Friday, October 26, 2012

Come Shopping for New Holiday Glitters!! Another Prize Added to Scariest Bottle Contest~

Hi Let's go shopping!  CVS, here we come!

 New Essie Display.
New Confetti Holiday display.

 These are pretties. I spy a dupe or two, do you?

 ORLY new for fall.  No glitter : (

Look at the ARMY of Sally Hansen Luster Chromes, they restocked!

 New ! Spotted Maybelline Color show nail stick ons, great idea Maybelline!

These are awesome looking!

Revlon Glamour! I should have taken  the picture before I grabbed three of the colors, I show them close up below, these are gorgeous!

 More Revlon Nail stickers!
 Moon Candies are almost all gone!
These are LE stencils. Revlon Shanghai collection.
 More essie closeups where's my chauffer and beyond cozy.
 Essie snap happy and butler please.  Kind of  unpleasant names on some of these.
 Leading lady and she's pampered.
 Leading lady looks like a cranberry glitter. Nice for holiday.

Closer look at beyond cozy.

 Kardashian Kolor Spring 2013.

Revlon -Holiday Ruby Ribbon.
 Revlon -Holiday Brilliant Bordeau. Indeed!
Confetti -Champagne and Caviar.  Is it a dupe for China Glaze Hunger Games LE Electrify?  Looks similar enough to me!  Lemming squashed.
 This one is crazy sparkly, DRAGONFLY.  Oh man, I love that name so much it hurts~
 Revlon Holiday- Sequins, is this a dupe for Sephora Only Gold For Me topcoat?  I can check and get back to you on that!

 This is Jewelry Heist from Spoiled. I am adding this bottle to the Grand prize in the Scariest Bottle of Nail Polish in the USA (tm)   This is a dupe for a Fergie polish, Flossy Flossy!  Below they are side by side.

Spoiled Ants in my Pants.  Dupe for Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers.  I don't have that one.  But I do   love this polish.  

I saw two polishes with this same name last time I had my camera at CVS.  The other one is gone now.

 These look cool, new Maybelline Color Show appliques.

 Nail inspiration?

Rosie in relaxation mode.  This is a happy terwawer.  I call her that, a terwawer. (she is a chihuahua mix(?))

Fall trees are a changing. 

Thank you for shopping with me.


  1. I am SO JEALOUS of all the amazing nail goodies you can get out there, maybe I'm just bored of the same old, but there just seems to be such an amazing array of products! Great post :)

    1. Hi there Caroline, my head was spinning. It is a bit much all at once!

      Thank you for coming shopping with me!

    2. You know that I have to comment about the "ARMY of Polish".....Attention!! At Ease!! Fall Out!! Ok, enough orders, love this post!

    3. I love this comment, I want to order that army of polish into my bag. Like a nail polish drill sargeant.

      Now march and fall in, all you nail polishes! Hup two three four. Look alive!

      How I love great sacks and armies of nail polish!

      Join the nail polishing ARMY!

  2. I think I am only super excited about the Revlon winter collection!! I wonder when they will make their way to Canada lol!!

    1. Only super excited, well I am glad you are keeping the excitement level below nuclear! The Ruby Ribbon polish looks like madness in the spring, if I could borrow from Jethro Tull. I bought both in the display, I am a true shameful hoarder.

      I really hope you get one! I would love to know if you do.

      Thanks for stopping in Katxoxo

  3. Arrrggghhh! I'm going to explode from all this crazy pretty nail polish porn! BWAH!!

  4. NOoooooo! Don't get those Revlon!!! I got the blue and also the fuschia-ish purple. They are such a let down and wierd and goopy. I didn't get the gold because it reminds me of a Lippmann that I already have.


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