Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Giveaway Winner, A Nail Fail and A Prize Added!!

Hi everyone!

My Fall Favorites giveaway was won by Taryn M!!!!  Congratulations Taryn!!  I sent you an email, so if you would be so kind, please let me know where to send your new nail polish!!

I am having a garage sale today!  More money for nail polish (!) but little time to post today.

Nail fail for you though, and announcement of today's addition to the alternate random drawing PRIZE! Wet n wild MEGALAST in Under Your Spell-a vampy burgundy shimmer!

Here is my mess up from yesterday, when I almost threw in the towel!  Ok, here is the finished product compared to what it looked like minutes earlier.

 I didn't give up!  But I wanted to.

Sometimes the Phoenix rises.



  1. Congrats Taryn - good on your for sticking to it, I find with most of my designs my though process goes like this;

    "This is shit, this is shit, this is so shit." Then I do the final thing and I'm like "Hey, this looks alright!" haha :D

    1. Julz, hi! You are so nice, and right! Sometimes to just keep trying is 99% of success in manicures, and life.

      Thank you for popping in today and sharing your thoughts with me. I really love it when you do!

      Have a wonderful day and I will see you at your blog again soon!


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