Sunday, October 21, 2012

China Glaze Roguish Red + Manicures of Memory

Hi everyone out there in Nailblogland!

I hope your day is great, just great!

Let's look at a pretty polish shall we?  Here I feature China Glaze Roguish Red, my favorite red ever.  I do not like to wear red nails in general, so this nail polish is a bit of a surprise.  The color is so beautiful though, I absolutely have fallen for it!

I have shortened my nails and filed them to points a little bit.  I am surprised at how much I am loving the pointier shape!  I finally feel comfortable wearing red on my nails, and I think that my hands look ladylike, sexy and just va va voom!

There is no topcoat in this picture.  The formula is exactly perfect.  I absolutely adore this shade of fiery orange red.  It screams fall and is a sophisticated Halloween color.

This Wicked set from China Glaze is so amazing, I have been obsessing over it since I picked up two of them a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow, one of the sets is going to go to Taryn M tomorrow for winning my giveaway!  I hope you like this color too Taryn!  Thank you to everyone who entered.  I am sorry you all couldn't win.

I want to share some manicures from last October, I never shared these because I was moving and not blogging last year.   I put a jump because I wanted to let you decide if you can handle some scary hands, and protect your delicate eyes!

Are you brave and curious?  

Here is a bonus mani today, this is a scary one from last Halloween.  I was in the throes of a tough move, did a move out clean on a 3 bedroom condo and a move in clean on a dusty 2 bedroom house and packed and unpacked my household during last October.  The condition of my skin after this, combined with living in the dry climate of the desert caused my skin to become scary!  I literally could not moisturize enough. Bones are great to portray the sad condition of my hands last year.

I think this was OPI My Private Jet and a striper.

Here is a camo  mani I did during my move last year too.  This was China Glaze Trendsetter and West Side Warrior with Nina Ultra Pro Sailor.  This is based on my recollection.  I really didn't like life much during the transition and move period last year.  Looking at these nails now brings back the miserable time, and makes me VERY grateful that I am not moving this year!

Today's addition to my GRAND Prize in the Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA contest is the LA Colors shade I featured as my stars in my recent night themed manicure!  Sassy Sparkles!  I hope you love this one as much as I do!

This color is one of my top favorite nail art glitters now.   The base is clear and the mini glitters shine in so many colors.  I bought two, one to give away, but I went back for a third, so I could have a backup.  I am loving these new glitters from LA Colors!  

I saw this and wanted to let you know about it too! I think the prizes is AWESOME! I love Jordana!
Photo: We are excited to announce our Halloween Nail Design Contest! Send your scary booo-tiful nail designs to and you could win a full Jordana Nail Polish package!

We will be picking one Grand Prize Winner and 10 runners-up!

The contest is open from now until October 29 @ 11:59 am PST.

This contest is only open to residents of the United States & Canada.

I found this on their facebook page!  Good luck if you enter.  I would love to hear if you enter this or even WIN!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

NOTE: Correction! this post was edited to correct my erroneous reporting of 100 posts on this blog.  Oh, there are 100, but not all published, I was counting my unfinished drafts too!  Whoopsie! Hahahahaaaaa! This is embarrassing!  Stand by, I am going to post some more, I only need fifteen more to reach 100!  I can do this!  


  1. Congrats on 100 posts! That's a huge thing, and I just love that you've kept with it long enough to reach this milestone <3
    Your red nails look sooo good. The photo is beautiful. I love red nails. They do look so classic, feminine, and sexy... It's actually my favorite color to wear on nails.
    And I just LOVE your skeleton mani! You're so talented. The camo looks great, too, but the skeleton is like, Wowza!

    1. Liesl, Hi there! Thank you for that! 100 posts and counting! Woo hoo!

      Thank you for the sweet compliment! I really appreciate your kind words. I always wanted to love red, but I never really did, until this one! I am thrilled with it! I always admire red nails on others, because I like how it looks. Red does suit you!

      Oh, thanks for the compliment on that beat up skeleton, he is beyond dead haahah! That was a fun one, that bears repeating I think!

      You are so sweet, thank you for always making me smile : )

  2. Congratulations on your 100th post!!! That is awesome! :D
    Wooooo I want pointy nails!! (Ever since I watched Dark Shadows... I love Tim Burton style!). Your nails look awesome!
    I am so glad that you like Roguish Red too!! :D I was so happily surprised when I put it on, and now I <3 it big time!

    1. Hi Ashesela! How are you? Thank you for the congrats, it is a pretty big milestone for a teenage blog.

      Oh, Dark Shadows, Tim Burton, oh yes, I love that aesthetic! I wish I had a poster of that movie with Johnny and his looong nails!

      I am glad you have this polish too and love it as much as I do. I have to say I was like you, very surprised! It is so beautiful.

      I hope you are well, thank you for stopping by!

  3. Congrats on your fantastic milestone! Your nails look AMAZING and I love that colour, absolutely perfect!

    1. HI Julz, thank you for that! I am kind of proud of that century of posts!

      Thank you Julz, I appreciate your kind words! I always love to get compliments on my nails. You always are so kind! I think you have such good taste! I appreciate you so much!

      : )

  4. Wish I had nails like yours!!! Great paint job, I always smudge mine up right away lol!

    1. Hi There Alisha! Thank you! My nails weren't always like this, I used to gnaw them and peel them in layers, polishing cured me of it because I didn't want to mess up my pretty colors!

      Plus they only grow when I polish them. One secret I have used is Sally Hansen Diamond strength in the silver bottle with the diamond in the hangy card thingy. That really helps keep my nails from breaking.

      I really appreciate your visiting me here, so I could find your blog too!

      Yours is up and coming for sure!

    2. Hi Alisha! You are very sweet! THey used to be all chewed up because I bit them! Polishing them really made me quit and makes them grow! Seche Vite is the amazingly fast drying top coat that helps me because I always smudge too!

      Thanks for stopping in and visiting me today : )

  5. Your nails aren't scary :) we just recently moved as well, so I feel the pain! I love the camo and skeleton mani's!!! And I love the red! The only red that looks decent on me is revlon's "frankly scarlet" lol thanks again for the follow!

    1. Haha! HI Skeeter! Thank you and you are very welcome indeed!

      Yep, moving hurts! Frankly Scarlet, I would buy that one for the name alone! Hahaha!

      I look forward to seeing you again soon, I hope you check out my PARTY on HALLOWEEN! Wooohoo!

  6. That red is gorgeous! I regret not buying the set now.
    Your manis from last year are so cute!

    1. Hi Chrissy Ai! Welcome! This set may still available at a reasonable price if you pounce!.

      I need a backup of this one- it is butter!

      I hope you can try it too! : )

  7. I love these nails :)
    awesome post!

  8. That color is gorgeous! It really goes well with your complexion too!

    1. Awwww Thank you so much for sayin Angela! You are so sweet. I think this would look good on you as well. What do you think?

    2. I adore reds. I haven't tried too many of the orangey-reds tho because quite franky, they kind of scared me, until I wore an orange just recently. Hopefully when I have a nail budget again, I'll remember to look for this color. :)

  9. I'm glad you shared these with us! They are so cute! That Roguish Red is your color! The skeleton is so detailed. You are so good and freehand!


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