shade named "attract".  Two coats are shown here, I did this pattern with the included chevron magnet.  I would love a warm sweater in this rich color.  It is a novelty polish, but it dries shiny and the magnetic effect is very pronounced.  

3. This is Fingerpaints Cordur-orange.  I can almost smell pumpkin spice scent when I apply this.  ONE flawless and tasty coat, the flaw on the nail here is mine. Dries darker than bottle color, as you see here.

4. This is a sinful polish I found with NO label, frustratingly.  It is a sparkly pink duochrome shifting to golden and cerise pink.  This mysterious polish is stunning, the shimmer packed polish adds a dimension of added thickness to the nail somehow.  Stunningly gorgeous!  I would love to know what this is called!  Two pics for you!

Golden above, cerise below.  Sigh.

5. Here is your perfect newly minted penny, Revlon Copper Penny.  I think this is one of my top favorites of all time for any season.  This is money on your nails.  It looks brush strokey here, but it isn't bad at normal magnifications, and a careful application technique would help!

6. Now here are some actual pennies for the top of Copper Penny, to hammer this one home.  Sephora OPI Jeweled topcoat Traffic Stopper Copper is a STUNNER, and is aptly named.  As I mentioned to someone recently, the SOPI jewel topcoats are insanely durable and easily applied. The glitters are well distributed and the density is perfect for accenting but not dominating the base.  These polishes are $9.50 at Sephora, but to me they are special enough to warrant that price tag.  I use them a bit sparingly though, so I love the near dupe for a budget price I will show you coming up : )

7. This gorgeous boy is NINA PRO Sailor.  He is a classic and classy shade perfect year-round.  For fall I see him as reflecting the color of a clear cool dark evening sky with it's stars and silhouettes. The formula is great on this, as with the other Nina's I have tried.  Maybe an non-traditional fall choice?  Darker navy in real life. I dinged, my fault.

8. Ok, this color sets off alarms, really hot fiery alarms.  I couldn't resist the rich flaming tomato orange-red that is China Glaze Roguish Red.  FIRE.  Two perfect coats.  Love this. This is mine, but I bought you one too!  ENTER TO WIN THIS BELOW!

9. Here I have another non-traditional fall pick, next up is NINA ULTRA PRO in Leaf Me Alone.  I used this for Frankenstein in my first 2012 Halloween Nail Art post.  I love the color and the name, the formula is great.  This is in appreciation of the last hurrah of summer's green leaves, preparing to fall and die, still now beautifully blending with all the fall colors.  I don't want this color to go away yet, so here it is!  I picked figs last night and they are this color.

10. Down to my Last Penny, OPI.  Hate the name, love this fall polish.  Great application, formula, it is an OPI, so it is pretty much great! It is an obvious choice.  It really only works for me in the fall. Oldie but goodie..

11. Now it gets interesting for Down to my Last Penny.  Jordana Bronze Fest has been waiting since May to come out to play.  It screams fall, (can you hear it?) and I love this mix of larger gold and orange hexes mixed with lashings of golden glitter that looks like gold and gems on the nail.  Fantastic polishes, these Jordana Specialty Glitters! I swatched two others and reviewed them here

12. Here is a special one indeed!  China Glaze 2012 Halloween Wicked Limited Edition collection - I present the gorgeous Glitter Goblin.   They could have named it Gorgeous Goblin. I am sure all the glitter lovers are "Goblin" this one up.  This is a real stunner, and is my husband's top  favorite of all here combined with the Roguish Red. Remember to enter to win this SIZZLING pair below. : )

13. This is ICING Haunte Couture over Sinful no name.  I saw this on someone's blog and I bought it right away.  This one is so pretty, the bar glitters are a bit wavy and sparkle more than usual in a gorgeous orange.  Of course it is a great Halloween polish since it is black and orange, but I would probably wear this one whenever I wanted, because I am rebellious like that.  This is my favorite combo of all.  No justice was done,  none in this pic.

14.  Here is another polish I am giving away.  This is Black Shredded by ICING over Fingerpaints Cordur-orange.  It has some glitters, but it mostly consists of bits of shreds.  They are a little tricky to place, and don't always lay right, so you have to work it out a little.  I think it is worth it.  This will go great with the other Wicked polishes I am also giving away!  My husband also picked this as a favorite (!) surprising me.

15. Here is one of my favorites, China Glaze Harvest Moon.  It is another obvious fall choice.  This was from the 2012 Hunger Games collection.

16. Here is one of my favorites, Jordana Copper Blaze over China Glaze Harvest Moon.  Copper Blaze is a near dupe to SOPI Traffic Stopper Copper, but it is a little
denser.  for $1.99 at K-Mart, it is a total winner!

I also put it over Sailor so you can see it better.

17.China Glaze Jade-d  for fun I applied this China Glaze glitter crackle over the top.   I think this one would add some excitement to any of these polishes.  I applied some Bronze Fest also to make it more artistic! 

 I wore this all day!  I am wearing it now, the next day!  Fall Skittles Are FUN!

Which is your favorite nail polish or combo that I have presented to you?  I love to know what your thoughts are!

Good luck to everyone!

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I hope you have a wonderful day, wherever you are!  See you soon I hope!

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  1. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway. I love your fall nail polish picks.

    1. Thank you for visiting me and you are very welcome! I am glad you like my picks! : ) Happy Fall Taryn!

  2. OMG!!!! Ok, first I love Extravagance. It's so shimmery and nice for the fall. My next fav is the Nina Pro Sailor. That blue is gorgeousssss! I need to find that. Lastly, Leaf Me Alone. I love green polishes, especially mint shades. I love that you added the gold crackle!!! All of these polishes look gorgeous on you!!!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback In the Red Nails. I am glad you found a few favorites in there! Extravagance, it is soo pretty! Oh, and I love that you also picked my non-traditional choices. You have GREAT TASTE my dear! : )

      After I finished, I realized I forgot GOLD, like yellow creme such as spoiled designated driver. I see that yellow everywhere.

      Oh well, next year!

      Happy fall In the Red Nails!

  3. Great colours :)

    By the way,I have an award for you:


    1. Hi De Mons! Whoa that is GREAT! Thank you so much for this, and coming on a Monday that makes it even nicer.

      Thank you, I am not worthy!


  4. Some of my favorites for fall are Barielle's. Barielle is having a giveaway on Facebook right now too! Check out their Facebook page to enter. I have FP Cordur-Orange and Nina Ultra Pro, Sailor and those are both great picks! I espescially love your combo of Sailor with the Copper Glitter.

    1. Thank you Kelly, I think we must haunt the same sales at Sally's .

      I have seen those swatches and they are undeniable! Oooh, I am feeling lucky thank you so much for that tip!

      Oh yes, sailor and that copper, Copper Blaze $1.99 at Kmart, that is the best bargain combo on there too I think. Thank you for that feedback!
      I appreciate your opinion!
      lovenailpolish : )


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