Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beach Day Nails

Hi there lovey! I hope your world is treating you right today.

Can I take you with me to the beach today?

I did these nails a few weeks ago. I wanted to do them again and photograph them at the  beach, so if you are up for it, lets go!

It was 100 degrees at my house, but 73 at the coast.    I love the beach. I can't seem to express it enough, in words or on my nails.

This was my first trip to the beach where I got my toes in the sand here at our new home in Sonoma county.  The sand is so soooooft and warm today!  This is the softest sand I have ever felt!  It is delightful to our toes!

I cannot get enough of staring at the waves!  I read in the paper that whales are now being sighted two miles from here off the coast.  I am longing to see a whale!  This is another dream which I will try to make come true soon.  

Dream it! Do it! is my motto now!

 I am glad you are here at the beach today with me so I can show you this manicure- Again!  I am so happy about such a small thing!

This is my formula for happiness = find joy in small things every day!

Thanks for coming with me. You have made me happier than you know!
: )

I used some awesome polishes for this one!  I used a slightly different mixture for this wave action.  This fits my theme, because as you know, the beach is different every single day.  

I used Sally Girl coconut scented mini for the background.  My fingernails smell like coconut suntan lotion.  All day!  Even the next day!  Great formula, good dry time, shiny finish with three coats for full coverage.

I used LA Colors in Treasure Island and another LA Colors jelly-like color in medium teal cream.  Treasure Island is amazeballs, blue and teal glitter.  It is shown swatched over Jordana Boy Oh Boy in the previous sets of waves linked here.

OPI Happy Anniversary replaced Kleancolor Metallic White for the foam and spray this time.  This worked great, the smaller particles of glass fleck were better to work with for the fine detail.  I have yet to swatch Happy Anniversary by itself, and haven't worn it for two+ years.  I will save that for my anniversary next year.  I also used a teal striper for shading the waves.

I used the brushes from the bottles only.

More non polish pics follow, for those that are interested in exploring a bit more around here.   

Walking down to the beach, it does not look dangerous.  But it is.  

The Hawaiians say never to turn your back on the ocean.  A big wave can suddenly come up and carry you away!

This is my nail polish enabler, nailtiger!  Aka my husband, xarmy. 

What a great smile he has!  

I care about sports because of him.
His favorite baseball team, the Oakland A's are in the playoffs as of today!

Go A's!! They are showing what it means to be a team and pull together in adversity this year.
If they won, it would be very exciting indeed to us both.

Surfers are here too, enjoying the fantastic weather!  I love watching them, do you?  My next camera needs much better zoom!

I captured some of the fall colors for you on the way to the beach.

 People call these tall yellow trees "liquid amber".  Our neighbor has some and they were so brilliant last year.

Those vineyards on the hill are yellowing.

Street light colors, green red and yellow.

I liked the purple flowered tree.  

  I want to visit there again soon.

Thank you for joining me.

I want to welcome and thank all my new and old members, including the awesome members of the worldwide facebook group The Beauty Blogazons who have welcomed me to the group and visited and joined me here.  The more I know about you the more I am loving this group.  Thank you to each of you who took a moment of your time to welcome me. 

You didn't have to say hi, 
but you did, 
but you did, 
but you did,  
and I thank you. 

(Does anyone else remember the ZZ Top song with those lyrics?)

Yes, I am silly.
I am very happy indeed to meet each of you lovely and wonderful people, whom I am excited to learn more about and from!   Thank you.

Hugs and flowers to you the whole day through



  1. That manicure is absolutely stunning. I LOVE the detail, even the spray looks amazing. I am really enjoying fall weather but now you've got me wanting to take a trip to the beach!

    1. Wow, Jacqui thanks for that! : ) It looks like it was harder than it was. I keep thinking I can do it even better and perfect these waves. Maybe put surfers on.

      I always love to see your pretty green nails and read your super nice comments here.
      Thank you again! : )
      happy day to you

  2. I love the ocean breeze on my face

  3. Wonderful mani, and I love seeing it out and about!

    1. Hey there KarenD!

      Woohoo! You liked my beach trip!

      Thank you sweet lady! I am happy you liked it! Sumpin sumpin a little different!

      I hope you are enjoying your fall weather there in Michigan!

      Thanks for stopping in!

  4. I just discovered your blog on an accident and love it already!! And LOVE your motto!! Mines the same!! Life is too short not to pursue your dreams!!!
    Really like your mani... Oh, and the name of your blog is so cool!! Well done girlie :)

    1. Well hello there Gosia! What a pleasure for me to meet you here today!

      Welcome to my blog. I hope to make this a nice place for us here, Thanks in part now to you, that is happening!

      Thanks for joining me and my polish loving friends here!


  5. These are amazing - so great to see beach nails in October, what a lucky gal you are!!

    1. Awwww, thank you Nicole! I am lucky alright, to have you here! : )

      I am happy to know you enjoyed our trip! I thought it might be refreshing to visit the shore. Great feedback, thank you!

      I am enjoying the "summer" while I still can! I hope you enjoy your day!


  6. OMG...you are so talented. This is beautiful...I love it!!!

    1. Well, hello! I am so glad to see you here!!

      Thank you so much for saying, blush!!!! I am happy you found them agreeable!


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  8. You did make me travel away...
    love your mani and all your blogs

    1. ((Hugs you back)) Thank you for that warm and wonderful hug! And thank you so much for joining me on my trip to the beach, dreamy! I am super glad you enjoyed it!

      I find it interesting to discover other places, so I thought perhaps my readers who live around the globe might enjoy a window on my neigborhood! I am glad you don't mind my slight detours from straight up nail polish and nail art!

      I really appreciate your feedback dreamy!

      Happy day to you : )

  9. Wow tis is amazing,I would love to have this on my nails :)

    1. Hi Ania, I am so happy to see you here : ) Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate you, and your kindness!

      I would love to paint these on your nails. I only have ten nails, that is not enough!

      Here's wishing you a lovely day : )


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