Monday, October 29, 2012

China Glaze Immortal and jordana Lunar Lights

Welcome to my review of China Glaze Immortal.

I love the name, who wants to live forever?  Along those lines, for heaven and earth's sake, I hope all of you on the east coast live through this scary storm.  This thing has got me shaking and I am on the west coast, I am praying for everyone to be safe.  We will need to really help out and support our "neighbors" after this one.  When the storm is this big, we are all "neigbors". I am praying and sending out  wishes for everyone's safety!  We will get through this one too you guys.

If you are reading this, and you are going through the storm, hold tight and stay safe for us!  Each and every of you are VIPs to me!

I sometimes feel silly focusing on nail polish in the face of world events.  I bury my nose in bottles, and purposely ignore the news as much as I can.  I skim headlines, do not watch tv.

But there is something to be said for escaping into another world.  A beautiful and perfect world, where there are perfect colors, finishes and sparkles for you to see.  Colors that change and shapes that fascinate me distract me from the realities I would not like to consider. 

So, in pursuit of a more satisfying and enjoyable reality, Skully and I invite you today to dive deep into the beauty that is named Immortal.

The name is beautiful.

This polish is beautiful.  It made me and Skully smile.

This polish is fantastic.  Absolute class in glass.  Understated and subtly sexy, an unusual shade for those who might dare to fantasize about living forever!  I would not mind wearing this forever.  It is reminiscent of the unusual shade Michelle Obama wore that made headlines recently, though more neutral, it is edgy and unique.  Also, as a lady with gray hair, this one really wears me well.

I started putting jordana Lunar lights on my pinkie, but stopped to photograph the beautiful base of Immortal for you. Immortal is a grey shimmer with sparkling pink and blue sparkles in the sun.  In the shade it gives the polish a bit of interest. The formula is very good, this polish applied easily, no issues.

China Glaze did not disappoint with this one. Here I have no top coat.

I was initially not attracted to this one, but the idea of a granite gray really grew on me as Halloween neared. And when I saw swatches with that shimmer I knew it was worth seeking out. 

I got this essentially for free, because I used my Discover card reward points to buy it on Amazon.  Did you know you can do this?  In this way, I can hoard erm purchase polishes without any additional funds coming out of my wallet.  Of course, this means I cannot use my points to pay my bill, which is another option.  This is a budget and husband-friendly way to hoard erm purchase polish for FREE. (That is the rationalization logic I use here).

It surprised me how much love I felt for this gorgeous gray.  Again, China Glaze killed it with this collection.  This color is a reminiscent of a granite tombstone, the way the light makes it sparkle, but the color is "dead".

Lunar Lights soon covered all the nails.  I will post that soon, along with the original nail art I did!  I am confident you have not seen a Halloween manicure like the one I did on these nails!

Lunar Lights is similar to China Glaze Snowglobe and China Glaze Make A Spectacle. It is a stunner and has many applications in nail art.  It makes nice stars or Christmas ornaments.  It is only available online, to my awareness.  I paid $2.99 at the jordana web site.  This was part of my epic birthday jordana haul this summer.  I love love these jordana glitters.

I am adding another polish to the random drawing in my Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA (tm).  Let me see, checking the stash, ok today's polish is drum roll please:

China Glaze Swanky Silk!! This gorgeou stunner is an LE s duochrome from the Bohemian Lustre Chrome collection. There is still one day or so to enter!



  1. I LOVE this polish!!! I so wish I would've picked it up when I saw it! Oh well. I also really love your extremely awesome way of hoarding, um I mean purchasing polishes off amazon :)

    1. Hi Skeeter, you would really love it! Those discover card points really add up. Between that and the CVS game, I pay a pittance for polish lately!

      It is extra fun for me to try to legitimately get polish for free, anyone can pay money for it! ; )

  2. nice combo! :) immortal is just beautiful

    1. Lydz you are so very right! It is simply beautiful! I passed it up at first, but swatches of it made it clear to me, this is a winner!

      Thank you for your input Lydz! It is nice to know you agree with me on this one!

  3. I have this polish myself and I love it. IMO it is a very nice manly shimmer polish. nice swatches!

    1. Hi Wes! Oh, you have this one? I bet it is great for you too! Of course gray is perfect for a man! Very techno!

      Thanks for stopping by manlypolisher! You are cool, man!


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